Sunday, June 24, 2007

And the top three moments for the following categories are:

1) When I walked down the aisle and saw so many familiar faces
2) At the dinner during Yam Seng (I never knew I would have enjoyed it so much)
3) Kevin and my first prayer together as husband and wife

Most anxious
1) When I first arrived at my in laws place and was standing there waiting for the tea ceremony to start.
2) When the tea ceremony was about to start (What if I get the names or the intonation wrong?) 3) When I was about to walk down the aisle (Will I trip? Will I trip?)

Most grateful
1) When I saw the catering at the church house and the happy people eating ( least my guests are happy)
2) That despite all the running about, my parents or my sister did not complain but did it with much love
3) When I walked into the church and my SG had already prepared the tea ceremony area so beautifully for me (THANKS SO MUCH GUYS !)

Most peaceful
1) When I was preparing to "chut moon" (It could only have been the peace of God)
2) When I was signing the marriage register (through out the entire church ceremony, that was the one time I was calm and composed)
3) When I was giving my speech during dinner (words that come from the heart can be the easiet to say !)

Most relieved
1) When the tea ceremony ended in my in laws place (now to remember all the rankings !)
2) When they announced Mr. & Mrs.Cheah (some of the words in the vow were so difficult to say right when I was cold and nervous)
3) When the whole dinner ended (now it is MY TURN TO EAT !)

Most touching
1) When my husband's best friends cried ! (Their sincerity touched me to the core and I knew their wishes came from a well spring of a well groomed friendship tree that my husband had with them)
2) When I saw the gifts and wishes that my parents, in laws, relatives and friends gave me...beyond any riches in the world!
3) When I found out my silly husband ate the ENTIRE CHILLI PADI for me!

Most dreadful
1) When I first tried to walk up the stair in my gown (Oh..for the life of me how tough it is to walk!)
2) When I had to wait in the car to make the grand entrance I wanted before dinner
3) When I found out my ring was not on my finger before I went for dinner makeup (it fell into the gown bag! Thank God I found it fast!)

All in all....the support from my family and SG meant the most to me. Without them my dreams would not have come true!

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