Thursday, June 28, 2007

Apple Pies

Have this sudden urge to eat apple pies and write about apple pies.

I am not sure if anyone has ever noticed this about pies...but they come in a whole wide range of pastries. And I am very particular about pastries.

There are the puff pastry apple pies like this one below. I feel these kind of pastries are usually more oily. They are usually layered. When taken warm, the outer layer is crispy with each layer getting softer and softer. Taken cold, however, ...these kind of pastires oozzzeee with oil with every bite ! But the filling is still nice - soft and runny (if done well) and you can take away the pastry and still enjoy sssuucckking out the filling !

Then there are the typical kind of baked pastries...they can either be criss-crossed or placed as a layer atop the apple filling. These are less oily but have to be taken warm....coz the filling is usually less runny (in other words, more dry!)....and there is no way the filling can ooozzzeee out anywhere ! But these kind I feel are excellent with ice cream. Coz since the crust is a little bit harder and more solid, it will not soak in the ice cream too fast. So, when it is not "hot-out-of-the-oven" anymore, best take it with vanilla ice-cream ! Other than with ice-cream, taking this kind of apple pie at room tempertaure or cold actually kills the longing for a second bite!

My favourite apple pie (and the only one that I have ever baked) is the APPLE CRUMBLE !
No need to worry about it being warm or cold since the filling is all mushy and the crust can either be taken as it is or mixed with the rest of the filling. And you can cheat! If you are in high requirement for carbs...take more crust. Else take "some" crust and scoop "under-and-out" all the apples underneath ! Best to be taken in a bowl or straight from the pie plate (if it's only your family eating it, that is !)

The last kind of apply pie is the one which is BEST eaten cold. These are the ones that you can find in simple cake shops in the glass covered, cool section of the bakery (didn't manage to find a picture that would do it justice) ! These are the cheapest and nicest kind to buy at any instant's notice ! If I had any urge for apple pie, it would be this kind !

Bread with apply filling and strudels will not be covered in this area since bread is totally unrelated with pies and I have not eaten enough strudels to have an opinion of it. To me strudels are like puff pastry pies ! No ???


Philip said...

A friend baked a baked apple pie that has its fillings sauce seep into the crust. So it was yummy when its hot, and still nice and tasty when its cold. Don't ask me how she baked it.

Ann said...

Philip - have GOOD friends. Apple pies are the greatest comfort in the world !