Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baby Kicks

Our lil' one is kicking more furiously than ever. Reasons so far why he kicks :

1) Mummy....I am hungry, can you please give me some Green Apple nutrigen !
2) Mummy....I don't like this position at all. my legs don't have much space to stretch ! Please move !
3) Hmmm....this is yummy, can I have more rambutans when I come out next time !
4) Hot ! Hot ! I thought you are not supposed to eat chilli ??
5) Cold mummy cold ! Pat tummy with cold water bit by bit before you go under the shower, PLEASE !
6) that you ???
7) Mummy, daddy, stop druming your fingers around me...I want to sleep already !
8) Ok lah mummy I will give you a lil kick so that you know I am alive and kickin'
9) Please can I distrub you mummy.....I want a lullaby !
10) Ahhh....just for the FUN of it, let's wake mummy up !


Philip said...

Green apple nutrigen? What's that? Do you think the baby can taste the food whether its a sweet juicy rambutan or a hot spicy curry? Hahaha.

Onn said...

Ann, no chili...!!!

Ann said...

Philip...nutrigen is a yogurt drink. And you know I think I know when my baby loves certain foods and when he doesn't like certain food....the kick and feeling from him is different! But then again...

Onn - I know I am not supposed to eat chilli....but a lil bit can kua? Though some have told me that my bb will be "mung chang"...will let you know if that really is so FYA ! :)

Poh Nee said... are so funny!

Ann said...

Poh Nee - sometimes too free already start to think of all kinds of things. Especially when hubby bz studying !