Sunday, June 24, 2007


How can there be a force so powerful
That arises from somewhere deep down in the soul
Growing exponentially at every moment
Trapping more power as the minutes unfold

Actions become rash, quick and agitated
Thoughts become negative, words harsh and cold
And though each recipient hurts from the snapping
The force continues, bad things to sow

What can we do? How can we stop it?
How to halt the force and stop further damage
Let it run its course, let you not be within it
The path of destruction, pain and rage

At the tail end when the force is reducing
Leaving miles and miles of destruction in its wake
It turns around and looks with feeling
The things that it lost, the things at stake

Feelings of remorse then fills the heart
Feelings expressed to recipients that hurt
But in return only silence is given
Unable yet to forgive words that were curt

And a force emerges, weak but starting
Seeking for understanding and love forbearing
But expectations are not met, not fulfilling
The recipients themselves also a battling

When the soul hurts, when the soul rages,
Destructions are a plenty, both parties at lost
Control is hard, but definitely required
To not destroy life, love at the source

Oh, Lord, how hard can it be for me
To control the force that arises in my soul
In moments like this, please remind me
Of the hurt and destructions that always follow

And then give me strength and make me able
To banish all bad forces from taking over
That my soul may once again find peace
And glorify your name forever and ever.

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