Monday, June 25, 2007

Histerical reactions !

Hubby got a shock of his life yesterday when he put his hand on my tummy last night!

All this while when I told him the baby was very active, he never really understood what I meant. The best way I could describe the feeling to him was something like a very bad case of diarrhae happening not in your bowels but in your tummy !

I have come to realise this quite some time back - that when I change my position from sleeping side ways to on my back, my lil' one doesn't like it at all ! My guess is that first he is throwing some sort of tantrum to tell me that this position doesn't give him much space at all ! And after that if I do not move, he will squirm and turn until he finds some comfortable position to rest. Then all is quiet again in preggy-land !

So, that was what precisely the moment when my arms started to ache from sleeping on my side, I decided to sleep on my back a while and hubby decided to see if he can feel the baby move. Haha....the baby kicked and squirmed and punched so much that I laughed and laughed at his reaction. Until he had to take his hand away and I guess sit and wonder for a while !

It was funny while it lasted.....mummy might be used to it, but daddy still finds it a wonder !

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