Sunday, June 24, 2007

Two Thirds of the Way...

A friend of mine asked me one day how many weeks pregnant I was. And when I told her I would be 26 weeks by this end of the week, she mentioned that I have only 14 more weeks to go.

14 more weeks to go ! Wow....I have gone through two thirds of the journey now. Another one thrid more to go (saying this is in fact simple mathematics, but the gravity of the time left is still trying to sink in) ! In actual fact, I have been counting the days to my due date but when you put it in fractions, somehow the time remaining seems so short.

I read one of my church mates blog the other day and discovered she also counted down to the last days. I know exactly how she felt....waiting for that day when the "bump" goes "poof" !
It's scary to think about it sometimes....when I think of the responsibility. And strangely with scariness comes sadness. Perhaps something is playing up (I hate to admit it could be hormons) !
I wonder if all these down moments are at all normal...perhaps being melancholic in nature aggravates the issue ! third more of the journey and my lil boy will be born (unless the detailed detailed scan got it all wrong) ! I await his emergence with much anticipation. Hopefully I wouldn't be too exhausted to look at him before I drift off to "my-last-peaceful-uninterrupted-in-a-long-time" sleep.

Until then I shall overcome all through Him who gives me strength....and a lil help from hubby, chocolates and ice cream ! And I must admit the lil bouts of kicking still does make the aches bearable ! But who am I kidding...if I am complaining now, what would happen one or two months from now ??? day at a time, one day at a time !

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