Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are we part of the ‘vulnerable pocket’ of consumers?

I read an article this morning sent to me from Knowledge @ Wharton entitled “Robbing the Cradle? If Marketers Get Their Way, That Bundle of Joy can cost a Bundle.

As I was reading it, it occurred to me that it’s actually a very scary because it is VERY EASY for us as parents to fall into the whole scheme of things.

The scheme preys on the usual activities we do and how we think.
1) We want the best for our kids since we know that from birth till age two, a child’s brain develops most.
2) We are all shoppers one way or another – either weekends or online
3) We love our kids therefore we visit the children’s section
4) We are bombarded with marketing words like “genius”, “prodigy” etc.
5) We think: “I want to give my child the best” and “There is no harm in getting these videos and toys”
6) We buy and buy and buy…because we fall into the ‘vulnerable pocket’ of target consumers.

It is an easy trap to fall in, won’t you say?

There has been no real evidence that any of these educational toys really work. What they do actually is provide parents and children an opportunity to discover new things together (and these are only for the toys and not the videos). But there are many other things that we can use actually. All it takes is a little time, effort and creativity from us as parents.

But we are too tired at the end of the day to engage in creativity and still think about developmental activities for our kids to do. So, at the end of the day, we take the easy way out and buy and buy hoping that these toys will make up for what we are lacking.

There are several points made in this article that (sigh) my mum has been nagging me about as well.
1) No TV for children below age of 2.
2) Read, read, read

The love for books, according to my mum, must be cultivated at a very early age…OR ELSE !!!

This concept does not only apply to educational toys for our young, they apply to baby bottles, baby diapers and ALL things baby related.

When preparing for the birth of my child, I struggled against the peer pressure that only AVENT is good enough for your baby! (I am admittedly rebellious by nature) and now I also struggle against the notion that only MAMA POKO and HUGGIES (minimum standard being red) are good enough for your baby’s butt !

Sometimes I wonder if I am not a good mother unless I buy these brands. Many have told me that they are really good. And no doubt they are since they are after all the highest priced brands in the market and so they must have done some research into their product.

But I have come to peace with this matter (after 8 months of praying and struggling with this) in that different babies are different. And what may not work for my neighbour’s baby may work out SUPER DUPER fine for me.

Monday, July 30, 2007

zero eight zero eight two zero-s eight

This sequence of numbering will continue on for some time more.....7 July 2007, 8 August 2008, 9 September 2009!! Oooo....hope my son gets born on the 9 Sept 2007 then (hehehe....) then if I ever get tagged then at least I would have some concrete plans in mind!

Anyway....coming back to next year 8th of August...what do I intend to do?

Most probably I would have passed the day by without even realising it until later in the night. And most probably the only reason why I would have remembered it would be due to some Maxis sms gimick started by Maxis so that they get all prosperous on that day!

So, most probably what I would end up doing would be deleting all those sms and trying to spend the day more "normal-ly" than I possible can.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Marley and Me

I heard this quote yesterday and had to write it down...

"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone."
-Harriet Beecher Stowe.

What relation does it have to this book??

When reading a book, it is the first few pages that determine if you borrow/buy the book. The next few chapters that determine how fast you finish the book. And the ending that defines your memory of the book.....usually.

The ending of this book talks about the death of the family dog - Marley. And so when I heard this quote, it corresponds well to add on to my remembrace of the book.

But a little about the beginning and the middle of the book first.....

This book can be said to potray the life of the author himself. It is a simple book with a simple storyline. About meeting a girl, marrying her, finding it tough to have kids, deciding to have a dog to determine if they can adjust into having a third party in the family....and thus Marley emerges.

It is filled with naughty antics, disobedience, near frustrations...all funny to a reader who loves dogs as well. And as a reader also expecting a baby, the joys of having a child and how the child relates to the dog is also very endearing.

Then the ending.....

The author comes to realise that the grief he feels from the death of his dog has impacted him more greatly than the grief of any person passing to date. Funny how dogs creep into the depths of our heart....unknown. But it is no wonder really when you think about it.....a dog's ability to continuously accept, forgive and still remain loyal is totally amazing.

Relating the death of his dog in an article (the author is a journalist) brought many sympathetic replies. In that short moment, a warm memory is established in the mind of his readers and emmitted out in a warm empathetic greeting. The death of a dog can bring such warmth and can even bring people from no where together.

Only a dog can do that, I reckon. In death their spirit of acceptance, forgiveness and loyalty once contained within their bodies now reside within the persons they loved so well - their owners! That is the depth of their soul ingrained.....

"Reality" Movies

I do not know exactly how it came about but my sister and I got a talking about shows like The Island and The Truman Show this morning.

I did not see The Island so my sister was telling me about the storyline. And it struck me as quite similar to the concept first introduced in The Truman Show.

Have you ever watched The Truman Show ?? It was a bite out of the blue in relation to cinema movies. A totally new, mind boggling concept. In fact I would say the only Jim Carrey movie that I would not mind watching again.

The show is basically about Carrey who finds his life being turned into a documentary without him even knowing about it. The town he lives in is a fake, the people around him are all actors and everything he eats for breakfast is actually a TV commercial. It is a struggle, really, to see him deal with all the emotional crisis and people that the “producers” throw into his “life”. When he realises that something is wrong with his life, he has to face his greatest fear – either fly or sail away - from this safe haven to find what is real in his life.

Reminds me of the little globe I loved as a kid – imagining all the people in the little town are real and alive and you are watching them!

The Truman Show is a show that I would recommend you to watch. If for nothing else but to be entertained!

And if “The Island” is somewhat like that as well, I can’t wait to get my hands on this movie.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

All Fours

Hubby told me I have been tagged by PonyTales

I am wondering now how you know you have been tagged unless you constantly read your links' blogs! Luckily I have someone checking for me as well on days when I am a little busy!

So, now that my work is done.....can sit and write about this!

Four jobs I have had in my life :

1) Telemarketing - did this after my Form 6 while waiting to go to university. Tough job. I started to count my salary by the number of minutes that passed. After a few hours of counting that way, I realised that I have to count only to the amount I earn after 15 minutes. Blocks of minutes less than that would make it TOTALLY NOT worthwhile for me to sit here in this corner. I had to go through each name in the phone directory, dial it (partly hoping no one will answer) and repeat the same phrase each time: "Hello aunty/uncle, I am calling from so-and-so Vacation Club etc..". If I am "lucky" I get to talk for a whileto someone nice. Else I will get a firm "NO....thank you". And if I am really unlucky I will get some #&%^@#^ !!! Sigh....

2) Finance Executive in HLA - Started of with a good boss. Then was seconded to a single-woman lady boss to implement a project. Glad I got to do the project, sad to loose my very nice fatherly male boss ! Though on hindsight I must say I became a sharper person and better person under her (will not elaborate else will be too lengthy)!

3) Finance Analyst in UN - Saw a bit of the world (geographically and politically) in this job. Found out certain things about UN I would otherwise have not known ! Not too appropriate to mention for fear of finding my blog corrupted with virus one day !

4) Senior Project Consultant in KE (a Sdn. Bhd.) - very flat hierarchy compared to all the other org. I have been at. Travelled a lot and very often. Decided once and for going to foreign countries for work is not exactly my cup of tea ! Foreign countires can only be enjoyed when you are on HOLIDAY with a loved one !

Four of my favourite foods:

This would be hard coz since my uni days untill the 6th mth of pregnancy, I hardly ate or enjoyed food. Hubby (then boyfriend) had a tough time understanding how someone can see someone else eat and not get hungry! But figured he can't force me to do anything and since then has given up on getting me to eat proper meals. It took a baby to get me to change ! But bcoz hubby(then bf) accepted and never forced me, I married him!!!! hehe....

Anyway...with baby on the way, this is what I have enjoyed eating and remember that I loved to eat before !

1) Siong tong lala (a slight tinge of spicy, hot soup laced with a little sweetness (kei chee's doing) added with the aroma of chinese wine)
2) Black Forest Cake - with lots of berries in between - NOT those artifically sweetened berries please !
3) Ice kacang - Melaka Mahktota Parade kind !
4) Agar-agar - NOT pudding (definite no-no!) but Jelly still kinda accepted !

Four Countries I have been to on vacation:

1) Perth, Australia
2) Singapore, Singapore
3) Hanoi, Vietnam
4) Bali, Indonesia

Four places I would rather be right now:

1) At home with my book
2) In a CLEAN swimming pool with hardly anyone in it!
3) On vacation in Prague
4) In the car (for lack of no other place)...coz that means I am going somewhere and not stuck in office !

Four friends to tag....(don't have so many friends to tag ! sob ! sob !)

1) Simon (again)
2) Kathie
3) Florence
4) Mott

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thinking back, Moving forward

I went through some of my old family photos the other day. Flipped through album after album and noticed most of the pictures taken when I was young had me laughing candidly. If ever the pictures were posed, it would mainly be pictures of birthdays where I was still smiling but my eyes were seldom focused on the camera but on the cake or the fried chicken or the juicy watermelon!

And when I look at the photos I can remember so distinctively the feelings I had felt. The beach photos were the most abundant taken throughout my 7 years in Penang. Almost every Sunday morning, daddy would make the windy drive to the beach. Out of the car we would spill, running around selecting the shadiest and cleanest spot and out unfolds the poncho. Mummy would have packed up a picnic lunch and some fruits. Even remember there being curry chicken and Sunshine bread one of those times. Don’t remember if we were messy though or if mummy ever found it too tough cleaning up after us. Can’t be though coz I never recalled mummy ever scolding us at any of our outings at the beach.

Remember out little pails and spades. Taking water from the sea to make the castle more compact. Remember burying mummy’s legs under piles and piles of sand and laughing our little heads off when she wriggled her toes free !

Remember running down to the waves only to be chased back up again. And after a while finding the guts to stand at the edge of the water and allow our little toes to sink deeper and deeper at each break and pull of the waves along the shore !

Remember walking with daddy and seeing all the Pros at work creating their own sand castles. Maybe my love for architecture was developed at this early age by the beach.

Remember also one Sunday when it rained and we parked under the tree and ate our prepared lunch and watched the waves and the rain instead ! And daddy scolding me once when I threw sand in the air and it entered cher’s eye ! That was my first lesson in physics I reckon…Do not throw sand into the air if the wind will blow it in the direction of people sitting down! Learnt the concept of me standing is high and them sitting is low – DANGER !

Funny how all these photos bring back to me so many memories and lessons learnt. I realised that my daddy must have either loved taking photos, or we were great models or he understood the importance of capturing memories on film.

When we left Penang, the photos were less. I still remember having happy memories of my stays in Kuching, Kuantan, Ipoh and finally KL but they were somehow not the same. Perhaps I have grown and memories become clouded by duties and responsibilities and exams. They start to become classified as experiences more than memories! And there is a great distinction in that!

The camera is a beautiful thing. Burdensome or not in carrying it when we have diapers and feeding bottles and play things to lug along, we owe it to our children to help them retain these memories. Although I can still remember these childhood memories, it is those worn out photographs that trigger the whole effect. It invokes and breathes life into the imprints within the heart that would have been buried if not for the physical imprint that the eye registers.

I hope I can also fill my kids’ memory bank with happy events. Just like those beach outings equals happy childhood memories for me, what can I do for my kids that they can also carry with them well into their adulthood? Something that can perhaps even define the person he would become.

Waves that crash into the sand still play in my head
The rhythm of their beckoning
The whispers of their leaving
Sunsets so beautiful still I see beyond my eyes
No words can describe
The fiery hues and the clam blues
Then they intermingle

Everything else forgotten
They demand everything and yet ask for nothing
We take in and take in more
But we do not give anything back in return
Only silence is required
For beauty and sounds to reach the soul

It is memories like these that create the writer in me.
To my parents, I give all thanks – this is your greatest gift to me!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Baby Kiko warehouse sale

Heh folks ! Found this info on the AMN forum !

26 - 29 Jul 2007
10am - 5pm
1 Jalan Industri PBP 13Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong47100 PuchongSelangor+603 8068 8888
RM1 - RM18 only
Amazing Babies

SG Retreat Baby Mania

Oosshhh...baby kicked again (Must be doing some sommer-saults inside) ! But aaahhhh..... came to realise the kicks "in" is easier to bear than the kicks "out" (i.e. when the lil' kickin naughty fella comes out) !

Thus my title.

It was supposed to be about SG Retreat actually but with 13 adults, 4 babies and 2 kids.....it was more BABY MANIA than retreat ! Anyway....

Event : 1st SG Retreat with Living Fountaineers (to remind myself more than anything)
Date : July 7-9
Place : Malacca (stayed at Everly Hotel)

Give thanks to God
1) Everyone was more or less on time
2) No big frowns or squabbles
3) Weather was pretty good
4) Cheap rambutans !!!

Main Adult Observations
1) A certain someone can REALLY eat !
2) The meaning of how a high carb, low calorie diet is done !
3) How best to hold a baby and eat at the same time !
4) Continue to flex those muscles 3-4 years after baby is born !

Main Baby Observations
1) Wait 2/3 years or more before having a second kid !
2) Wait until baby can sit in the baby chair before bringing him out for meals !
2) Baby 1 and 4 require mummy/daddy to be in sight ! Baby 2 is relatively easy to handle but then again mummy/daddy are seldom far! Baby 3 is the easiest to handle but grabs, kicks and bangs!
3) Babies farts are satisfactory and can emit great vibrations!
4) Babies pee with no constrain
5) Kids require mummy's arm as pillow still at 3 years old

Funniest moments (though cruel)
1) A certain someone desperately looking for toilet !
2) A certain lil' baby peeing on un-suspecting mummy !

1) Tired but cannot sleep or no place to sit
2) Hungry but nothing to eat
3) Want to swim but cannot swim !

Thursday, July 12, 2007

How fast do babies grow?

Hubby bought some clothes for our lil' kid the last week he was in Beijing. Looks really cute and they were quite cheap - around RM 15 per top/bottom.

But kids grow up real fast these days. Some kids who are only 7-8 mths look like they are 1 year old ! I seriously wonder how many times my lil' boy will be able to wear these outfits before he outgrows them !

Anyway.....to all mummies whom I promised I will show photos of the outfits....here they are !

I especially love this top - it's so bright and cheerful !
After buying the top, the lady brought out this pants and persuaded and persuaded my hubby to buy it as well since it matches so well !!! Hmm.....I guess it does, doesn't it !

This one hubby bought I guess coz it's just cute !

Thinking of getting one for him as well then both father and son will look (some-sort) alike !

These are for Chinese New Year ...... 2009 !!! Provided he can still wear them then !
Else we were thinking of letting him wear it if there is an occasion in 2008 (a weddding/his bday/some other Chinese festival ?) !

If our lil' one has my body temperature, he will like this red outfit. Coz this outfit is rather thick.
If he takes after daddy, though, then I think he will be frowning and crying at us to take it off !

We'll just have to see !

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I have been tagged !

( Though it took the tagger to tell me what it meant by that, first time being tagged and all ! Don't frown Simon, at least I am learning !!!!)

The topic of today : Would I prefer to be a Stay At Home Mum, Full Time Working Mum or Part Time Working Mum !

Anyway, without a doubt I would say I would LOVE to be a PTWM earning a FTWM's pay ! Is that possible you think? Need to find some good (being affordable but with high returns) investments and collect interest/dividend/rent! Then perhaps it would be possible to have such a combination.

Reason why I want to be a PTWM - the working part

1) If you don't get out there into the world, I fear I will drive my hubby nuts - either coz the whole day I have NOT been talking adult language and forgot how !
OR the whole day I have kept quiet so I continue to keep quiet when hubby comes home !
OR I have been too quiet the whole day and now need to get my xxxxxxxx number of words out which would most probably be nagging and nagging !

2) If I don't work, there will be no reason for me to buy nice clothes and nice handbags and nice shoes. There are so many weddings to attend or Sunday church best outfits I can buy !

3) MONEY will be scarce and everyone knows the repercussion of that !

Reasons why I want to be a PTWM - the home part

1) I do want to teach my kids myself as much as I can - especially in the early ages !

2) I want to see every new miracle first hand without the baby sitter telling me about it first or seeing it in a photo taken by the baby sitter !

3) I basically love my little new family and taking care of them ! (being newly married and now the excitement of having a baby)

Though I have heard many tell me that they were SOOO glad to get back to work after their confinement. Work was heaven compared to staying at home !

Maybe ask me in 10 years time (if it takes that long) or by January and I would give you an entirely new opinion. At this moment though, I still think my 7th Heaven lies at home.

Don't know how to tag someone else, so...anyone who can let me know, please do let me know....so that Simon will not frown at me again ! :)

Though let me try and see if it works (I think it does !):
1. Florence Mother of one!
1. Philip father in a few weeks time
1. Michael's wife current SAHM

Here’s how it works:
1. So easy peasy, if you were given a choice, would you be a SAHM or FTWM? Just provide 3 darn good reasons.
2. Include your post link to the list below and Finally,
3. Tag another three parent

1. Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM
2. Miche prefers to be a SAHM too.
3. SweetPea is happy being a PTWM
4. AllThingsPurple choose to be a WAHM
5. Dr. Bernard Chan is both Mom and Dad
6. 5xMom wants to be … both?
7. Samm ….?
8. Helen prefers to be a FTWM
9. Adrian is a WAHD and seriously lacking sleep
10. Mott is everything-can-parent!
11. Simon dreams of being a SAHD.
11. 2ann would like to combine PTWM with FTWM.

SAHD - Stay at Home Dad
WAHD - Work at Home Dad
(something like that, ok?)

Babysitter dilemma

As the birth of my baby nears, and I have done most of my shopping, I find myself thinking of the next step.

The labour process I think I have heard enough of. It does not scare me anymore and I can tell myself that the doctor knows best and I will recover at the end of the day. Also, I do not really want to hear about it anymore since I was told each labour is unique in its own way. And I am trying to build up my faith that God will see me through it irregardless !

Breastfeeding, well, I think I have read and seen enough. It all boils down to the moment when it really happens. And it also does depend on my condition and my baby! Prayerfully when the time comes all that I have read will see my through it. So, I left that issue standing as well.

The actual taking care, I was not that worried since I would have my whole family with me and dear hubby.

So, the only other thing that I found could occupy my mind was the search for a baby sitter !
(Those who know me well know that I always find something to think about)
So, there I was searching the internet for babysitters, joining forums to see if anyone posted anything about babysitters and looking around for notices around my condo. I went so far as to actually make my husband go out for walks with me around the condo and we approached almost every other person taking care of a baby.

Prayed about it day and night. Also requested my whole cell to pray about it.

And miraculously, one week later after my prayer petition, I found a notice about a baby centre on the Mead Johnson forum. (Yes, you did read right - it is a baby centre, not the traditional homebased nanny.)

We went to see the place. Was quite impressed actually.
None of the kids there were shy. They looked very happy in fact, playing with each other. And they were really curious when my hubby and I walked in. They even approached and greeted us when told! Witnessed a small squabble as well but it was quickly diffused.

The centre accepts maids together with kids too. So, anyone who has a maid and doesn't want to leave the maid alone with the kid can send both there ! However, she only takes in a limited number (there will always be a limit everywhere) and she only takes in infants below 2 years !

So....happily I think I have found my babysitter now. Praise God who hears our prayers and knows the thoughts and desires of our heart !

Pedestrians - Kings and Queens of the Road !

Over the weekend I saw 2 near accidents happening because of these "kings" and "queens" and heard of one accident that actually happened.

What is happening to pedestrians lately. They walk out from in between buses without looking left and right, expecting cars to be able to see them ! They look left and cross straight away without looking right ! And cars have to screech and horn to wake these pedestrians up !

The accident I heard of invovled 3 cars, the first car slaming on the brakes to avoid hitting the pedestrian. The second car behind could not stop in time and hit the first car. And the final car hitting the second car ! Poor second car driver !

I think the reason for all these problems are shopping complexes !

People who frequent and walk around in shopping complexes pick up the bad habit of "simply" walking. Ever notice that majority of the persons who pass you in the shopping complex will not make way for you until the very last minute? So you end up most of the time making way for them to avoid their butting shoulders or flinging shopping bags !

AND some can stop suddenly in the middle of the aisle and make sudden turns. They are not aware at all about their surroundings. They expect everyone else to avoid and make way for them! Touble to the one walking behind such groups who might bump into them or end up feeling just a little irritated !

No wonder there are also so many bad drivers around. They say the way a person manipulates the shopping cart is about the same way they drive ! So, ever noticed the shopping cart jam in the hypermarkets or grocery areas - people who park their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle while they pick out their stuff; people who wait at corners, resulting in others having to turn into the aisle with a wider circle and bumping straight into another shopping cart racing towards the counters ?

There are tons of examples of shopping commplex mentality on the road. Road courtesy requires re-training these days I must say, to adults first then kids.

Monday, July 9, 2007

28th week milestone

My gynae was really happy during my last visit announcing that I am now in my 28th week. I thought he must be indicating that the 28 week mark was some sort of achievement in the baby's development. Maybe from this point onwards the baby is almost perfect and will be able to survive on his own.

So, happy I was, eating up his "encouraging" words, asking my "insignificant" questions and going through all the regular press-and-prods.
(Words in inverted commas indicate my own feeling and not really the matter of fact)

Left the clinic and went on my way.

When, lo and behold, I suddenly realised....it is my 28th week and the smile was because from now onwards he would be earning double from me what he had always earned before !

Wonder how broadly he would smile in my 36th week ??!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Click - The Movie

Click, aptly titled as such since it is supposed to represent the sound emmitted when Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) presses on his "universal" remote control. This show basically concerns itself with this remote control that literally allows Newman to control the universe around him.

It's really a typical kind of movie - decent guy working his butt off as an architect trying to make the promotion he is dreaming of in order to provide a better life for his family. But in the process he gets too caught up in work and changes from decent to foul-mouthed, snappy and irritating! Of course he is working his butt off coz when he was young he thought of himself as underprivileged compared to the other kids ! And his current neighbour kid isn't helping in the "should-compare-less" character section.

So, what he finds himself doing is fast forwarding his life to all the parts where he considers the next great step in life. The reason he started fast forwarding was when something happened that seemed to hold him back from achieving his next big break. And of course these breaks are all work related ! So, when his wife starts to nag about spending more time with family, he fast forwards. When he starts to get sick, he fast forwards etc. And what happens is all the days in between, he goes into auto-pilot mode.

NOW.....you can all guess the ending. Of course it turns out good coz it's rated family drama/comedy after all ! But the reason why I am so inspired to write about it is becuase, predictable as it is, this movie was actually quite nice.

Perhaps coz it is so like life .... (you know) ....guys in auto pilot mode, chasing after promotions and forgetting family time, tuning off during arguments, disliking elaborate family affairs, when there are so many remote controls you don't know which is for which and what are all those buttons for .... blah blah blah !

Sometimes I must say we get caught up in the world so easily. If we do not spend sufficient time in prayer and meditation, we will just go thru the motions in life. It takes a conscious effort to be in the world and yet not a part of it.

Sometimes I wonder if God allows such movies to be created to leave us contemplating the decisions we make in our life (if we are not already hardened by the suggestions that we may not be doing something right).

What and who are the things and persons we consider important in our life. Many a times, I must say the persons closest to us are the ones who suffer the most when we are in such a sour mood. We always control out temper with colleagues and bosses and friends. Supposedly coz we can always make it up to our spouse and family another time.
"They should understand after all. Right ?" we can whine !

But we should give ourself no excuse really. We all know family will always stand with us when everyone else throws us to the gutters ! And we should therefore really make an effort to hold our tongue, spend some time, be the better person with them.

Easier said than done, true ..... but prayerfully, we will (I will) one day get there !

Between series and serials

Do you know the difference between series and serials?

Basically, it is just as such:

Serial - usually fictional story; divided and broadcasted in parts; each part being a continuation of the previous part.
Example : Heroes, Chinese dramas

Series - need not be based on a work of fiction; set of related programmes each with a beginning, middle and end; each part does not carry over to the next.
Example : Friends, NYPD Blue, Discovery Channel's Sharks week

Heroes - The Serial

Anyone watched the last episode for the season of Heroes on Astro last night ?

It reminded me of Chinese serials and their methodology of quickly tying up knots! The killing of Sylar (if he is really dead, that is) was really an anti-climax considering they were building up the last few episodes to his great demise !

The director I feel was trying more to build up more questions for the second season rather than completing the first season properly. HOWEVER, after this last episode, I do not feel too great about Heroes anymore. Perhaps a better ending to season one would have left me curious about season two. But if season after season is going to end with such an anti-climax, then I would consider changing channels when season two comes aboard.

After all, I am quite happy to live with the fact that Nathan died with Peter high up in outer-space and that the eclipse of the sun was just another natural incident ! Everyone else left behing in NY after superman Nathan flew off lived happily ever after. And Sylar is REALLY DEAD (since he didn't kill Claire after all, rriiiggghhhtt ??!!).

Serials....a weekly show about bad guys and good guys, killings and car chases, ups and downs....daily life basically. Can we REALLY do without them ?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Things I do when hubby is not around

Don't get me wrong....if you look at the list, it's actually quite boring. But I am pregnant and hubby made me solemnly promise that I will come home straight after work. Of course I can go out, he said after my lengthy pout, IF I am accompanied by some person(s) he can trust and has seen before. One of them comes home at 10 something or later so she's out of the question. And the other has erratic timetables!

So forget about it....stay at home......and these are the activities I find myself doing

1) Eat dinner at 6 pm and then have supper again at 9 pm
2) Read 2 books at a time - one to be read during adverts, the other to be read before bed
3) Talk to God out loud
4) Turn on the TV as soon as I get home
5) Turn OFF the TV when there really are no shows to watch
6) Close all the doors and windows, put on a CD, dance around and sing out loud
7) Sleep on my left most of the night
8) Use up all the cold sections of the bed (since I am so warm now !)
9) Turn on the light as soon as I wake up instead of depending on the small stream of light from the bathroon
10) SMS and call all my friends/relatives one by one

And these are the things that I wish I did not have to do but MUST ....
1) Catch those silly baby roaches and cengkeriks and 'water' ants that fly into the bathroom
2) Make sure there is enough cold water in the fridge and the hot water is always filled up
3) Wash up after dinner
4) Throw rubbish
5) Sweep the floor
6) Take my own cup of water when I am in bed and suddenly thirsty (maybe that is why I am not waking up so to go to toilet in the middle of the night these days ! )

Even though the list of HAVE-TO-DOs are less than the ABLE-TO-DOs, I still wish hubby to be at home. After all, I am just a lil' ED !

(Note : ED - emotionally dependent)