Monday, July 9, 2007

28th week milestone

My gynae was really happy during my last visit announcing that I am now in my 28th week. I thought he must be indicating that the 28 week mark was some sort of achievement in the baby's development. Maybe from this point onwards the baby is almost perfect and will be able to survive on his own.

So, happy I was, eating up his "encouraging" words, asking my "insignificant" questions and going through all the regular press-and-prods.
(Words in inverted commas indicate my own feeling and not really the matter of fact)

Left the clinic and went on my way.

When, lo and behold, I suddenly is my 28th week and the smile was because from now onwards he would be earning double from me what he had always earned before !

Wonder how broadly he would smile in my 36th week ??!!


simon said...

Yes, i actually DO tags, and you've been tagged!

Poh Nee said...

Yes Ann! You are so clever to realise that, I did not last time....hahaha
Anyway, when Zoe was born - he was on holiday!! and was telling me not to worry - Zoe won't come out before New Year and it happend on New Year's day :p

Ann said...

Simon - tagging can be quite fun especially when the topic is close to my heart.

Poh Nee - my next checkup going to ask him if he will be around from the 15-30 Sept or not!