Thursday, July 19, 2007

All Fours

Hubby told me I have been tagged by PonyTales

I am wondering now how you know you have been tagged unless you constantly read your links' blogs! Luckily I have someone checking for me as well on days when I am a little busy!

So, now that my work is done.....can sit and write about this!

Four jobs I have had in my life :

1) Telemarketing - did this after my Form 6 while waiting to go to university. Tough job. I started to count my salary by the number of minutes that passed. After a few hours of counting that way, I realised that I have to count only to the amount I earn after 15 minutes. Blocks of minutes less than that would make it TOTALLY NOT worthwhile for me to sit here in this corner. I had to go through each name in the phone directory, dial it (partly hoping no one will answer) and repeat the same phrase each time: "Hello aunty/uncle, I am calling from so-and-so Vacation Club etc..". If I am "lucky" I get to talk for a whileto someone nice. Else I will get a firm "NO....thank you". And if I am really unlucky I will get some #&%^@#^ !!! Sigh....

2) Finance Executive in HLA - Started of with a good boss. Then was seconded to a single-woman lady boss to implement a project. Glad I got to do the project, sad to loose my very nice fatherly male boss ! Though on hindsight I must say I became a sharper person and better person under her (will not elaborate else will be too lengthy)!

3) Finance Analyst in UN - Saw a bit of the world (geographically and politically) in this job. Found out certain things about UN I would otherwise have not known ! Not too appropriate to mention for fear of finding my blog corrupted with virus one day !

4) Senior Project Consultant in KE (a Sdn. Bhd.) - very flat hierarchy compared to all the other org. I have been at. Travelled a lot and very often. Decided once and for going to foreign countries for work is not exactly my cup of tea ! Foreign countires can only be enjoyed when you are on HOLIDAY with a loved one !

Four of my favourite foods:

This would be hard coz since my uni days untill the 6th mth of pregnancy, I hardly ate or enjoyed food. Hubby (then boyfriend) had a tough time understanding how someone can see someone else eat and not get hungry! But figured he can't force me to do anything and since then has given up on getting me to eat proper meals. It took a baby to get me to change ! But bcoz hubby(then bf) accepted and never forced me, I married him!!!! hehe....

Anyway...with baby on the way, this is what I have enjoyed eating and remember that I loved to eat before !

1) Siong tong lala (a slight tinge of spicy, hot soup laced with a little sweetness (kei chee's doing) added with the aroma of chinese wine)
2) Black Forest Cake - with lots of berries in between - NOT those artifically sweetened berries please !
3) Ice kacang - Melaka Mahktota Parade kind !
4) Agar-agar - NOT pudding (definite no-no!) but Jelly still kinda accepted !

Four Countries I have been to on vacation:

1) Perth, Australia
2) Singapore, Singapore
3) Hanoi, Vietnam
4) Bali, Indonesia

Four places I would rather be right now:

1) At home with my book
2) In a CLEAN swimming pool with hardly anyone in it!
3) On vacation in Prague
4) In the car (for lack of no other place)...coz that means I am going somewhere and not stuck in office !

Four friends to tag....(don't have so many friends to tag ! sob ! sob !)

1) Simon (again)
2) Kathie
3) Florence
4) Mott


Ponytail said...

Hey, now I know u r doin Finance :)
Sometimes it is funny how I can know a person so much more from their blog huh...kekeke

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

You must be one of the very few Malaysians who don't like to eat. I mean, there are picky eaters and there are people who are constantly on a diet, but "don't like to eat"?
Hmmm... Btw, 75% on your list of food you like is dessert! :)

Ann said...

PonyTail - Yeah, tell me about it! The more I read Simon's blog, the more I get to know about him too !

Kathie - I put on alot of weight when I was in Australia and lost all of it when I started working. I confess that the loosing weight boosted my self confidence and after that I started to be very conscious of what I eat.
And YEAH....I love deserts! Have quite a sweet tooth! Is it no wonder then that I put on weight so easily!!!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

I think dessert is mostly a girl thing. After all, we are suppose to be made of "sugar and spice and everything nice". But honestly, Most, not all, don't quite care for dessert. They just want meat - "Frogs and snails and puppy dog's tails...!

simon said...


cdason said...

What's the link blogs??

Ann said...

Kathie - yeah...I think without deserts I will get all grouchy and irritable ! Nothing like ice kacang to cool you down and agar-agar to make you feel all wobbly inside!

Simon - you make it look like homework!

cdason - What link blogs ??? Don't get you...sorry! Either I am very new to blogging and don't get the terminology or....i am very new to blogging and don't get the terminology!

cdason said...

"Hubby told me I have been tagged by PonyTales

I am wondering now how you know you have been tagged unless you constantly read your links' blogs!"

I mean in your sentence above.. Looking at whose blog came first, yours is older.. . I'm the newbie here..

Ann said...

cdason - replied you about tags in your other comment in Marley and Me. I learned about tagging recently as well. And yes, you have to really be one of those consistent readers of your links' blogs!