Monday, July 16, 2007

SG Retreat Baby Mania kicked again (Must be doing some sommer-saults inside) ! But aaahhhh..... came to realise the kicks "in" is easier to bear than the kicks "out" (i.e. when the lil' kickin naughty fella comes out) !

Thus my title.

It was supposed to be about SG Retreat actually but with 13 adults, 4 babies and 2 was more BABY MANIA than retreat ! Anyway....

Event : 1st SG Retreat with Living Fountaineers (to remind myself more than anything)
Date : July 7-9
Place : Malacca (stayed at Everly Hotel)

Give thanks to God
1) Everyone was more or less on time
2) No big frowns or squabbles
3) Weather was pretty good
4) Cheap rambutans !!!

Main Adult Observations
1) A certain someone can REALLY eat !
2) The meaning of how a high carb, low calorie diet is done !
3) How best to hold a baby and eat at the same time !
4) Continue to flex those muscles 3-4 years after baby is born !

Main Baby Observations
1) Wait 2/3 years or more before having a second kid !
2) Wait until baby can sit in the baby chair before bringing him out for meals !
2) Baby 1 and 4 require mummy/daddy to be in sight ! Baby 2 is relatively easy to handle but then again mummy/daddy are seldom far! Baby 3 is the easiest to handle but grabs, kicks and bangs!
3) Babies farts are satisfactory and can emit great vibrations!
4) Babies pee with no constrain
5) Kids require mummy's arm as pillow still at 3 years old

Funniest moments (though cruel)
1) A certain someone desperately looking for toilet !
2) A certain lil' baby peeing on un-suspecting mummy !

1) Tired but cannot sleep or no place to sit
2) Hungry but nothing to eat
3) Want to swim but cannot swim !


simon said...

glad u guys enjoyed it, altho we really missed you on day 3...

Ann said...

Simon - yeah....after we left and on Monday, both Kevin and I were looking at the clock and asking each other "What do you think they are doing now?"

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Good observations about the kids. But every child is different. have fun discovering your in due time. :)

Ann said...

Kathie - thanks.
I can't wait for my lil one to come out. No matter how troublesome it looks or what people tell me, I think there is no greater joy....