Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Babysitter dilemma

As the birth of my baby nears, and I have done most of my shopping, I find myself thinking of the next step.

The labour process I think I have heard enough of. It does not scare me anymore and I can tell myself that the doctor knows best and I will recover at the end of the day. Also, I do not really want to hear about it anymore since I was told each labour is unique in its own way. And I am trying to build up my faith that God will see me through it irregardless !

Breastfeeding, well, I think I have read and seen enough. It all boils down to the moment when it really happens. And it also does depend on my condition and my baby! Prayerfully when the time comes all that I have read will see my through it. So, I left that issue standing as well.

The actual taking care, I was not that worried since I would have my whole family with me and dear hubby.

So, the only other thing that I found could occupy my mind was the search for a baby sitter !
(Those who know me well know that I always find something to think about)
So, there I was searching the internet for babysitters, joining forums to see if anyone posted anything about babysitters and looking around for notices around my condo. I went so far as to actually make my husband go out for walks with me around the condo and we approached almost every other person taking care of a baby.

Prayed about it day and night. Also requested my whole cell to pray about it.

And miraculously, one week later after my prayer petition, I found a notice about a baby centre on the Mead Johnson forum. (Yes, you did read right - it is a baby centre, not the traditional homebased nanny.)

We went to see the place. Was quite impressed actually.
None of the kids there were shy. They looked very happy in fact, playing with each other. And they were really curious when my hubby and I walked in. They even approached and greeted us when told! Witnessed a small squabble as well but it was quickly diffused.

The centre accepts maids together with kids too. So, anyone who has a maid and doesn't want to leave the maid alone with the kid can send both there ! However, she only takes in a limited number (there will always be a limit everywhere) and she only takes in infants below 2 years !

So....happily I think I have found my babysitter now. Praise God who hears our prayers and knows the thoughts and desires of our heart !

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