Thursday, July 5, 2007

Click - The Movie

Click, aptly titled as such since it is supposed to represent the sound emmitted when Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) presses on his "universal" remote control. This show basically concerns itself with this remote control that literally allows Newman to control the universe around him.

It's really a typical kind of movie - decent guy working his butt off as an architect trying to make the promotion he is dreaming of in order to provide a better life for his family. But in the process he gets too caught up in work and changes from decent to foul-mouthed, snappy and irritating! Of course he is working his butt off coz when he was young he thought of himself as underprivileged compared to the other kids ! And his current neighbour kid isn't helping in the "should-compare-less" character section.

So, what he finds himself doing is fast forwarding his life to all the parts where he considers the next great step in life. The reason he started fast forwarding was when something happened that seemed to hold him back from achieving his next big break. And of course these breaks are all work related ! So, when his wife starts to nag about spending more time with family, he fast forwards. When he starts to get sick, he fast forwards etc. And what happens is all the days in between, he goes into auto-pilot mode. can all guess the ending. Of course it turns out good coz it's rated family drama/comedy after all ! But the reason why I am so inspired to write about it is becuase, predictable as it is, this movie was actually quite nice.

Perhaps coz it is so like life .... (you know) ....guys in auto pilot mode, chasing after promotions and forgetting family time, tuning off during arguments, disliking elaborate family affairs, when there are so many remote controls you don't know which is for which and what are all those buttons for .... blah blah blah !

Sometimes I must say we get caught up in the world so easily. If we do not spend sufficient time in prayer and meditation, we will just go thru the motions in life. It takes a conscious effort to be in the world and yet not a part of it.

Sometimes I wonder if God allows such movies to be created to leave us contemplating the decisions we make in our life (if we are not already hardened by the suggestions that we may not be doing something right).

What and who are the things and persons we consider important in our life. Many a times, I must say the persons closest to us are the ones who suffer the most when we are in such a sour mood. We always control out temper with colleagues and bosses and friends. Supposedly coz we can always make it up to our spouse and family another time.
"They should understand after all. Right ?" we can whine !

But we should give ourself no excuse really. We all know family will always stand with us when everyone else throws us to the gutters ! And we should therefore really make an effort to hold our tongue, spend some time, be the better person with them.

Easier said than done, true ..... but prayerfully, we will (I will) one day get there !

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