Thursday, July 5, 2007

Heroes - The Serial

Anyone watched the last episode for the season of Heroes on Astro last night ?

It reminded me of Chinese serials and their methodology of quickly tying up knots! The killing of Sylar (if he is really dead, that is) was really an anti-climax considering they were building up the last few episodes to his great demise !

The director I feel was trying more to build up more questions for the second season rather than completing the first season properly. HOWEVER, after this last episode, I do not feel too great about Heroes anymore. Perhaps a better ending to season one would have left me curious about season two. But if season after season is going to end with such an anti-climax, then I would consider changing channels when season two comes aboard.

After all, I am quite happy to live with the fact that Nathan died with Peter high up in outer-space and that the eclipse of the sun was just another natural incident ! Everyone else left behing in NY after superman Nathan flew off lived happily ever after. And Sylar is REALLY DEAD (since he didn't kill Claire after all, rriiiggghhhtt ??!!).

Serials....a weekly show about bad guys and good guys, killings and car chases, ups and downs....daily life basically. Can we REALLY do without them ?

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