Thursday, July 12, 2007

How fast do babies grow?

Hubby bought some clothes for our lil' kid the last week he was in Beijing. Looks really cute and they were quite cheap - around RM 15 per top/bottom.

But kids grow up real fast these days. Some kids who are only 7-8 mths look like they are 1 year old ! I seriously wonder how many times my lil' boy will be able to wear these outfits before he outgrows them ! all mummies whom I promised I will show photos of the they are !

I especially love this top - it's so bright and cheerful !
After buying the top, the lady brought out this pants and persuaded and persuaded my hubby to buy it as well since it matches so well !!! Hmm.....I guess it does, doesn't it !

This one hubby bought I guess coz it's just cute !

Thinking of getting one for him as well then both father and son will look (some-sort) alike !

These are for Chinese New Year ...... 2009 !!! Provided he can still wear them then !
Else we were thinking of letting him wear it if there is an occasion in 2008 (a weddding/his bday/some other Chinese festival ?) !

If our lil' one has my body temperature, he will like this red outfit. Coz this outfit is rather thick.
If he takes after daddy, though, then I think he will be frowning and crying at us to take it off !

We'll just have to see !


jazzmint said...

nice clothes, they've got very good material for the cny baju :).

thx for dropping by my blog...u came from ponytales' site? will add u into my blogroll..if u are ok

Ann said...

jazzmint - yeah, the clothes are "branded" and very good quality! Trouble is the kids grow out of it so quickly.

And yes,good to add a new friend all the time!