Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pedestrians - Kings and Queens of the Road !

Over the weekend I saw 2 near accidents happening because of these "kings" and "queens" and heard of one accident that actually happened.

What is happening to pedestrians lately. They walk out from in between buses without looking left and right, expecting cars to be able to see them ! They look left and cross straight away without looking right ! And cars have to screech and horn to wake these pedestrians up !

The accident I heard of invovled 3 cars, the first car slaming on the brakes to avoid hitting the pedestrian. The second car behind could not stop in time and hit the first car. And the final car hitting the second car ! Poor second car driver !

I think the reason for all these problems are shopping complexes !

People who frequent and walk around in shopping complexes pick up the bad habit of "simply" walking. Ever notice that majority of the persons who pass you in the shopping complex will not make way for you until the very last minute? So you end up most of the time making way for them to avoid their butting shoulders or flinging shopping bags !

AND some can stop suddenly in the middle of the aisle and make sudden turns. They are not aware at all about their surroundings. They expect everyone else to avoid and make way for them! Touble to the one walking behind such groups who might bump into them or end up feeling just a little irritated !

No wonder there are also so many bad drivers around. They say the way a person manipulates the shopping cart is about the same way they drive ! So, ever noticed the shopping cart jam in the hypermarkets or grocery areas - people who park their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle while they pick out their stuff; people who wait at corners, resulting in others having to turn into the aisle with a wider circle and bumping straight into another shopping cart racing towards the counters ?

There are tons of examples of shopping commplex mentality on the road. Road courtesy requires re-training these days I must say, to adults first then kids.

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