Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Reality" Movies

I do not know exactly how it came about but my sister and I got a talking about shows like The Island and The Truman Show this morning.

I did not see The Island so my sister was telling me about the storyline. And it struck me as quite similar to the concept first introduced in The Truman Show.

Have you ever watched The Truman Show ?? It was a bite out of the blue in relation to cinema movies. A totally new, mind boggling concept. In fact I would say the only Jim Carrey movie that I would not mind watching again.

The show is basically about Carrey who finds his life being turned into a documentary without him even knowing about it. The town he lives in is a fake, the people around him are all actors and everything he eats for breakfast is actually a TV commercial. It is a struggle, really, to see him deal with all the emotional crisis and people that the “producers” throw into his “life”. When he realises that something is wrong with his life, he has to face his greatest fear – either fly or sail away - from this safe haven to find what is real in his life.

Reminds me of the little globe I loved as a kid – imagining all the people in the little town are real and alive and you are watching them!

The Truman Show is a show that I would recommend you to watch. If for nothing else but to be entertained!

And if “The Island” is somewhat like that as well, I can’t wait to get my hands on this movie.


Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

I thought Jim Carey was most human in the Truman Show and I really enjoyed it too. Not in this genre but my all time favourite is Shawshank Redemption (mid 90's). I cried the 3 times I saw that show: once in the cinema, once in class and again on TV.

Ann said...

Kathie - I remember this movie. It is one of those kind of movies where good triumphs in the end...where actions are justified and where humanity reaches its deepest core.

After books, a good movie is second best in reaching the person within ourselves!