Monday, July 2, 2007

Things I do when hubby is not around

Don't get me wrong....if you look at the list, it's actually quite boring. But I am pregnant and hubby made me solemnly promise that I will come home straight after work. Of course I can go out, he said after my lengthy pout, IF I am accompanied by some person(s) he can trust and has seen before. One of them comes home at 10 something or later so she's out of the question. And the other has erratic timetables!

So forget about it....stay at home......and these are the activities I find myself doing

1) Eat dinner at 6 pm and then have supper again at 9 pm
2) Read 2 books at a time - one to be read during adverts, the other to be read before bed
3) Talk to God out loud
4) Turn on the TV as soon as I get home
5) Turn OFF the TV when there really are no shows to watch
6) Close all the doors and windows, put on a CD, dance around and sing out loud
7) Sleep on my left most of the night
8) Use up all the cold sections of the bed (since I am so warm now !)
9) Turn on the light as soon as I wake up instead of depending on the small stream of light from the bathroon
10) SMS and call all my friends/relatives one by one

And these are the things that I wish I did not have to do but MUST ....
1) Catch those silly baby roaches and cengkeriks and 'water' ants that fly into the bathroom
2) Make sure there is enough cold water in the fridge and the hot water is always filled up
3) Wash up after dinner
4) Throw rubbish
5) Sweep the floor
6) Take my own cup of water when I am in bed and suddenly thirsty (maybe that is why I am not waking up so to go to toilet in the middle of the night these days ! )

Even though the list of HAVE-TO-DOs are less than the ABLE-TO-DOs, I still wish hubby to be at home. After all, I am just a lil' ED !

(Note : ED - emotionally dependent)


Kit said...

Hi Ann,

First of all, it surprised me when I got your email abt your blog. Can you share with me abt your inspiration behind the blog?

This for now...

Philip said...

Eh, you been drinking cold water from the fridge??!! At least mixed it with luke warm water. Anyone told you about pantang of drinking cold water yet? I don't know if there is any such pantang, but seems like cold water isn't good for all seasons.

Ann said... my Rebirth article from the Label - Imported from Multiply.

Philip - hahaha....I know about the cold water stuff but I'm too warm to be that good a girl!

Chen Li said...


I would be running around if my husband is not around. Pregnent is not a problem at all. Still remember that last time i was going around all by myself - gym, shopping, spend time with friends etc. So daring... no wonder now that my baby is so active, kicking and punching all the time. Thanks to the body combat class *wink*.

Anonymous said...

Hi, who are the 2 with erratic schedules or go home at 10pm +? CK