Monday, July 30, 2007

zero eight zero eight two zero-s eight

This sequence of numbering will continue on for some time more.....7 July 2007, 8 August 2008, 9 September 2009!! Oooo....hope my son gets born on the 9 Sept 2007 then (hehehe....) then if I ever get tagged then at least I would have some concrete plans in mind!

Anyway....coming back to next year 8th of August...what do I intend to do?

Most probably I would have passed the day by without even realising it until later in the night. And most probably the only reason why I would have remembered it would be due to some Maxis sms gimick started by Maxis so that they get all prosperous on that day!

So, most probably what I would end up doing would be deleting all those sms and trying to spend the day more "normal-ly" than I possible can.

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