Sunday, August 12, 2007

Baby Turns

Yet another milestone...or so I thought!

Baby has turned. I was so happy when the gynae told me coz I have been askiing my lil one to turn since my last gynae visit.

But gynae said it so much as a matter of fact. He even said I would be in trouble if the baby has not turned by now!

So, euphoria was a little marred down.

Guess it's not really an extraordinary event! Nor was lil one being a good kid and turning due to my request (constant nagging actually) !

It's just an expected, matter-of-fact event.

Sigh....sometimes gynaes can take all the fun out of milestones (I shall still consider it one)!


Ponytail said... you will start to feel baby kicking on your feels very ticklish to me last time or sometimes, when Zoe kick real hard...I will burp.
If you complain to Dr. F that you have heartburn/indigestion...he probably will just ask u to go to pharmacy and buy maalox :p

simon said...

don't let loktor fong get you down. he's a good loktor, but i think he's too anal retentive. but don't tell him i said that.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Congrats, Mommy. All moving according to schedule. :)

Ann said...

Poh Nee - he was active enough when he hadn't his kicks are turning painful coz they are more into my stomach and lungs!!!

Simon - yeah....he has his moods!

Kathie - wish the schedule would speed up a little though....didn't expect the final 2 months to be so hard.