Thursday, August 23, 2007

Illness Strikes

Down with sorethroat, cough and flu and more worried about my lil one than anything else !

Reading up on the internet on the effects of these illnesses to my fetus and the results are horrifying ! So, better stop reading else will be overcome with fear more that faith !

All I can do is pray that my lil one will be ok. After all with God EVERYTHING is possible.

Used to be before I had this baby that even though I was sick, I always pushed my body and mind to the limit. Didn't take Medical Leave all that often. In fact my boss in my current workplace had to order me to go home instead of me begging to take off. And it was only my first day at work!

Maybe it was our upbringing that caused us to be like that ! Remember daddy drumming into our ears "if you do not think you are sick, you will not be sick!" In other words, don't act sick !!! No pampering excessively!

But now I am surprised at myself. When did responsibility to my lil one superceed responsibility to work ! Not saying that I stop being responsible at work, but I don't put my work first anymore. Nor anything else (except God) for that matter.

Perhaps this is what becoming a mother is really like...and being a child of God. You see yourself only as an interceeder, the channel through which God will use to touch your child. In providing strength and love and wisdom to my lil one, I draw from God. And sacrifice is a word that is actually very fact it is not a sacrifice at all, it is just about giving.

I hope this kind of simple feelings will never be overwhelmed by naughtiness or talking back at a later stage! :)

But for now, dear Lord, in between my coughs and sneezes, please take care of my lil one!


Hooi Imm said...

You little one will be fine. Are you taking any medicine? Make sure the medicine is approved for preggo to take.

You will not believe how much having a baby will change you. He will be the center of the universe and his needs comes first before your needs.

But it's wonderful having a little one to love. You can't how much love you can have for the little person.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

My former Bio teacher, also God-fearing, once told me that God has created our body in really marvelous ways. So don't worry. All that is needed, God has already taken care of it. :) Be at peace and get well soon.

Ann said...

Hooi Imm and Kathie - thanks for your kind assurances. Went to see the gynae for some medication.

Also found out that the horrifying stories only apply when the fetus is at its first trimester (embarassed) ! hehehe....

Mummy-yeoh said...

Hope you feeling better now. Dont worry too much. When I was pregnant, people tend to tell me scarry stories about pregnancy and got me really worried about this and that. Reading too much is scarry too. Ignorance is a bliss :) Whatever it is, enjoy & celebrate this miracle in you