Monday, August 13, 2007

"Mun Cheong Fan"

Went back to my hometown Ipoh last weekend. Mummy and daddy were so excited....coz NOW we can go to Tuck Kee and try the famous "Mun Cheong Fan". Mummy in her last wedding dinner(which was in KL) found out that some KL-ites actually go to Ipoh specially to eat this rice dish!

So, granting her wish, hubby, sis and I made our eating expedition back home.

Service was really bad that day....only could eat after 30-45 minutes!!! I guess coz they had to cook the rice and it took that long to cook! (Must be growing a special strain of rice and catchng a special chicken in as well!)

Oh yeah....the whole Mun Cheong package came with one whole chicken and some condiments as well. it is

This is the rice. (Duh!)

When the waiter first took it out and opened the lid, we all looked inside expecting some "miracle" of a dish. But all we saw was white rice. So, daddy asked him to mix it up.

He looked at us like we were talking nonsense. And then we realised why. THERE WAS NOTHING UNDERNEATH all that white rice but MORE white rice!

But truth be told....the rice was really nice on its own (or maybe I was just hungry!). It was nicely cooked with hint of ginger, garlic and sesame oil (I think). Quite worth the wait....

We had to wait another 10 minutes (actually I think it was longer than that...but shall not spoil their name any further....mummy says it is usually not that bad!) for the chicken.

It's actually "kampung" chicken ...steamed ! Nothing else needs to be said.

Apologies for the messiness.....we had vultures at our table!

And finally the condiments...... the tomatoes, cucumber and a ginger sauce.

The ginger sauce you have to ask for it actually. (Mummy is an expert in all the sauces they provide there!)

So...was it worth the trip and the wait ?

All I can say least I have tried it !


Hooi Imm said...

Hhhmmm....Mun Cheong Fan?? How come I never heard of it?

I have had the famous Ipoh Hor Fun. Yummy...:-)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

MAybe it should be called "Maan- Cheong Fan" (night-long rice) since you had to wait like the whole night for it. hahaha...

Ann said...

Hooi Imm - when it comes to food, people discover something new everyday in Ipoh.

Kathie - hehehe....yeah!

Mummy-yeoh said...

I love Ipoh food. I remembere how I used to go to corners, alley, hole in the wall for yummy food.