Monday, August 20, 2007

My New House

Went to see my new house (still work in progress) last weekend. Pretty impressive coz the walls are all plastered now. So, hubby stopped the car and went in to have a look! (Guess it was safe enough to walk in now!) but since I was pregnant I had to stay in the car and peer left and right!

It looked rather short I have to say. I could see the backyard wall from the car !!!

The staircase is spiral to save space - so my little storeroom under the stairs must be really tiny! And hubby says the door to the storeroom is midget high! No way his tall frame will even go through it then! Sigh.....thinking all the cleaning and digging for stuff has to be done by me then!

But upstairs should be rather large we think.... hubby didn't go up to check it out! Next time round when we bring the camera, he says he will go up coz my peering is only eye level !!! And I am dying to have a feel (through hubby) of my master bedroom. See if my dream of a walk-in wardrobe is still possible!

We only have 2 bedrooms upstairs with a family room...compared to downstairs comprising the living room, dining, kitchen, wet kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom. Looks like there is nothing much I can do with the place. We will most probably be living Ikea style...the compact part of Ikea's style at least!

But it will be some 2 years before we get to work on the draining out again! But thankfully then we will have baby's expenses more or less accounted for.

All in God's timing, things work out perfectly !


Hooi Imm said...

Wah...must be nice to see the new house. When will you be moving in?

Ponytail said...

Wuuuahhhh....I want a walk in wardrobe also! hehehe

Ann said...

Hooi Imm - only moving in in 2009.

Poh Nee - yeah man! But if no space, don't think it can happen!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Happy Nest-building!

Hope there'll be many new baby-birds in there too! He..he...