Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No longer baby movements

Went to the bathroom, was about to lock the door when I looked down and couldn't see my entire feet!

I have always been dreading this day...THE DAY when my feet would disappear under me! And it is here alas!

But thankfully....I realised later that I couldn't see my feet coz I had to manouveur my body a bit to get the bathroom door closed. So, when I stand straight, I actually STILL CAN see my entire feet! THANK GOD!

Anyway....my lil one is not so lil anymore. Since the last week of my 7th month and now in the 1st week of my 8th month, I feel he is making LARGE WAVES inside of me. They are not funny and amazing anymore. They are more life ouch and ooohhh!

Only a few weeks back, this incident happened.
I was in snoozy land when suddenly I jumped out of bed coz I thought my sister was tapping me to wake up to go to work! When I was up, I looked around and the door was still closed. Only then did I realise that the 'taps' were actually internal and not external. My lil one was stretching just a little bit, I presume.
So, I happily went back to snoozy land to catch a few more hundred winks before my alarm clock rang.

However, now, tidal waves and count-down boxing moves from within do not allow me to get back to snoozy-land so quickly....if I get to at all!

My kid is not even born yet and I am feeling tired already! *yawn*....*yawn* What's next?


A gift from God said...

Dear Ann,

It's just another month and you will be even more tired. Enjoy your 'freedom' while you can. Yes... It's still freedom now...once he is out... hehe... wait and seelah.... you will probably need a prison break like me! Still no time to do the tag..hehe..take care.

simon said...

wow, your sister wakes you up for work? How early does she get up?!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

It's all part of the excitement of waiting for the arrival of the little one. He is already teasing you :) Has he ever had hic-cups? both my boys did and it's quite a sensation. The suspense:Don't you just simply wonder how he is going to look like?

Ann said...

Florence - I know.....I hope I will be able to take it then as patiently as ever. Maybe when I see him, the tiredness will be easier to bear!

Simon - once in a while she wakes up earlier than me (especially since I forgot to set the alarm clock). I follow her to work you see!

Kathie - he has had hiccups before. That sensation is still quite funny coz it is a rythymic vibration that isn't too hard.
AND YES....the suspense of how he will look like making me wish every more that he will be born soon!