Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First September entry

It's September at last - THE month ! Expecting something to happen anytime....

I wonder when October comes, would I be able to welcome the month with as much enthusiasm. Bet I wouldn't even be able to greet the new month with much of an entry in my blog except a short Hi and Bye...baby's born story....

The last weekend of August was good though. Most folks took the opportunity to go back to their hometowns and 1U had parking at 3 pm on Sunday ! haha....

Managed to do some last minute shopping, visiited a few friends and chomped round town as well....hoping all the chomping will get baby to be excited to come out!

Discovered the following this merdeka weekend:

1) Hubby misses shopping a great deal. I think I am one of those "lucky" woman who married a guy who actually enjoys shopping (window or within). In his quest to look for this shirt he loved so much in FOS Ikano, he could actually think of and visit all other FOS outlets to see if they have his size. Unfortunately..... and this leads me up to #2!

2) I think our kid will be spoiled by shopper-daddy...he is being spoiled while in my tummy already coz daddy spends as much time in the toy section as he does in his shirt section!

3) When I need to pee, I NEED to pee.....no "wait-ah...give me a few minutes" deal !

4) When I am tired, I am tired....no little while longer kinda thing anymore. And at that stage I am already actually wishing I could fit into the trolley or that I have a wheelchair to take me to the car !

5) I think all the clothes we have bought so far for lil one is too big! Met a friend with her 5 mth old baby girl and it looks like most of the clothes we bought will fit her instead! Oh...my poor new born baby will be swimming in his clothing! (Daddy grinned....can go shopping again!)

6) When did "dear" become "daddy" instead ???!!! Maybe it sounds promoted....more responsibility after all comes with the promotion from hubby to daddy.

7) Merdeka parade?? Oh....I didn't see that (didn't even think of it actually!) I only knew that 1U had parking at 3 pm on Sunday. Sigh....what a good citizen I am, preoccupied with establishing Msia's economy!

8) ummm.....can't think of anything more....except that I have one m ore week of going to office before I get to start my work from home arrangement and then finally my maternity leave.

So....it was a good 3-day weekend....no Merdeka spirit for me.....just long weekend shoppping catch-up.


Ponytail said...

Hmm...you want a few "hand me downs" clothes for baby Christopher? I have a few all white newborn tops and pants (white and blue) that Zoe has outgrown. If you want it as backup, I can pass it to u this weekend in the church. Ok?

Hooi Imm said...

aiyoh...no need to buy a lot of new clothes for the baby. They outgrow them so fast, and I mean FAST! Olivia wears hand me down clothes. I only bought her a few new outfits.

Good luck on your delivery. Can't wait to hear your birth story. :-)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Hey, enjoy all the freedom you have now. When the baby comes, it's like: When he has to poo, he has to poo!(or hurl, or sleep, etc.)

So many times we all got into the car to go out and then all had to come out again 'cos one of the boys needed a diaper change! Happens even to this day as Max is still not toilet trained yet.

P.s- Yes, very few man like shopping and your hubby is really one in a ten thousand! Congrats!

Ann said...

Hooi Imm - you know how it is with the first child and first grandson in both families. If mummy and daddy don't buy, grandparents will also buy.
Also apart from Ponytail now, not many people are giving me hand me down clothings!All their kids are much bigger and they have given them away long time ago.

Kathie - lots of people tell me to enjoy my freedom as well. But at this late stage where my back hurts and my feet have gotten all swollen, there's not much freedom anyway. And I just can't wait to see how my lil active one looks like!