Sunday, September 9, 2007

Normal Pregnancy II

4 slices of cheese,onion,ham, pepper bread
1 cup chocolate milk
2 pisang emas
1 tangerine

All consumed within 1 and a half hours .....

And I am still hungry (just a little bit) .....

Aaaahhhhh......tommorrow checkup......what to do? what to do?

If don't eat, lil one kicks to high heaven!

Maybe with all the fat he is putting on (me and himself), he will come out reckon?


Hooi Imm said...

Ann, please don't worry about putting on weight. 10kg is only 22lbs and that is a good weight gain.

I'm surprise your OB is so strict on weight gain. It's not like you gained 60lbs...:-)

Just relax.

simon said...

well, you know what doc fong will say... but he says that to all the mothers i know...