Thursday, September 6, 2007

Normal Pregnancy

Sigh....I am having a normal pregnancy at last.

Had to experience all the same things everyone else was experiencing - swollen feet !

I have been lucky so far right up to my 36th mid feet remained the same size. Then suddenly on Wednesday night, 2 days into my 37th week, *poof* my right feet began to feel tender and numb!

You can bet I made such a racket about the whole thing and made hubby massage my legs so that the numbness (and I was hoping all that water retention too) will go away ! So, woke up the next morning and lo and legs decided to stay the same way - all swollen and tender and numb!

"No more cooking, ironing, 1U at 3 pm on Sunday for me", I kinda hinted to hubby! But now I feel so helpless and irritated coz all I can really do is sit down with my feet UP!

Then one irrational evening, I decided to weigh myself. Everyone who goes to the same gynae as I do knows how "obsessed" he can be about his patients' weight. So, when I looked down at the weighing scale and saw that I have put on 2 kg this pass week and a half, I made another racket !!

(Poor hubby....getting shocked out of his skin very often lately)

"What to do now?? How??? Sure doctor scold wan!"
Hubby had a earful of such remarks!

So....normal pregnancy??
I guess I am going through it fully now - swollen feet and "excessive" weight gain!!! many more days to go you think??


Hooi Imm said...

You know feet were never swollen during pregnancy but after I deliver, they did. The nurse said it's normal becos of all the hormones going hay-wire. :-)

I only gained about 20-22 lbs. At one point, my gynae ordered an ultrasound just to check if the baby is growing as I did not put on weight in a month.

Gaining weight at the last one month is normal as the baby is putting on fat. How much have you gain? :-)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

hang in there, mommy. it's just the last lap. Soon you'll be back to normal...and then you'd wish God made extra arms for mommies!! ;)

Ann said...

Hooi Imm - put on about 10 kg now. Thinking about it, no wonder my legs are all swollen! Hormons....ahhhh, can't live with it, can't live without it!

Kathie - yeah.....last weeks to go....last days perhaps ! ;)

Ponytail said...

You are so right about our gynae who is so "obssesed" with the weight. He did not show a single sign of worry or said anything (without me asking) when I keep losing weight. When I did not put on weight for the entire 3 mths in the last trimester...he just took it lightly :|
Anyway, just hang on there dear and its only a matter of days that u r pregnant. Enjoy all the special treatments and food, dun worry about his remarks/scolding - it all won't be long from now...Muahahahaha!
I am so so excited, feels like I am the one giving birth pulak!! **slaps forehead :D