Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is in a name?

Choosing a name for your new born baby is really a big deal!

Problem 1
If the parents choose a name that either grandparents do not like, that takes out half the joy. It will be so hard for the I-don't-like-his-name grandparents to coo over a baby whose name they don't like to say!

Problem 2
If I were to call him in church, how many other boys will turn and answer me?

Problem 3
Will any silly Tom, Dick or Harry make fun of his name?

Problem 4
Does it numerically fit the requiremnts (some grandparents believe in numerology) ?

Problem 5
What does it mean biblically or otherwise?

Problem 6
Does the total number of alphabets equal 30 and below? (My mum cautioned me over and over that SPM and STPM boxes for names are limited to 30!)

Problem 7
Can you live with the short form some might "brand" your child with?
(Frankly, I wish no one will call my lil one Chris! hint...hint)

Problem 8
Any probability that his name may be mis-pronounced? (I don't understand how my "Ann" can be pronounced as "arn"....guess they are 'bahasa-paku-ing' it or it is just some Chinese tongue twister!)

At the top of my head, and through experience, these were my thought in choosing my son's name.

So the question I would like to ask all readers.

Would you mind if another child whose parents you are somewhat close to calls their child by the same name?

Cos I know several names that I really like whose child already bears that name....and if that person reads this and replies and says they don't mind....hehehe.....

First of many firsts

I bet all first time parents somehow try to jog their lil one's first somewhere in their memory bank...

My memory ain't that good these days (I remember where I put baby's stuff but can't remember where I stuffed my toothbrush!!!) thank God for blogs.

There were a few firsts these pass few days....

1) Baby's first "bday" - one month old celebration.
Turned out pretty good. Had my mum watch him while I went out to socialise. So, there was no real harm of him being passed from one eager aunty to another eager uncle!!!
Everyone showered him with oohhhs and ahhhs and plenty of gifts! (He loves all the toys...ummm....actually mummy loves all the toys!) Kids are so blessed these days, aren't they!

2) First pediatrician checkup
Thank God for a good pediatrician. The way she handles the baby gave me lots of confidence. And (the most important thing) she gave me her handphone number AND we can call her at night if there is anything urgent!

3) First time in his new baby cot and in our condo
Ahhhh....he didn't like it in his cot the first night. Too used sleeping next to me on the double bed back in Ipoh. Guess suddenly he felt all alone in a cage! But subsequently he was fine! Baby's adjust. other significant firsts have happened. It is still early yet. Many more firsts to come. I reckon the seconds will be as equally trilling for the first child. Pity the second child.....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

For me to remember by....

It has indeed been a long time since I added an entry to my blog. Reason being in between baby's demands, I have mum to talk to and Chinese soap operas to watch!

Since my last entry, Christopher's umbilical cord has dropped. It happened after 19 long days. The final 3 days before it dropped was even longer and much filled with prayer as it was hanging by (literally) a thread of skin! But alas when it did come off the belly button was clean and nice! No yucky smell or blood or anything at all.....

Also since his umbilical cord dropped, I now dare to carry him against myself. This helps alot coz most evenings his cries are quite unconsolable except if his tummy is pressed against me (thank God for some post natal fat)! Guess he needs to keep his lil tummy warm! But some evenings it can get quite nerve-wrecking!

Also I learnt that my lil one is too used to quietness. Since he came to stay, grandma's place has been really quiet. The volume on the TV is at 4-5 bars - which means we just "watch" TV.....literally! And it has always just been the 3 of us with daddy occassionally coming home and having himself shushed by me or my parents half the time! So, this weekend when he received many visitors, he got really worked up.

Sigh.....really worried about the full-moon evening now when there would be about 60 people goo-gaa-ing over him! I think I will be like an eagle pecking at everyone who goes to close to him or like a mother hen clucking over him incessently!

My little one....

I try to do the best for him. But sometimes....just sometimes it seems nothing I do is good enough. It's a scary adventure, a tiring journey but in the still of the night, when he looks at you with his deep black eyes after a nice warm bottle, the adventurous journey seems all worth its while.

I cry....and I laugh.....and I pray like I have never prayed before.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Baby Photos

Baby Christopher when he was 2 days old - in daddy's arms...

6 days old and he is already contemplating something while he is sleeping !!!

Staring intently at daddy while he takes the photo ..... still 6 days old

14 days old and starting to fill up ??? You think ?

He has his own look think?? You think ??

Hahaha.....he knows "kong kong" is telling him tall tales !!! (I told him so one night)