Thursday, October 25, 2007

First of many firsts

I bet all first time parents somehow try to jog their lil one's first somewhere in their memory bank...

My memory ain't that good these days (I remember where I put baby's stuff but can't remember where I stuffed my toothbrush!!!) thank God for blogs.

There were a few firsts these pass few days....

1) Baby's first "bday" - one month old celebration.
Turned out pretty good. Had my mum watch him while I went out to socialise. So, there was no real harm of him being passed from one eager aunty to another eager uncle!!!
Everyone showered him with oohhhs and ahhhs and plenty of gifts! (He loves all the toys...ummm....actually mummy loves all the toys!) Kids are so blessed these days, aren't they!

2) First pediatrician checkup
Thank God for a good pediatrician. The way she handles the baby gave me lots of confidence. And (the most important thing) she gave me her handphone number AND we can call her at night if there is anything urgent!

3) First time in his new baby cot and in our condo
Ahhhh....he didn't like it in his cot the first night. Too used sleeping next to me on the double bed back in Ipoh. Guess suddenly he felt all alone in a cage! But subsequently he was fine! Baby's adjust. other significant firsts have happened. It is still early yet. Many more firsts to come. I reckon the seconds will be as equally trilling for the first child. Pity the second child.....

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Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

I think the 2nd and 3rd babies are luckier!!

They learn to be independent faster. They pick up lotsa stuff faster from their siblings.
They have more freedom coz Mum has less time to fuss.
They have their siblings to play with right from day 1...etc.

The only thing is I feel they have less time and attention from Mommy and Daddy. That's their greatest loss. But it can't be helped. Life is such.