Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is in a name?

Choosing a name for your new born baby is really a big deal!

Problem 1
If the parents choose a name that either grandparents do not like, that takes out half the joy. It will be so hard for the I-don't-like-his-name grandparents to coo over a baby whose name they don't like to say!

Problem 2
If I were to call him in church, how many other boys will turn and answer me?

Problem 3
Will any silly Tom, Dick or Harry make fun of his name?

Problem 4
Does it numerically fit the requiremnts (some grandparents believe in numerology) ?

Problem 5
What does it mean biblically or otherwise?

Problem 6
Does the total number of alphabets equal 30 and below? (My mum cautioned me over and over that SPM and STPM boxes for names are limited to 30!)

Problem 7
Can you live with the short form some might "brand" your child with?
(Frankly, I wish no one will call my lil one Chris! hint...hint)

Problem 8
Any probability that his name may be mis-pronounced? (I don't understand how my "Ann" can be pronounced as "arn"....guess they are 'bahasa-paku-ing' it or it is just some Chinese tongue twister!)

At the top of my head, and through experience, these were my thought in choosing my son's name.

So the question I would like to ask all readers.

Would you mind if another child whose parents you are somewhat close to calls their child by the same name?

Cos I know several names that I really like whose child already bears that name....and if that person reads this and replies and says they don't mind....hehehe.....


simon said...

actually boys have it easy. girls have fewer decent names, and even less biblical ones.

Hooi Imm said...

I won't mind if another child has the same name as my baby. I mean, unless you have a very uncommon name, you will know someone with the same name, especially english name.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

For us the Meaning in both English and Chinese names is most important.
Good if you can find something Biblical, but not a must.(Btw, Biblical could be Jewish/ Aramic or Greek base anyway.)

Then of course we also think of how our relatives, not just grandparents, will call him/her. Some relatives' tongue will never go any where near "Charlotte" or "Bartholomew" for example.

We did try to stay away from very common names, which was why we had a hard time trying to find a name for Maxwell. Glad we decided on that. Max is so cool too, aye? ;)

Ann said...

Simon - I think your girls' names are both great. Really love your 2nd child's name though!

Hooi Imm - yeah, there aren't many English names that can go around!

Kathie - I think both your sons have extraordinary names. Love their names actually! Some creative spark must have zapped you and Mike when deciding the names for them!

JLow said...

We call our 3 yr old Caitlin by her Chinese name, cos we plan to send her to Chinese school. To be honest, she doesn't know "Caitlin"; I use it online for privacy both ways, actually.

A uni-friend of my sister's has the name of Long See How. And as you know in Western countries, your surname comes last. You can imagine the ridicule he endured during uni!

My generation's names (I believe) were all given by my Mum. Mum also named 11 of her 13 grandkids. Caitlin's Chinese name is actually also a beautiful name pronounced correctly- that would be the challenge cos Mum picked a rather less-used calligraphy/character for it.

But the immediate challenge now is choosing one for our upcoming boy in Jan 2008!

JLow said...

Forgot to mention, Caitlin is listed in her birth cert, after all. I didn't make it up (just for privacy's sake)!

Onn said...

Ann, try this...

search 'baby name generator' at google...

the first site is fun...

make your wish...