Sunday, November 25, 2007

First birthday

There are many firsts in this...

1) The birthday girl is celebrating her first year birthday!
2) This is the first time I am going to a child's birthday party!
3) This is the first time I brought my son to a birthday party!
4) This is the first time I am totally BUSY and not just sitting around talking and eating!
5) This is the first time I am eating the BEST coleslaw EVER!

My son is the youngest in the crowd! He is the only baby still lying on his back while every other kid is already sitting up, crawling, clapping hands, holding their own bottles, eating porridge, drinking 7-8 ounces of milk in one sitting...etc.

Hubby said to our boy "Betta catch up, son!"

Yes, he has indeed many milestones more to achieve.

Looking at all the other kids, I feel my little one is so vulnerable. He was lying on the mat initially but I had to rescue him in case any of the kids accidently "trod" on him! And while all others were playing with all the toys, all he wanted to do was sleep!

And then I start to give thanks.....

That all he wants to do is sleep
That he still hasn't learnt how to crawl yet
That he is still is content to lie in my arms
That I have Simon and wy (whose kids are already big) to help me take care of my son

Cherish every moment, every smile, every sleeping hour...for tender moments are but fleeting!

The other kids...........................and my son


Ponytail said...

Aiyo..the way u describe it and the pics...ahahaha! Hey, I am the other way around. When Zoe became too hyper and making me go around the house non-stop. I will think of the time when she was wrap up so tiny and all mine. Sleep and poo only...hahaha

simon said...

well... you KNOW you're no spring chicken anymore when you go to a party and 99% of the people are married couples with kids, AND their kids... sigh.

btw i can still babysit anytime!

Ann said...

Poh Nee - yeah...after a while I actually also am glad that my son is still "immobile".

Simon - wonder if it was a scare or a longing for any couples without kids?

JLow said...

First steps
First words
First bad word
First embarrassing moment, for you!
First scolding
First question: "what is 'bad word'?"
First dumbfounded, for you!

Pat said...

What I can share is - Wai Yin is right, giving birth was the easy part, bringing them up is downright scary.

Now that Cynthia is older, 1001 things go through our minds - how are we gonna teach her multiple languages, how to make sure she will be well behaved, whether she's eating the right foods, how to keep her safe, how to entertain and educate her, how to raise her up to be God fearing, etc, etc :)

So, enjoy the quiet moments with your son now :)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Good idea to never put your baby on the floor when there are other kids around. They really "can't see"anything apart from what they are targeting at, i.e. the cushion beside your baby, etc.

Soon it'll be your Baby's 1st birthday party and there will be other "immobile" babies around. That will come real fast!! Hah!