Friday, November 2, 2007

First Qualified Opportunity

I always loved writing.

I love the play of words and always marvel at how words can evoke so many myriads of feelings and emotions. Every story that I wrote had to have a good ending. A good ending is what will remain in a reader’s mind longer than any part of the story.

But frankly all that I wrote was chucked aside and forgotten. After all, seldom do we write something and show it around for people to read…. except in school when we had to write essays and pass them up for correction!

But now we have blogs - Enormous areas for us in cyberspace to pen our thoughts and perhaps share them with fellow bloggers. There is no direct coercion for anyone to read your postings but a subtle invitation. And sometimes subtleness works better than an obligatory reading.

Then I graduated a step further…thanks to my other blogger partners. I found that not only do I not need to make anyone obligated to read anything that I write. But I can actually get paid to write with PayPerPost (fondly called as PPP).

Would getting paid to write take the joy out of writing? After all that is what “jobs” always do to us! I am not sure yet at this moment. But I must say it did not take me very long to write this excerpt.

Perhaps it is really the writing that I love….but the money that comes with it is indeed an added bonus. And I would be able perhaps to go on my dream holiday to Europe after a few years of writing for PPP.

After all writing can never be a job, can it?

I always loved writing…..

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simon said...

ah... it has finally started!

Ann said...

Simon...hopefully more to come lah !