Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year everyone!
May your delight be doubled,
your experiences deepened
and your troubles divided...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Signal of new-ness

The New Year needs a New look.....

This marks the signalling of a new beginning. Time to think of a resolution that perhaps I could seriously work on beginning this year....

Do you believe in New Year resolutions?
What will yours be this year?

Marathon in my mind

Do your thoughts ever run away with you?

Look at the train carrying my thoughts while I was in the shower today.....

1) I think I shall not cook rice since hubby wants to eat Maggi Mee
2) Wonder why he has not eaten Maggi Mee any sooner if he wants to eat it?
3) He was at Bangsar yesterday so why didn't he go Nirwana to eat Maggi Mee
4) People drop hair from eating too much Maggi Mee
5) Wonder if there really is some special shampoo to stop hair from dropping
6) Brandy is too expensive
7) Daddy will kill me if I use brandy
8) The fruit cake that PN made with brandy sure tasted good
9) Wonder if they still sell the chocolates with brandy filling
10) Why don't they have that every other time? Why only during Christmas?
11) I wonder if they associate brandy wuth Christmas
12) People drink brandy all the time
13) Wonder if David White drank alot for Christmas
14) David White and his nasi goreng kampung tak mahu ikan bilis
15) Ohhh....crunchy ikan bilis goes well with beer
16) Sigh...I don't drink beer
17) Ikan bilis has high colesterol
18) How can a small little fish have high colesterol?
19) Must be the oil
20) Hmm...don't need to cook rice today
21) Wah...very hungry already...going to eat after this

Finish my bath....had to concentrate on getting dressed now....

And the TV was on after that so my train of thought reached the train station. Refuelling....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

memories and milestones

"So how was Ipoh?"

There is a different aspect to this posting. A simplier one.

Ipoh was a reminder of confinement, baby's vomit, waking up at 2 am and 4 am and 6 am!

The same nostalgic (can I say it was nostalgic???) feeling came back every night when I retired to bed. Remember the right side of the bed where baby's bedding was and how often I lie on my right to watch him sleep. Now hubby takes up that place again.

Remember how I used to come up to bed at 10 pm knowing that I would have to get up again at 2 am!

I remember the table in the room that was filled with boy boy's stuff...the milk powder and bottles lined up for usage, the diapers in one stack just in case.

When you become a mother, you naturally have to become a good planner as well. Always preparing all required items nearby in case emergency strikes!

It's so different now.

They are right when they tell me that time passes by really quickly. And we wish that we had not wished it away so quickly previously.

Boyboy created another milestone for himself 2 weeks ago...he can now lift his head perfectly and for many more minutes. He is struggling to learn to crawl and turn over though. But I think it will happen in no time. He is one determined 'creature'!

Only now can I truly say I appreciate the moment!

He moves ever so much and Sony or not, pictures are getting harder to take!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So how was Ipoh?

"So how was Ipoh?" That was the first thing Simon asked me when I saw him on Christmas Day!

(Merry Christmas to all my readers, by the way)

We went back on Saturday morning after boy boy's feed. Not as early as I would have wanted and by the time we arrived in Ipoh and deposited boy boy to granny's place, it was almost 2 pm. LUNCH TIME !!!

Went to a nearby coffee shop to eat....too hungry to wait any longer. We had Indian rice, popiah, 'siew yoke' (roasted pork) and 2 cups of wonderful 'fu chok yee mai' (beancurd with barley).

I have to mention it in Cantonese because half the nostalgic feeling comes from saying it in Chinese to an Indonesian waitress! I mean that shows how famous it is....and how GOOD!

Ipoh food has always been about quality...this is where leong fan (Black jelly/cincau) and tau fu rules, after all!

Then we went to JJ...there aren't that many shopping areas to choose from in Ipoh! Reckon they have more cave temples than decent shopping complexes!! HOWEVER....needed some serious retail therapy and ended up buying all the necessities required to return to work!

Ahhh....have to go back already after 3 hours out! was open presents time! Yeah...I know, Christmas is but far round the corner...but circumstances were such that we would not have time after that! So...tearing of paper and hahaha and in the middle of it all.....Ahhh Goo Ahhh Goo....

It was also 'Tung' (Chinese Thanksgiving) on Saturday so we had a BIG FEAST as well. 'Hoong Siew Yew Tau' (a Fish Head dish..cooked the Hoong way!), 'Chu Keok Chou' (Sour pig trotters), Acar, Vege, 'Hou Chien' (Oyster Omelette') was all yummy. To top it all up, had black sesame and peanut tong yuen. And to wash it all down a nice cup of South African red wine.

(My stomach chooses to open up extra compartments when it comes to feasts like this)

OK.....shall spare the details now (baby's going to wake up soon) !

Other interesting aspects of our trip include a visit to this really cool place - Andersonians Cafe! They sell really good Indian food - banana leaf rice in the afternoon and Indian bread is available for dinner. We actually wanted to try the breads....but sigh....maybe next time.

Managed to take a photo of the signboard as hubby was driving by (the magic of Sony) !

This were the specialities of the day !!

But they was one dish which was really mutton! The taste is like NOTHING I have ever tried before! leaf of rice and dhall! (very little rice, I know!!!)

The vegetable condiments that we were given. The final empty canister was filled with freshly cooked long beans shortly after!

We also had a few other dishes...sotong, chicken, another mutton dish, papadam..etc. ALL wonderful to taste!

And to round it all up, we had mango lassie and almond tea. The tea is really aromatic with the smell and taste of you can see!

It was a great family affair.....cost us RM40 (my mum told him I was going to give him free advertising!!)

After lunch as usualy, hubby and I went shopping....more to walk off the meal and spend some alone time.

Daddy and mummy had a singing performance in church - for 3 nights in 3 different churches, so nights were pretty quiet for us - baby sitting you know!

Dressed boy boy up one Christmas eve night to see granny and granddad sing! Wore his new Christmas present from Grandparents - a blue bear outfit!

And of course a trip to Ipoh wouldn't be complete without Funny Mountain! We had our Sun Yin Loong white coffee as well (twice) but that was gone so fast, no time for photo taking!

All pictures taken are complements of Sony!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another new toy...

And so, hubby got another new toy. At least this one, I know he will be playing with it more often.

His previous toy is stacked atop our wardrobe gathering dust!

He was supposed to get the DSC-W80 costing RM999 but due to some memory thingy, he got persuaded into buying the DSC-W90 instead for RM 1,199. (Don't think he needed much persuasion though! :)) Looks quite nice doesn't it!

Anyway, he brought it back proudly and started snapping some shots around the house and in the balcony and trying out all the functions! He even took it to bed and started fiddling with it while lying down!

I was against buying the camera at first...and was not persuaded we needed to change our camera even when I relented to him buying it....but now I see that it is a good buy.

Boy boy can move and move all he likes and the shot still comes out clear!

So...looks like more shots of my son will be taken now. And looks like we will have a new companion in bed for a few days more. And looks like I can get him to do more chores for a few days longer too!!!

I am glad I consented to his new toy now. It is a joy to see him happy.

Hubby is happy, hubby makes wifey happy and wifey makes baby happy too!!!
One big happy family.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

2 hours of therapy

Theurapatic shopping. That was what 2 hours in Ikano was to me this evening.

Perhaps it was also the carols being sung...
Or the children tugging at mummy and daddy's hands...
Or that I had an UN-interrupted dinner after so many hasty meals on my feet...
Perhaps it was just Christmas.

I was a bunch of nerves when I left the house...and a bunch of laughter upon returning. Happy mummies make for a happier baby coz I was singing and cooing (AGAIN) to my lil one when I returned.

Deco in The Curve is good. Less elaborate than 1U but more homely(literally...they used a winter wonder home as deco). I think I like it BEST!

Ummm...I think probably because I did not have lunch today, it would account for the following discoveries I made.

1) Teppanyaki in Ikano SUCKS!!! Or at least the noodles...tasteless soup...but I finished it anyway...HUNGRY!

2) Found the jelly shop that Daddee Yah!'s daughter got her cake from.
VERY IMPRESSIVE....very expensive also.
They have a website :
Check out the designs AND the price!! But I do say it's an innovative idea. Very marketable.

3) Also got attracted to this little cart by the Christmas house in winter wonder land. They were selling the most cute looking cupcakes. I "blame" this attraction on Nigella and Msiamominny. This shop has a website too -
The cupcakes look really Nigella like and we all know how tempting that can get sometimes!! Don't think this is as marketable as the jelly concept though.

But good to know the "cake" (jelly is not a cake) industry is expanding. So are all our sweet-tooth friends' waistlines.

But ahhh.....what is life afterall if a "sweet-little-thing" does not tempt us ya!

Byt he way...hubby has seen a new camera that he likes....he is out now and I am wondering if he will come back with his new toy in hand!

Reckon my yearnings are cheaper than his!!!

Baby cries....and off I go AGAIN....

Friday, December 14, 2007

1 week short of 3 months !

Hubby says "Update boy boy's photo in your blog" !!

What hubby says, wife does (loh)!

So, to all you out there far far away who rely on my blog to see the development of my son, here's the latest!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To do or not to do...

My son is at that stage where he is thumb sucking. he does it everytime he is sleepy and sometimes when he wants his feed. Although when he is hungry, he tends to put his whole fist in instead of just his lil thumb.

My mum came down last weekend and commented that he wants a pacifier.

I have been very against pacifiers from the beginning partly due to my father's influence. Also I have heard it is not the best thing to give to a baby.

But now my concerns are as follows:
1) At the baby sitter, if no one will take the trouble to comfort him, at least he has his pacifier
2) Chances are his pacifier is cleaner than his hand/thumb
3) When he screams for his milk and no one can attend to him straight away, at least, he can suck on his pacifier first
4) Weaning off a pacifier is better/easier than weaning off a thumb!

1) If his pacifier drops on the floor and no one washes it but pops it back into his mouth....then???!!!!
2) WIll it be easier to wean off a pacifier than a thumb?

My dad has suggested we put mittens on his hand if we are not around to take his hand away from him (coz babies will not like the mitten taste). But I am not sure if that is do-able in the baby-sitter's place.

I think I am close to giving in and getting him a pacifier. There are plenty in the market these days. And there is one from Pigeon specifically catered for their age (0-5 mths, and when they are teething etc.) Could be a marketing gimick!! But will it bring him more comfort especially at the baby sitter's?? Sigh...I think my anxiousness in sending him out in the world alone is making me want to give him something comfortable to take along!

At my wit's end....thinking and thinking

Friday, December 7, 2007

SHOPPING!!! was a good time indeed !!

At last we decided to go to Midvalley AND The Gardens! As soon as we parked and entered Midvalley, we saw FOS on our left!! Can feel hubby's legs gravitating towards the shops, we made a beeline for FOS.

Total Spent = RM 80 (approx.) - managed to strike off only ONE item from my shopping list!

Passed by JJ....aiyah....the aroma of Asam Laksa wafted through the air! Sigh...shall we eat ah??? ;) Hubby had the nasi lemak with rendang! NOT BAD leh!
Bought one Christmas present.

Passed by Baskin Robbins....saw this lady licking her green tea ice cream cone. Looks nice leh!! But don't want lah....want to SHOP first. Green tea ice cream not in my shopping list!

Passed one shirt that hubby might like. encouraged him to go look. My Xmas present to him can 'kau tim' (cantonese for 'be completed') then! hehehehe...

OK OK....better head to The Gardens now before it gets too late!

On the way still, we passed by some books for sale. Children books actually costing about RM 30 each. Kids have it so good these days...the books are really interesting. But I think they are more to make the parents interested in them so that they can teach their kids. I presume kids don't really know the difference with whatever you use to teach them!

We also passed by Starbucks. Umm....never too full for coffee and never can resist the smell of coffee!! Tried their new mocha coffee. Too sweet, too milky, too much chocolate. Still think their iced latte is the better choice!

ALAS The Gardens.....Utterly Branded!

Walked thru Robinsons. Walked pass Coach. Didn't step into Isetan at all. Was looking at the touch-screen directory to see if Robinsons had a supermarket section. Saw that they only had Cold Storage so headed there.

Hubby and I both love browsing supermarket racks!

As you know Cold Storage has alot of Christmas-y food and imported biscuits and chocs. So we looked and looked and drooled and drooled. In the end, we ended up with the following - cost approx RM75:
1) Tip Top Boysenberry Ice Cream
2) Bulla Yogurt Ice Cream - mango flavour
3) Some Christmas biscuits
4) Macaroni and Cheese (hubby wanted to try)

We would have bought more if each had instigated the other. But sigh....
Though I could not help getting 2 tubs of ice cream. I don't see Tip Top now a days anywhere else. And Bulla Yogurt is also hard to come by. So, that has to be top priority to buy!

After 4 hours we headed home. We didn't cover all of Midvalley or The Gardens...due to ice cream purchase. And hubby also complained he didn't walk enough....due to ice cream purchase.

But what to do....wife wants ice cream. Wife wants to go home to try ice cream. Hehehe...maybe next weekend when my paretns are down again, we will walk a little bit longer and FINISH my Christmas shopping.

At the end of the day, over RM200 spent only two Christmas presents bought. Sigh....some 20 over more to go.

Decorations wise, I think 1 Utama's deco is nicer. Midvalley has less elaborate deco displays in the South Court and Centre Court. The Gardens is a pale comparison. Still new I guess, no budget yet!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Planning my own time

It's the Christmas season again....time for gift buying and going back to my hometown and weekends full of Christmas gatherings!

There are only so many weekends before Christmas and gatherings are starting as soon as December hits us all! (if all our friends knew all our other friends, we can all only have ONE BIG one, no?)

So, anyway...I have a baby now.

And that literally puts everything into a NEW persepctive.

Gift buying is a PLAN and RUSH now. I think of each person late at night (when the baby is sleeping) and write down a few items I think they would like. Then I go to the shopping complexes as early as I can and only visit required shops!! No more browsing and thinking and rethinking if I should get this or that!

Going back to my hometown requires the car seat to be set up in the car. Boy boy is getting toooo heavy for me to carry even for a short distance, what more some 2 and a half hours drive! And I have to plan his clothing and diapers and what not. Kinda used to this now since I was travelling back and fro many a times during my confinement. Bought a storage box and dumped everything in!!!

Christmas Gatherings are more exciting with the baby around! Exciting for the guests...not for me!!! I will be the anxious freak...and the not so well kept one too!!! wytalks says, when we have kids, the baby looks good and the mummy looks terrible! After all if we carry them, they cover half our body anyway! :)

My parents will be down for a few days. Thus I will be able to have some time to myself and go out maybe for more than 2 hours! Thinking of visiting all the new shopping complexes!!! That reminds me...have to go visit simontalks post now about the new shopping complexes. For the life of me, I cant remember their names!! Sigh.....

Monday, December 3, 2007

To smack or not to smack

It's funny that the word SMACK has been used instead of SPANK. I think spanking sounds somewhat more painful than smacking!

Anyway, I am reading a book concerning this issue now - The New Dare to Discipline written by Dr. James Dobson (from Focus on the Family).

And he is in opinion that smacking (in fact, spanking) is acceptable means of disciplining children.

Of course there are boundaries to when a child should be smacked! Basically they should only be smacked when there is willful disobedience. For example when a child yells at you "Shut up!" or "Go to hell!" or when you tell the child not to go out and he does so the THIRD time in succession!

And after a smack, most children would cry and want to be comforted. This is the opportunity to talk heart to heart with the child - tell him what he did wrong and what he can do in future to avoid this again! I guess this is when the reasoning with the child comes in!

If we do this while the child is young, we could have less trouble when they are teenagers!

I have yet to finish this book. I don't know if reasoning alone without the smacking will actually work!

Children always test the boundaries we set for them. Will reason alone without "pain" keep them within the boundaries? Especially at the young age?

So, I think I will smack my lil one. Hopefully I would have learnt how to make him feel that it is done out of love. And I will ONLY do it under willful disobedience circumstances. And of course, not to the degree of causing scaring (less I be hauled to jail)!

I don't think you can have ONE rule of the thumb of disciplining for ALL occasions! Apart from willful disobedience, I presume that reasoning is the best course of action.

I will not tag anyone .... but please let me know if you write about it!