Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another new toy...

And so, hubby got another new toy. At least this one, I know he will be playing with it more often.

His previous toy is stacked atop our wardrobe gathering dust!

He was supposed to get the DSC-W80 costing RM999 but due to some memory thingy, he got persuaded into buying the DSC-W90 instead for RM 1,199. (Don't think he needed much persuasion though! :)) Looks quite nice doesn't it!

Anyway, he brought it back proudly and started snapping some shots around the house and in the balcony and trying out all the functions! He even took it to bed and started fiddling with it while lying down!

I was against buying the camera at first...and was not persuaded we needed to change our camera even when I relented to him buying it....but now I see that it is a good buy.

Boy boy can move and move all he likes and the shot still comes out clear!

So...looks like more shots of my son will be taken now. And looks like we will have a new companion in bed for a few days more. And looks like I can get him to do more chores for a few days longer too!!!

I am glad I consented to his new toy now. It is a joy to see him happy.

Hubby is happy, hubby makes wifey happy and wifey makes baby happy too!!!
One big happy family.


JLow said...

So show us (pictorially) the happy family!

simon said...

think of it as an investment. i think the memories and candid moments taken with the camera is priceless, especially when you look back a few years from now. that's how i feel about my camera.

don't forget to take lots of pics and movies (the card can contain lots) and back them up on DVDs!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

So it's been said, "men are just big boys with bigger and more expensive toys."

There's nothing like precious moments captured. I actually have some short videos of Micah crawling, eating a cracker and zooming around in his walker. Showed it to him the other day. That was fun.