Friday, December 28, 2007

Marathon in my mind

Do your thoughts ever run away with you?

Look at the train carrying my thoughts while I was in the shower today.....

1) I think I shall not cook rice since hubby wants to eat Maggi Mee
2) Wonder why he has not eaten Maggi Mee any sooner if he wants to eat it?
3) He was at Bangsar yesterday so why didn't he go Nirwana to eat Maggi Mee
4) People drop hair from eating too much Maggi Mee
5) Wonder if there really is some special shampoo to stop hair from dropping
6) Brandy is too expensive
7) Daddy will kill me if I use brandy
8) The fruit cake that PN made with brandy sure tasted good
9) Wonder if they still sell the chocolates with brandy filling
10) Why don't they have that every other time? Why only during Christmas?
11) I wonder if they associate brandy wuth Christmas
12) People drink brandy all the time
13) Wonder if David White drank alot for Christmas
14) David White and his nasi goreng kampung tak mahu ikan bilis
15) Ohhh....crunchy ikan bilis goes well with beer
16) Sigh...I don't drink beer
17) Ikan bilis has high colesterol
18) How can a small little fish have high colesterol?
19) Must be the oil
20) Hmm...don't need to cook rice today
21) Wah...very hungry already...going to eat after this

Finish my bath....had to concentrate on getting dressed now....

And the TV was on after that so my train of thought reached the train station. Refuelling....

1 comment:

Poh Nee said...

Haa Haa! Thanks and I thot I will fail miserably on my 1st try on fruit cake.
Hair dropping already...hmm, reminds me of the time I had this problem few months after delivery.
If u want the brandy, I will bring for you laa, those leftover from the fruit cake...ok? hehehe
But I sked the brandy will damage the hair further laa...
Anyway, the hair part will become normal again by 7-8 mths. Thats also when I went got a total rebonding..kekeke..sshhhh...
Take care :)