Wednesday, December 26, 2007

memories and milestones

"So how was Ipoh?"

There is a different aspect to this posting. A simplier one.

Ipoh was a reminder of confinement, baby's vomit, waking up at 2 am and 4 am and 6 am!

The same nostalgic (can I say it was nostalgic???) feeling came back every night when I retired to bed. Remember the right side of the bed where baby's bedding was and how often I lie on my right to watch him sleep. Now hubby takes up that place again.

Remember how I used to come up to bed at 10 pm knowing that I would have to get up again at 2 am!

I remember the table in the room that was filled with boy boy's stuff...the milk powder and bottles lined up for usage, the diapers in one stack just in case.

When you become a mother, you naturally have to become a good planner as well. Always preparing all required items nearby in case emergency strikes!

It's so different now.

They are right when they tell me that time passes by really quickly. And we wish that we had not wished it away so quickly previously.

Boyboy created another milestone for himself 2 weeks ago...he can now lift his head perfectly and for many more minutes. He is struggling to learn to crawl and turn over though. But I think it will happen in no time. He is one determined 'creature'!

Only now can I truly say I appreciate the moment!

He moves ever so much and Sony or not, pictures are getting harder to take!


Bobo Bear said...

ha ha I remember clearly when Baby Dhiren managed to lift his head up more than a minute. I encouraged him to do more tummytime by putting his toy in front of him. Try mirror, he'll love it.

Hooi Imm said...

Strong baby!

Ann said...

bobo bear...he is one determined boy...trying to learn to crawl and turn over by himself!

Hooi think? The pead is trying to get him to lift his head when he is on his back and he absolutely refuses!! She says it has to be monitored...sigh

Hooi Imm said...

I think at 3 months, him being able to lift his head on his tummy, like on the pic, is really good.

A lot of babies hate tummy time. Lift his head while on his back?? Never heard of that.

Poh Nee said...

Wow, the signature look with the cool and natural hairstyle. I must remember to feel his hair on my face next time I see Christopher...hehehe...I have not held him close even when I see him so many times...geezz...what am I busying about...***slaps forehead
*chanting - Remember to carry Christopher, remember to carry Christopher...:p

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

cybershot/ powershot? Just take the shot. They grow so fast!

I love this pix, btw.

Micah grew so fast I can't remember when he hit different milestones, except that he grew his first 2 teeth at 4.5 months, talked like about 9 months and walked on his birthday.

Enjoy your baby. :)