Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Planning my own time

It's the Christmas season again....time for gift buying and going back to my hometown and weekends full of Christmas gatherings!

There are only so many weekends before Christmas and gatherings are starting as soon as December hits us all! (if all our friends knew all our other friends, we can all only have ONE BIG one, no?)

So, anyway...I have a baby now.

And that literally puts everything into a NEW persepctive.

Gift buying is a PLAN and RUSH now. I think of each person late at night (when the baby is sleeping) and write down a few items I think they would like. Then I go to the shopping complexes as early as I can and only visit required shops!! No more browsing and thinking and rethinking if I should get this or that!

Going back to my hometown requires the car seat to be set up in the car. Boy boy is getting toooo heavy for me to carry even for a short distance, what more some 2 and a half hours drive! And I have to plan his clothing and diapers and what not. Kinda used to this now since I was travelling back and fro many a times during my confinement. Bought a storage box and dumped everything in!!!

Christmas Gatherings are more exciting with the baby around! Exciting for the guests...not for me!!! I will be the anxious freak...and the not so well kept one too!!! wytalks says, when we have kids, the baby looks good and the mummy looks terrible! After all if we carry them, they cover half our body anyway! :)

My parents will be down for a few days. Thus I will be able to have some time to myself and go out maybe for more than 2 hours! Thinking of visiting all the new shopping complexes!!! That reminds me...have to go visit simontalks post now about the new shopping complexes. For the life of me, I cant remember their names!! Sigh.....


Poh Nee said...

Hey Ann Ann, I think you are way ahead of me already. I have not started Christmas shopping at all!! Yikes!!!
I better get into that and not fall sick so often - just recovered from food poisoning.
Check out The Gardens, MidValley. I almost went nuts when I was there last week. Seeing Isetan again make me dizzy a while. I thot I'll never see Isetan again....kekeke!

simon said...

just to recap the important things in life:

1. gardens midvalley
2. pavilion kl
3. suria klcc

the rest is relative...

Hooi Imm said...

Ann - have a good Christmas! When are you going back to work? Or are you now a SAHM?

Ann said...

PN - crazy woman!

Simon - Gardens Midvalley is the nearest to us..The rest a bit too far!

Hooi Imm - I am going back to work in Jan. I wish I could be a SAHM/See Lai!!!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

All my personal stuff only comes into action middle of the night when the boys are finally asleep, and that includes wrapping gifts for all occasions.
Also have to secretly stash some of the gifts, i.e. chocolates, and the like, or my boys will claim it as theirs, demand it be opened..then it's all history.