Friday, December 7, 2007

SHOPPING!!! was a good time indeed !!

At last we decided to go to Midvalley AND The Gardens! As soon as we parked and entered Midvalley, we saw FOS on our left!! Can feel hubby's legs gravitating towards the shops, we made a beeline for FOS.

Total Spent = RM 80 (approx.) - managed to strike off only ONE item from my shopping list!

Passed by JJ....aiyah....the aroma of Asam Laksa wafted through the air! Sigh...shall we eat ah??? ;) Hubby had the nasi lemak with rendang! NOT BAD leh!
Bought one Christmas present.

Passed by Baskin Robbins....saw this lady licking her green tea ice cream cone. Looks nice leh!! But don't want lah....want to SHOP first. Green tea ice cream not in my shopping list!

Passed one shirt that hubby might like. encouraged him to go look. My Xmas present to him can 'kau tim' (cantonese for 'be completed') then! hehehehe...

OK OK....better head to The Gardens now before it gets too late!

On the way still, we passed by some books for sale. Children books actually costing about RM 30 each. Kids have it so good these days...the books are really interesting. But I think they are more to make the parents interested in them so that they can teach their kids. I presume kids don't really know the difference with whatever you use to teach them!

We also passed by Starbucks. Umm....never too full for coffee and never can resist the smell of coffee!! Tried their new mocha coffee. Too sweet, too milky, too much chocolate. Still think their iced latte is the better choice!

ALAS The Gardens.....Utterly Branded!

Walked thru Robinsons. Walked pass Coach. Didn't step into Isetan at all. Was looking at the touch-screen directory to see if Robinsons had a supermarket section. Saw that they only had Cold Storage so headed there.

Hubby and I both love browsing supermarket racks!

As you know Cold Storage has alot of Christmas-y food and imported biscuits and chocs. So we looked and looked and drooled and drooled. In the end, we ended up with the following - cost approx RM75:
1) Tip Top Boysenberry Ice Cream
2) Bulla Yogurt Ice Cream - mango flavour
3) Some Christmas biscuits
4) Macaroni and Cheese (hubby wanted to try)

We would have bought more if each had instigated the other. But sigh....
Though I could not help getting 2 tubs of ice cream. I don't see Tip Top now a days anywhere else. And Bulla Yogurt is also hard to come by. So, that has to be top priority to buy!

After 4 hours we headed home. We didn't cover all of Midvalley or The Gardens...due to ice cream purchase. And hubby also complained he didn't walk enough....due to ice cream purchase.

But what to do....wife wants ice cream. Wife wants to go home to try ice cream. Hehehe...maybe next weekend when my paretns are down again, we will walk a little bit longer and FINISH my Christmas shopping.

At the end of the day, over RM200 spent only two Christmas presents bought. Sigh....some 20 over more to go.

Decorations wise, I think 1 Utama's deco is nicer. Midvalley has less elaborate deco displays in the South Court and Centre Court. The Gardens is a pale comparison. Still new I guess, no budget yet!


JLow said...


That is one yummy brand!

Thus far we have only been to The Curve, & I gotta say the X'mas decor there is pretty nice and grand... perhaps I'll post with a pic up, since I am running a bit dry on my writing of late!

I also only go for the iced latte (from either of the franchises), & without sugar thanks! I reckon I am sweet enough HAHA!

Poh Nee said...

I think the Gardens is great! I will want to shop there more often if I can - especially during sales. When I was there last weekend, Mike need to rescue me from Robinsons and Isetan :p

Guess I am still suffering from shopping withdrawal syndrom...hahaha

Ann said...

JLow - Bulla is just GREAT...and cheaper than BR or HD!

PN - I think you ARE having withdrawal symtoms!!! :)

Pat said...

:) I guess we appreciate things more when you miss them.

I didn't really fancy the Gardens, nothing really to buy there. But then again, I'm biased, I just look for bookstores and gadget shops :p

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Wow, you sure had a great time. :)

I still have not been to the Gardens. Was in Midvalley the other day to meet an old friend for lunch with my sis. I had my two boys and grandma with me, my sis had her 2 babies and my friend had her 2 boys with her too. All the kids wanted to do was to see the animals at the pet shop, so we just had lunch and a "zoo" visit.

Ann said...

Pat - they are opening Borders there soon (if not already)!

Kathie - children RULE! But wqe adults only want to get out of the house after all.....

simon said...

incidentally we went to gardens for the second time yesterday. not much decor, as midvalley, and we had the most expensive meal of penang food ever. nasi lemak + kari mee + duck rice came up to RM51. Ouch.