Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So how was Ipoh?

"So how was Ipoh?" That was the first thing Simon asked me when I saw him on Christmas Day!

(Merry Christmas to all my readers, by the way)

We went back on Saturday morning after boy boy's feed. Not as early as I would have wanted and by the time we arrived in Ipoh and deposited boy boy to granny's place, it was almost 2 pm. LUNCH TIME !!!

Went to a nearby coffee shop to eat....too hungry to wait any longer. We had Indian rice, popiah, 'siew yoke' (roasted pork) and 2 cups of wonderful 'fu chok yee mai' (beancurd with barley).

I have to mention it in Cantonese because half the nostalgic feeling comes from saying it in Chinese to an Indonesian waitress! I mean that shows how famous it is....and how GOOD!

Ipoh food has always been about quality...this is where leong fan (Black jelly/cincau) and tau fu rules, after all!

Then we went to JJ...there aren't that many shopping areas to choose from in Ipoh! Reckon they have more cave temples than decent shopping complexes!! HOWEVER....needed some serious retail therapy and ended up buying all the necessities required to return to work!

Ahhh....have to go back already after 3 hours out!

And....it was open presents time! Yeah...I know, Christmas is but far round the corner...but circumstances were such that we would not have time after that! So...tearing of paper and hahaha and in the middle of it all.....Ahhh Goo Ahhh Goo....

It was also 'Tung' (Chinese Thanksgiving) on Saturday so we had a BIG FEAST as well. 'Hoong Siew Yew Tau' (a Fish Head dish..cooked the Hoong way!), 'Chu Keok Chou' (Sour pig trotters), Acar, Vege, 'Hou Chien' (Oyster Omelette')...it was all yummy. To top it all up, had black sesame and peanut tong yuen. And to wash it all down a nice cup of South African red wine.

(My stomach chooses to open up extra compartments when it comes to feasts like this)

OK.....shall spare the details now (baby's going to wake up soon) !

Other interesting aspects of our trip include a visit to this really cool place - Andersonians Cafe! They sell really good Indian food - banana leaf rice in the afternoon and Indian bread is available for dinner. We actually wanted to try the breads....but sigh....maybe next time.

Managed to take a photo of the signboard as hubby was driving by (the magic of Sony) !

This were the specialities of the day !!

But they was one dish which was really spectacular...mint mutton! The taste is like NOTHING I have ever tried before!

Ummm.....my leaf of rice and dhall! (very little rice, I know!!!)

The vegetable condiments that we were given. The final empty canister was filled with freshly cooked long beans shortly after!

We also had a few other dishes...sotong, chicken, another mutton dish, papadam..etc. ALL wonderful to taste!

And to round it all up, we had mango lassie and almond tea. The tea is really aromatic with the smell and taste of almonds....as you can see!

It was a great family affair.....cost us RM40 (my mum told him I was going to give him free advertising!!)

After lunch as usualy, hubby and I went shopping....more to walk off the meal and spend some alone time.

Daddy and mummy had a singing performance in church - for 3 nights in 3 different churches, so nights were pretty quiet for us - baby sitting you know!

Dressed boy boy up one Christmas eve night to see granny and granddad sing! Wore his new Christmas present from Grandparents - a blue bear outfit!

And of course a trip to Ipoh wouldn't be complete without Funny Mountain! We had our Sun Yin Loong white coffee as well (twice) but that was gone so fast, no time for photo taking!

All pictures taken are complements of Sony!


simon said...

wow, jj at kinta city must have been packed with ppl, man. but good to see u guys putting the camera to good use.!

Ann said...

Simon...that was quick!!!

Yeah...the camera is GREAT!

Bobo Bear said...

Ooooo...Alot of good food in Ipoh, I love the dim sum. So you're going back to work? Who's taking care of Boy Boy?

Ann said...

bobo bear - found a baby sitter....anxious anxious anxious!

And yes...lotsa food in Ipoh!

Hooi Imm said...

Ahhh....food, food, good M'sian food...I miss M'sian food.

Poh Nee said...

Mint mutton! I wanna go Ipoh now...
Christopher looks like a big boy in the photo...serious look :P