Saturday, December 15, 2007

2 hours of therapy

Theurapatic shopping. That was what 2 hours in Ikano was to me this evening.

Perhaps it was also the carols being sung...
Or the children tugging at mummy and daddy's hands...
Or that I had an UN-interrupted dinner after so many hasty meals on my feet...
Perhaps it was just Christmas.

I was a bunch of nerves when I left the house...and a bunch of laughter upon returning. Happy mummies make for a happier baby coz I was singing and cooing (AGAIN) to my lil one when I returned.

Deco in The Curve is good. Less elaborate than 1U but more homely(literally...they used a winter wonder home as deco). I think I like it BEST!

Ummm...I think probably because I did not have lunch today, it would account for the following discoveries I made.

1) Teppanyaki in Ikano SUCKS!!! Or at least the noodles...tasteless soup...but I finished it anyway...HUNGRY!

2) Found the jelly shop that Daddee Yah!'s daughter got her cake from.
VERY IMPRESSIVE....very expensive also.
They have a website :
Check out the designs AND the price!! But I do say it's an innovative idea. Very marketable.

3) Also got attracted to this little cart by the Christmas house in winter wonder land. They were selling the most cute looking cupcakes. I "blame" this attraction on Nigella and Msiamominny. This shop has a website too -
The cupcakes look really Nigella like and we all know how tempting that can get sometimes!! Don't think this is as marketable as the jelly concept though.

But good to know the "cake" (jelly is not a cake) industry is expanding. So are all our sweet-tooth friends' waistlines.

But ahhh.....what is life afterall if a "sweet-little-thing" does not tempt us ya!

Byt he way...hubby has seen a new camera that he likes....he is out now and I am wondering if he will come back with his new toy in hand!

Reckon my yearnings are cheaper than his!!!

Baby cries....and off I go AGAIN....


simon said...

wah this kid is getting more shopping time than ME, man...! :)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Oh, I know how good it is to have some personal time. Real Therapy!! Oh, how I long for that! hahaha...

This year we will be away for Christmas, so shopping is done in a rush at supermarkets. No time to do real shopping. So our friends will be getting goodies for their tummies this year.

JLow said...

I do like checking out the various locations' decor, but battling the traffic and fighting for parking spaces has been deterrent enough to keep me away...

But the times I do brave them, I was glad to have brought my camera along to snap with the little one..

Ann said...

Simon....since my parents are down, have not been bringing boy out already loh! So much easier to walk without the stroller!

kathis - yummies and the best of tummies - old or young!

Jlow - when we can, we reach the shopping complexes by 10am!!!

Bobo Bear said...

Ann, I totally agreed with you...i'm a fulltime Mum to a 5 mths old.Most of the time i'm cooped up in the house & I went to Curve the other day & after that I felt so relax & happy...must be the snow :)