Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To do or not to do...

My son is at that stage where he is thumb sucking. he does it everytime he is sleepy and sometimes when he wants his feed. Although when he is hungry, he tends to put his whole fist in instead of just his lil thumb.

My mum came down last weekend and commented that he wants a pacifier.

I have been very against pacifiers from the beginning partly due to my father's influence. Also I have heard it is not the best thing to give to a baby.

But now my concerns are as follows:
1) At the baby sitter, if no one will take the trouble to comfort him, at least he has his pacifier
2) Chances are his pacifier is cleaner than his hand/thumb
3) When he screams for his milk and no one can attend to him straight away, at least, he can suck on his pacifier first
4) Weaning off a pacifier is better/easier than weaning off a thumb!

1) If his pacifier drops on the floor and no one washes it but pops it back into his mouth....then???!!!!
2) WIll it be easier to wean off a pacifier than a thumb?

My dad has suggested we put mittens on his hand if we are not around to take his hand away from him (coz babies will not like the mitten taste). But I am not sure if that is do-able in the baby-sitter's place.

I think I am close to giving in and getting him a pacifier. There are plenty in the market these days. And there is one from Pigeon specifically catered for their age (0-5 mths, and when they are teething etc.) Could be a marketing gimick!! But will it bring him more comfort especially at the baby sitter's?? Sigh...I think my anxiousness in sending him out in the world alone is making me want to give him something comfortable to take along!

At my wit's end....thinking and thinking


Poh Nee said...

Ermm...I gave pacifiers to confinement lady and Nanny. Yet, Zoe dislike it. I think the kid will choose for themself.

Zoe sucks her fingers thou...and now sucks on anything she can get hold on. I just did all I could to stop her when I am around. Other times, really outta my control.

Hmm...maybe thats why she know how to show me the tummy pain pain sign :p

JLow said...

There are opinions about pacifiers giving the child buck-teeth. I am not sure if this is just a scare tactic to wean the child off it! Although my eldest sister was still pining for it even when she was already in Standard 1 (stories abound of how she'd steal "private sessions" with it under the blanket after school; she is in her 50's now ;P ) She didn't / doesn't have buck teeth.

My 3 yr old was only allowed it for napping / sleeping time. Lucky for us she'd never asked for it at other times. We've seen weaned her off it too, only a few months ago now.

When my brother was house-training his dog he was also trying to break its habit of biting shoes. A lot of dog training books suggest lacing the shoes / objects with something very unpleasant tasting. My brother used chillipadi paste. Our shoes are now safe...

So, should you decide NOT to go with a pacifier... ;P

Mummy-yeoh said...

I was against pacifier coz of the trouble weaning my baby but I didnt think about the finger sucking...hehe. Anyway there is always 2 sides to a coin.

My baby suck her index and middle finger at the same time. She uses it to comfort herself and whenever she is sleepy.

An elderly mother of 5 once told me that in her experience with her children, she finds that babies who suck their own fingers are usually good natured babies and they are usually very independent through their growing years. They will grow out of finger sucking somehow. A colleague of mine explained to her son (with patience of course) why he shouldnt suck his fingers at the age of one and the little boy understood his mother and tried his level best to wean off.

About the cleaning part, well, I just make sure I clean her hands each time she touches something that might be umm...dirty :) And I tried not to think too much about her fingers being clean. But the plus point, she hardly puts anything into her mouth besides food :)

Just go with whatever you are comfortable with. The more we think, the more worries we have

Hooi Imm said...

Ann, it is easier to wean from pacifier than from thumb. You can take the pacifier away but not the thumb.

My niece who is almost 4 still sucks on her thumb and thumb sucking has misalign her gums, so she will need expensive braces when the time comes.

Olivia never liked pacifiers when she was under 6 months old but she would chew on her blanket to go to sleep.

Then, when she started teething, she took the pacifier. Babies need something to soothe and comfort themselves.

There are pros and cons to pacifier and thumb sucking. Also, if you go with pacifier, just make sure he only take it during nap and at night. This is to make sure the baby knows pacifier is only for bedtime.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Oh, the headaches of a Mom!!

Micah had the pacifier for a while, but he just dropped it by himself one day, about 10 months old, and now has no memory of it. In fact he is curious about kids who have a pacifier stuck to their face and often asks why.

Max sucked his thumb for 3 nights while still in his first month, then he decided he was losing out while Mommy had 3 nights of almost uninterrupted sleep. He gave that up to get back to Mommy. Since birth he never wanted anything latex or plastic. I am his pacifier.

But it's true that it'll be easier to wean off pacifier than thumb sucking.

Pat said...

We were also in two minds about pacifier use. In the end we just let Cynthia have it when she's trying to get to sleep (we take it off her when she's sound asleep). Other times, she doesn't pine for it and we don't use it as a crutch as well :)