Sunday, December 21, 2008 boy...learnt.....weekend

Things my boy has learnt over the weekend:

1) Learn to get on and off his new tricycle that my parents got for him for Christmas
2) Whe he gives flying kisses, he will put his hand to his mouth and as the kiss flies, he also announces its coming "flying kisses"!
3) When daddy asks him to give me a kiss, he does so with the sound effect "Muuaaah". And becuase I laugh and laugh when he does so, he finds my reaction funny, laughs and muaahs me again!
4) Occassionally he says "Hello" and "Bye".
5) Occassionally he shakes hands with people when told to.

It's great to see how fast they learn things.
Childhood is indeed a wonderous thing!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Christmas gathering

Lest my blog be doomed with filled with gloom...
Sunshine shine, rain begets a bow.
There are 2 things in a year that I look forward to sharing with my SG - the SG retreat and our Christmas party.

It was not a oikos/Matthew and friends night for us coz if you ever go to any of our gatherings, you will either get overwhelmed by the kids or see overwhelmed adults!

(and it might even scare off newly weds or going-to-be- weds!)

So, we had our own gathering. It has been a long time since the whole gang (sounds like school!) gathered together even! The result of being a parent with obligations at the side!

So, with 2 kids, 5 toddlers, 1 baby and 12 adults, we gathered under Simon's roof!
For the first time, I was more interested in talking with the adults and playing with the kids to take any photos of the food. But the spread was glorious and complemented the atmosphere so well.
I don't remember who brought what, although WY did bellow it out.
There was fried noodles, fried rice, mix vege, satay, roasted chicken, lobak, REAL brandied fruit cake, durian puffs/tarts, fruits, agar agar, grass-jelly drink...etc. I think there was more but as I said...busy busy me!
It was great too coz we didn't need to bother much about where our son was. There were loads of games and things to keep them occupied within the living hall. And if not, there would always be an adult keeping an eye on him. We kept an eye on any kid that ventured within the area we sat.
And we sat in small groups everywhere around the living room. And we also circulated so much so I talked to everyone that evening....except Patrick, come to think of it! Sorry Patrick!
Loved the little girls! Girls are so different from boys! And more so now that all of them are pass 1 and nearly 2! Wanted to kidnap Zoe home too until I heard she is an angel up until 2 am! hahaha....
It was great. It was a good time of catching up.
The 2 elder girls took the trouble even to give a performance! And they sang beautifully the song from that abalone chinese drama (what is the name, WY?)
Can't wait for our next SG trip. There will be one more to the kids-gang then hopefully!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Shrudder, tear...

I was at the doctor's office. Picked up a magazine and saw an article about child trafficking.

I read one paragraph, shuddered and teared...

"...he opened the diaper of an infant girl and inserted his finger into her vagina. After a few minutes of doing so, he had sex with her."

Your little girl.
An infant just in diapers.

He is not human, he cannot be human.

And then I found this You Tube. Did you cry too?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A time in times

In times of glad tidings, sorrow hits.

My sister-in-law's (SIL) dad passed away Sat night. He was 52.

My SIL's 2nd sister would be having her tea ceremony (marriage as in) this Saturday.
The funeral would be this Wednesday.
How to go on?

It was said that she was in Chilli's having dinner while she received the first phone call.
Daddy had a heartattack.

Hurry, hurry pay the bill.
10 minutes later.
Daddy has died.

The quick pitter patter slows down into sold slow steps.
There was no reason to hurry anymore.

When I heard the news, shock overwhelmed me.
He was a jovial guy, always friendly.
His wife was one of the most approachable person I knew.
Their family was a close knitted one.
My SIL had 3 younger sisters.
The youngest still in secondary school.

The breadwinner of the family....
How should we go on?

To remember your marriage, to celebrate your anniversary
In actual remembrance of what?

In times of sorrow, tidings of joy
Can they exist?

Perhaps in time, shock that turns to grief will turn to acceptance
and then fond remembrances of things in the past.

No regrets.
Don't think of the 'What Ifs'.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dressing up Christmas

When I first read about this from Parenting Times, I was quite excited.
The writer of this blog is right. It is not as interesting shopping for boys' clothing as compared to girls.

I mean for boys, the best you can do are shirts and pants or maybe dungarees.

And with my active toddler who cannot wait 2 seconds for me to put the shirt over his head, my range of clothing that I can choose from is even more limited. I try to look for shirts that are buttoned instead of over the head. And given that they are for casual wear, I also need to get some shirts that are casual in nature even though they are buttoned!

And as if shopping with an active toddler is not tough enough....what more shopping with a limited choice in mind.

So, this new range of clothing that she told me about really got me curious.
I can't imagine how cute my boy would look in these boys' clothing!

There are some casual patterned shirts to choose from.

Also there are some more formal clothing. The shirts are very colourful and would look great especially with Christmas coming up! And the Chinese New Year collection also looks rich and glamorous!

There is one short sleeve one in rich red for the day and another long sleeve one with bright red sleeve ends for the night. And the colour should be dark enough to hide any toddler accidental food stains too!

Also looking at the other range of boys' clothing there are some sharp looking, bright coloured mini look-a-like daddy's shirts that I can buy for him. In the next wedding dinner, dressing him up looking like a little adult would thrill my inlaws and parents to bits!

So, the shop being in The Curve makes it great. And the choice makes it even better.

Check out the website and the shop as well. You may very well find the best outfit for the next function for the little angelic boys that we have!

The perfect Christmas gift

It is the digital age. Loads of pictures are taken with digital cameras. These digital images are kept in hard disks or pen drives and stored one on top of each other in the drawer.

A relative drops by my inlaws place. "How is your grandson?" they ask my inlaw. A thought to bring out some photos pop to mind. But alas, there are only 2-3 that we have printed out for them in paper.

So, words would have to suffice.
A picture would have spoken more volumes.

After which it was not a pretty picture when inlaws decide to share a few words with me on the NEED of some pictures of their grandson.

So, a load of digital pictures to be arranged, brought to the shop and printed.

"Walk around for 3 hours-lah or come back later" the photoshop guy tells me.

We decide to walk around. It was tiring. And a whole lot of time wasted. And it isn't easy waiting around or going back with an active toddler in tow.

2 weeks later, my parents decide to come down. Their Christmas wish is for some photos of their grandson to be kept in their home. "I miss Christopher. Got photos at least can look at them mah", my mum rants on.

I couldn't imagine going back to the photoshop and spending another bomb of $, time and energy getting another batch developed.

So, you can imagine my delight upon discovering EOE. Online shopping are very much accepted these days, so why not online photo developing as well?

And now, there is a contest even that gives you 50 shots free!
Also, with each 4R print at only RM0.30 (current promotion) and free delivery* for orders above RM35.00, you’ll really get your money worth!

No better time than Christmas time that I have found this site.

You can bet there will always be beautiful pictures around the house now and in my inlaws place and in my parents place. No need for many more words.

Check it out yourself!

New house updates

So, are we rushing to move in before Chinese New Year?

That is the question we have been receiving alot to date. And with no doubt. Quotations, sending reminders, choosing colours, checking out prices etc. has intensively filled up any free time I have during my weekday and almost all of my weekend hours.

Things done to date:
1) Quotation for renovation finalized after 3 weeks
2) Grill quotation finalized and deposit given - work started and planning to be completed in Jan.
3) Sofa booked - deposit paid
4) Water filter confirmed - monthly imstallment starting
5) Lightings choosen, save for the porch light - deposit paid
6) Fans bought - all 5 of them!
7) Backdoor confirmed to be changed
8) Tinting confirmed for back 3 windows
9) Shower door - deposit paid

Things outstanding:
1) Washing machine and fridge
2) Aircons
3) Paint brand, colour and quotations
4) Dining set and beds
5) TV cabinet
6) Master bedroom curtains
7) Blinds for living room and kitchen
8) Bathroom and kitchen accessories
9) Buy tiles for wet kitchen
10) Find mover

And with all the things to do, my planned 'timing' of events are:
1) Wet works completed 2 weeks before Chinese New Year
2) One weekend to paint the window sills
3) Put up grills and backdoor


4) Paint the dry kitchen and master bedroom
5) Put up dry kitchen cabinets and wardrobe
6) Continue to paint the rest of the house

....and so I plan, and I pray and I wait.....

Concern to date

Greatest concern to date is my little boy's bump on his head.

  • He bumps his head when he sees bigger boys run around and his legs cannot catch up.
  • He bumps his head when he gets frustrated that he cannot do what he wants to do.
  • He bumps his head when he walks without watching where he is going.
  • He bumps his head on the table, on the floor and on any object he trips against.

Still signs of a bump even though he has not fell for a few days now. Sigh...

And this is him in his near crew-cut....accidently first, purposefully remedied.

Posing for mummy... and having ice cream.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Complete it" tag

1. Life is full of lots of ups and downs (can't help it, this is a lyrics of my favourtie song when I was young!)

2. I smile when I see warm and fuzzy moments of my kid and any kid I know.

3. I can't sleep when boyboy is sick and whn hubby snores.

4. I love the smell of fresh bread.

5. When I can't sleep, I go out and watch TV.

6. I often dream about nothing I can ever remember of in the morning.

7. I get irritated when I am tired.

8. I like the sound of rain.

9. People often call me Ann.

10. I wish I could prevent my son from falling down and falling ill.

11. The best creation in the world is the human body (not that everything else is not "best" too!)

12. 1st 3 words that comes to my mind: toothache (coz I am having one now), Thursday (coz that is when my parents go back home) and Christopher (coz he is always on my mind).

13. I've discovered that it is not easy raising a child.

14. When I'm in love, everything seems a-ok.

15. A baby is born with the ability to talk (after Oprah's show on neh, heh, owh, aier and eh).

16. Before I met my husband, I frequently kept things within me.

17. A good marriage requires give and take and loads of communication.

18. I dislike it when people do not pay attention, are plain rude, and what is it with sarcasm?

19. I say 'I Love You' rarely these days.

20. My favourite subject in school was Biology (but I sucked in it! so, maybe I just liked the teacher, he was really CUTE!)

Want to do it?
Poh Nee

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Of rest(au)rants!

Now, I don't usually brag over a new place that I have tried.
But this one is worth mention.
I have heard of the excellent durian cake from this place some 4-5 years ago.
Recently in one of my old school friend meetings, we had intended to meet here.
But fate had it that I never made it there till now.
BonBon, located in Damansara Jaya, near Atria.
Indeed a place where great food and great people meet.
It seemed that everyone knew the owner in the short 45 minutes that we sat there.
And there was even one older couple who walked in and asked if the owner had reserved his favourite slice of cake for him!
The menu is not that extensive. The cake menu on the other hand is to 'die' for!
The breakfast menu looked good,
but we arrived too many minutes late for us to order from the breakfast menu.
So, we opted for the set lunches.

Hubby's rosemary chicken set lunch - with ice lemon tea/coffee/tea and ice cream.
My Sichuan noodles which was slightly spicy and totally YUMMY !!!
It's a pity they don't have this permanently on the menu!
Local set lunches are dependent on what they can cook for the day.

And our desert - vanilla ice cream with chocolate powder.

"Take it from me, it's yummmmmyyy !!!"

Christopher tired all our food due to his unceasing "mummumm, mummumm!"

And on Sunday, while everyone was out,

Christopher was following me around

And he saw that I brought out my camera.

"Pose boy, we take picture, ok?"
He obliged. And posed perfectly still with just a hint of a smile!

Mummy says "sitting pose, so I shall sit and maybe pray?"

"And another one of me resting ok mummy?"

And so I rant, "I am so proud of you, son! "

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pictures galore

The long promised shot of my 'angel' at the steering wheel.

***Last weekend***

Stumbled upon a new discovery while we were on our way to an electrical shop in SS2,
SS19 Petaling Jaya 888 Food Planet

Highlight of the meal but TOTALLY SPICY!

Fried 'tan' (long shelled clams) with four angle beans and chilli paste (+ little spicy cili padi/small killer chilli)

Above pic : Teppanyaki chicken + rice

Below pic : Pan Mee (+ supposedly real anchovies soup)

AND at last we managed to visit

Sun Yin Loong Kota Damansara
to eat the much talked about

Fried spaghetti with sausages

and (no pic available coz we were too hungry)

fried spaghetti with egg and 'luncheon meat'

VERDICT : Totally yummy! Simon, we will go again!

We wanted to eat there but






Thursday, November 20, 2008

When stressed out....

OK, I am stressed.

I know I am stressed when TV stresses me out further.

My heart was beating at the rate of a thick cup of coffee taken on an empty stomach.

Especially so when Ida and Tania got stuck in that irritatingly hot sand! And then when they didn't take the correct flight connection.

And the that irritating couple had to go annouce they are NUMBER 1 !

Oh my gosh, the worse of all egos! And yelling foul names to a person you are dating on national TV sure ain't cool, man!

This is the first time TARA has made me stressed. I mean, TV is meant to make you relaxed no?

But I so did not want G to win. I mean, Tish is find....but oohhhh....the arrogance of G! (bleh!)

It was not a race of who will be the winner. But a race of please beat them so they won't win!

OK....a few months of recuperating and patiently waiting for the next TARA IV.

Some programmes really get you hooked!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stressed out!

For 3 nights coming, I have slept at 10.30 and woke up at 4+ am.

I am not sure why. Maybe the workload.....

  • 2 weeks of giving training followed by
  • 1 week of system testing followed by
  • 2 weeks of closing the books followed by
  • 2 weeks of preparing for system upgrade followed by
  • Months of issues following a system upgrade

And all our leave has been frozen till perhaps the moon turns blue or the system stabilizes or I get pregnant and deliver and go on maternity!

Had so much coffee that day that I started to act really weird and say really stupid things.
In fact right now I think I can see myself sitting there typing this to all of you.

What a Christmas this year would be!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Never happened before(s)

So, we left for Ipoh on Friday evening, directly after my day's work.

It was raining and we were caught in a jam just as we hit the highway. But hubby managed to recover the time lost!

We arrived at 7.30 pm. I was FAMISHED !!!

Helped with getting Christopher seated and prepared for his dinner, unloaded the stuff from the car and off we were again.

Aneka Selera, Ipoh Garden, here we come!
It had been ages since I last ate there, partly becuase it is not a very baby friendly place. And we were gaming for some seafood, coz seafood and active toddlers don't match!

Incident #1

We ordered 2 ice kacang, sotong kangkung, balitung, satay and fried soft shell crab.

I have only eaten balitung once in my life. So, I was not very good at it. I tried one or two and couldnt get the sill little morsel out.

After trying a few time, I would pass it on to hubby to get it out for me instead!

Hahaha...after a while hubby was complaining that it was too much trouble eating this silly thing! He was nearly out of breath!

All our laughing and sucking must have caught the attention of the tables nearby coz one by one we saw them ordering balitung as well!

One husband and wife couple was sitting facing us and MY, THEY WERE DOING A FAST JOB!!!

I told hubby if this challenge was in Amazing Race, we would definitely arrive last at the pit stop! :) I looked at the man at the other table sucking, to get some tips on how he did it! The way he was doing it looked different, so I asked hubby to look too!

Hubby tried again and then he showed me perhaps the 'trick' to getting the morsels out!

I looked at him! WHAT !!! You mean you have to suck from the other end?

You see, I was sucking on the wrong end all this while. And even at that tiny hole, I managed to get 1 or 2 morsels out from the shell.

What more if it was supposed to be from the 'bigger' end, the job would have been easy peasy!

GOSH....I am still blaming hubby for not telling me earlier! All the trouble and all the wind in my tummy is still upsetting me!
Incident #2

Half way through my "sucking" dinner,I felt my phone vibrate. My hand being slimy and dirty, I left it! Then I felt hubby's phone vibrate. OK....

I finished up a bit more and washed my hands. Took my phone and saw that it was my mum who was calling.

I called back.

Oooohhh.....Christopher was screaming in the background.

According to my mum, he had not stopped crying since we left, after his dinner!

He walked around, pointed to hubby and mine wedding photo and cried.
He walked to the main door, pointed outside and cried.
He stood at the door and cried.
When grandma tried to close the door, he pushed it open and cried.

As soon as we arrived, I called him from outside. He was still waiting at the main door. And he cried.

Into mummy's arms and he smiled.

This happened 2 times throughout our stay in Ipoh. And all other times, we left while he was sleeping.
Incident #3

Now Christopher has a nasty bump on his head. Nasty enough to grant me a non-stop nagging Ipoh trip.

So, we had to get a new product for bruises that is in the market now, something called "A-Bruzzy", a traditional medicine for reducing the swelling of bruises. Recommended by an 'aunty' from my parent's church in Ipoh, we bought it at about RM14 and in Watson at KL. Ipoh pharmacists were going "what is that?" though!

We also had to get some gauze and plaster to create a soft cushion there to protect the area in case he hits his forehead again.

And kungkung and popo have also decided to get him Thudguard, a new product to be shipped from UK. This product will cost them RM200+ and would be Christopher's Christmas present from them.

They have never shopped online before or given their credit card number online.

Somethings never happen and will never happen. They have decided to give MY credit card number (since it is already out in cyberspace anyway) and pay me back in cash!

Oh well....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to Ipoh II

Just realised that the last time I was back in Ipoh was during Chinese New Year. It has been too long a time. Time for the youngest to meet the oldest again.

My grandma's (mum's side) birthday falls in this month and it would be good for her to celebrate her birthday with her great-grand-son.

The last time we all saw my grandma was when my uncle left for New York. And in the airport, my grandma was putting in alot of effort to make my son laugh and accept her carrying him.

Her efforts really touched my heart. She really loves kids, especially kids of within the same family.

And for all her forgetfulness, she remembered my son's chinese name.

So as a mum, I have to put in the effort too to bring my son over to spend time with her.

A child's laughter brings out the best in us. What wonder.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'Deadly' bite

Just received word my aunt from Malacca is down with chickengunya and denggi. Called her yesterday and it was a sorry state that she described herself to be in.

Fever for 2 weeks since, 3rd week still having fever on and off.
She couldn't walk earler and now can only afford to drag her feet. The pain is like a terrible bout of rheumatism (if it is anything like srthritis rheumatoid, I know how that feels like).
Earlier her face and body was filled with puffy rashes and she said it looked so scary and ugly.

She is a single woman, independent and strong. There was no need for hospitalisation for her given that her body is strong enough to fight off the virus. But she has to depend on someone to take her to the clinic everyday to have her blood tested.

Lesson learnt : Exercise and eat well while you are young. A healthy body is the only hope for us to withstnad whatever we have to face - latest virus wise and old age wise.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Funnies for the weekend

Christopher was tired out. He had been up since 7 am. And mummy who was really teary eyed due to lack of sleep decided to take the short cut and plop him in front of the TV with Fun Song Factory while she went about her business of cooking, boiling barley, making breakfast and getting ready for church, all in the slowest motion possible.

At church, mummy was on ushering duty and daddy was nursing a sprain ankle, so WY helped carry Christopher who was almost going to sleep by then.

Worship ended, congregation clapped.

Up goes Christopher from the crook oh WY's hand, blurry eyed (very much like mummy earlier) and clap!clap!clap! he went. Nothing much happening, snuggle he went back to sleep.

Then there was the introduction of new comers some 10 minutes later. Congregation clapped.

Up goes Christopher from the crook oh WY's hand, blurry eyed (very much like mummy earlier) and clap!clap!clap! he went. Nothing much happening, snuggle he went back to sleep. (again!)

You bet, it created quite a roar from the people sitting behind and beside my son. Want to get invovled, want to clap hand. People clap, I also want to clap. But I am sleepy too....zzzz....

Christopher LOVES sitting with daddy at the steering wheel. I know I shouldn;t have indulged in this lack of safety luxury, but we are only allowing him to do it when daddy is in PARK.

So, saturday night and we were on our way back from Puchong. He was a wee bit cranky at 11 pm and wanted his way at the steering wheel. But "NO! Mummy says only when the car has stopped. Now daddy is driving you have to sit quietly, boy!" Crying and arching and tantrums....but after some 5 minutes of telling him repeatedly, he quitened down and accepted his fate!

Snuggled down and decided to nap instead. So, happy were we driving home.

Daddy reached home and parked the car!

POOF, his eyes shot open and ZOOM he made a bee line for the driver's seat! And what a cheeky grin he gave me sitting in his daddy's lap moving teh steering wheel. It didn't help that daddy went "brroommmm....vrroommmmm" and moved the sterring wheel too. So it was a good 10 minutes of fun behind the wheel for him.

"Like that also fun ah?"

But daddy is secretly proud of his son I reckon....coz whenever he wants to go over to sit at the driver's seat, he will distinctively call out "Daddeee....". And what more of a boy can you make of it when he loves to sit with his daddy at the driver's seat and play preted with him.

"Like that also can..."

On a mummy proud note, Christopher has started babbling words. It was a "ooohhh" and "aaahhh" and "wwaaaahhh" previously, but now he does try to say a few words.

1) ights (lights)
2) dy bear (teddy bear)
3) ar (star)
4) ound, ound den (round and round the garden)

He also tries singing twinkle, twinkle little star and round and round the garden. And he does actions quite perfectly.

He had to perform on Sunday evening at my inlaws place.
Pat your head.
Where is your shoulders?
Hop little bunny.
Bye bye.
Flying kiss.
....and loads more....

I am not a performing mum, so he was left alone in his little performances with me nagging "Hai, don't make him perform like that lah!" on deaf ears.

(some pics to come soon.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A moment of silence

Just read Mommykin's postings on the loss of a child.
And also read what the mummy who loss her Matthew wrote in her new blog.

Once a mother, always a mother....even in the description in the blog.

And thank God, we know there is a better place after death.
And that in death, the child is only sent back to Sender.
And the Sender loves the child everlastingly.
Till we meet both of them again.

Footprints in the Sand

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there were one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I noticed
that during the low periods of my life,
when I was suffering from
anguish, sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord,
"You promised me Lord,
that if I followed you,
you would walk with me always.
But I have noticed that during
the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one
set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed you most,
you have not been there for me?"

The Lord replied,
"The times when you have
seen only one set of footprints in the sand,
is when I carried you."
- Mary Stevenson

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Things are looking up

Everything has more or less cleared up - health wise - in the household.
Thanks to all for your prayers.

So, weekend was back to inlaws, church, swimming and our latest project - house planning!
And Christopher wanted a say and a do in everything!

"I think I want this table and chair, daddy!"

"Maybe we can get this rocking horse as well?"

"Don't I look cool?"

"Mummy has blown up my float. But I still want her beside me! Mummmmeeeeee..."

"My latest conquest! To climb every stairs I see!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Double-storey-house what to do-s!

HURRAH!!! We are going to collect the keys of our new house this Thursday!
May even get to more in before Chinese New Year! But, let's hold our horses for a while!

Now, this is my first time in a double storey house with kids.

So, one question I can think of now.

When your toddler wants to sleep at 10 pm and you have a movie also at 10 pm, what do you do?

Coz the kid sleeps upstairs and your TV is downstairs.

I am planning to have a gate at the staircase but what happens if he wants something? Or if he wakes up and gets into mischief?

Planning to let them sleep in the master bedroom with us to reduce the cost of making an adjoining door. Maybe I can create another TV line in the next room and make another living room upstairs?

What should I consider when having a mischievious monkey of a child in a double storey house? And (*wink*) have to consider when the other baby comes along as well.

No words to describe it.....

High fever for 3 days starting Wednesday night.
Thursday early morning 3 am, temperature hit a mind boggling 40 degress.

Joint pains on Friday lasting till now still.

Red dots sprouted on Sunday lasting till now still.

Grandma SOS-ed down from Ipoh to help me take care of Christopher so that I can go back to work and show some decency of being an employee still!

Maybe another 2-3 days of annual leave required to take care of him.

I am also seriously ill due to 2 nights of NO sleep and 4 nights of interrupted sleep.

All effect of ? The MMR immunization.

Some kids have it bad, some kids have it easy. One of those things!
On a high note, my son knows how to come down from our bed now and come out of the room himself. Previously when he wants to get down, he would sit and call for us to come help him down.

Grandma says he is such a clever boy....
Even despite all the crying and all the fretfullness and all the demanding cries, he is still a darling pet and a clever boy!

I think I need a long weekend break all over again!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A random act, a purposeful thought

I put back on my ring today.
It could only fit on my middle finger.
But I wanted to wear it again.
I am a child of God. That, in itself is sufficient.
Lord, you are my son's Healer.
Things have been hard, days have been longer, nights have been cold and endless.
Hope sunny days and rainbows are in the horizon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stomp, pitter patter away

STOMP (squeek) STOMP (squeek) STOMP(squeek) .... off he went walking like a giant !

Here comes Missy with a scissors.

snip snip snip .... off the tag went.

Pitter (squeek) patter STOMP (squeek), pitter patter (squeek) STOMP....

Bend and touch, bend and touch ...

"Let's go", I say.

Don't touch me, GO AWAY !

There he goes again pitter (squeek) patter STOMP (squeek) STOMP !

"Come on, this way! Hey...hurry up!"

Go away.... let me go again.... pitter (squeek) STOMP STOMP (squeek) patter.
You know what happened?
We got Christopher a new pair of shoes.
And the left side makes a squeeking sound.
Which interested him to NO END.
And it took us 1 hour to walk from Bata back to the carpark!
He has a great interest in walking with his new shoes now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Defining moments

I was sad. Not blue or moody or melancholic. But sad. Sad to the core of my being. Sad to the point where nothing else really mattered.

Thank God the bathroom was empty. I slumped to the bench and cried my heart out. There were no more tears to cry.

"Please God, take this hurt away."

"Please God, let me not rely on people to make me happy."

"Please God, give me peace."

I was in Form Six. I was not a Christian then.

From the bench where I sat, I looked up.
There was a little window in front of me.

And from that little window, I saw the cross.
The cross on the roof of the church beside my school.

And then a sense of peace enveloped me.
And a sense of warmth filled my soul.
There was no more room for sorrow, no more room for pain.

One defining moment - when God heard my cry and touched my soul!
My sense of excitement was marginal.
I was more anxious.

There was my graduation gown to collect. I wonder if they had indeed got my order and payment done. There was no reply from the email requesting confirmation that I had sent them.

I would be meeting my ex and his parents. They were "monsters"!

The 1 closest friend I wanted there with me was still in Australia. It's ok, I thought, there will be others. Sigh......but still....

I got my gown and walked around the hall taking photos with my family and other friends.

The parents were ushered in and we were lined up according to a list.

The speeches were short. I was not paying attention really! My excitement was heightening. Really because I was afriad I would trip on stage or that something or other would happen.

We were signalled to start the line. I watched one by one go up the stage. When it came to my turn, the speaker stopped. I looked at her. She didn't start the usual way of just mentioning my name. would seem that in the whole batch of Economics and Finance graduates who have gathered here today, I was the only one who passed with Distinction in my degree!!!!

They gave me no clue. I did not know. I was overjoyed. I was so overjoyed.

There was a sense of pride and confidence that I walked up to the stage then.

It was not a competition of winning or losing among peers.
It was only the joy of achievement for me.

We had to say our pledge then. A pledge to always uphold etc.etc. It may sound cheezy to some but I said it with all my heart.

One defining moment, the joy of an unexpected achievement. No other has ever come close to that feeling to date.
It is good to keep stock of moments in your life that made you happy and contented. It is good to read back and reflect upon these moments.

Knowing that life is good and bound to get better.

Have a good weekend everyone. Think of your defining moments and let me know if you have written a list of them in your blog!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ordinary or extraordinary

A mother was upset with her child. From an outsider's standpoint, it would seem that the mother was upset because her child failed to be extraordinary.

She must have some high standards. Or perhaps her definition of extraordinary was different from that of her child.

That got me thinking.

Ever hear of the phrase "Perfectly Ordinary" ?
Now ever hear of the phrase "Perfectly Extraordinary"?

I think I only have heard of ordinary being perfect. I have never heard of extraordinary being perfect.

Sometimes ordinary may just be the best thing for our child. And in accepting the ordinary, things just seem perfect.

Expectations = child's capabillity

In the end, the mother died regretting the way she had done things wishing she had a chance to do it all over again.

Do not let the guilt of our mistakes make us force our children to never make mistakes in their life.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guess who, guess what

Guess who?
So, hubby and I were walking in 1U last Saturday when just outside of Watson, hubby meets an acquaintance. So, I brought my son to the side while hubby and Mr W starting talking just a bit. Mr W was waiting for Mr S to come out from Watson.
When Mr S came out, hubby introduced me to him.
We shook hands and after a few words both Mr W and Mr S left.
They were many steps ahead of uss when hubby leaned over to me and asked:
"Do you know who just shook your hand?"
"No, who?"
"Sonny San." that was Sonny San. And this was how hubby knew him!


Guess what?

At last we took Christopher down to the swimming pool. He just got well and is due for his MMR jab, but we decided to give him (and us) a break this weekend.

He LOVES it. He was kicking around and splashing around.

I knew he was a bit nervous, coz occasionally he hung on to me for dear life!

(We were too lazy to blow up the float)
It was kind of like nervous fun for him!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A melancholic knot in my throat

There is something about ABBA that brings too much of melancholy to my day.

Perhaps the music reminds me of my grandfather.

Or perhaps it reminds me of those younger days when we stayed 2 weeks with my grandparents. My uncle was still dating then. And my life was filled with dancing, singing and drawing during the hols!

Or perhaps it is because of the love they shared and their life in the end (the two As and the two Bs, that is). Hard it is when a music group you love splits. Harder still it is when you know that marriages also ended.
Looked up Wikipedia lately on the foursome. And on Björn Ulvaeus, the final line of his personal life section wrote:
Ulvaeus has suffered from severe memory loss and no longer remembers much of his life. He has little memory of being famous and has even turned to hypnotism to try and bring back his memory.

Or perhaps it is the music, the lyrics, the slow melody.

Or perhaps it is just a combination of it all.

Sometimes we just want to hold on to that which is sweet taking out the bitter

One *sweet* moment

I plopped myself on the sofa. Hubby was out and I had just finished cleaning Christopher's poop-y bum, wiped him down and got him into his PJ top. He had followed me to the kitchen to throw his soiled diaper and was just catching up with me in the living room. After a minute of pondering, he started to walk towards the bedroom. I saw him go in from the sofa and started counting. Give him 10 and if he doens't come out by then, I would go investigate what treasures he has found. On the count of 4, he toddled out, swinging his right arm vigorously (we call it exercising!) and smiled at me.

I half thought he would walk to me and give me a hug. But he just stopped there half way, turned around and walked back to the room.

I asked "Boy, want to oi oi (sleep) already?" He turned around to look at me and then continued his walk to the bedroom.

I counted again. Not after 3 counts, he pops his head out again, takes a few steps towards me and then heads back to the bedroom.

"Ahh...want to oi oi already ah? So early?"
It was only 8.30 pm.

I went to the room, turned on the fan and lifted him up onto the bed. He rolled himself into position, got out his thumb and fell asleep.

Life is easy when they can tell you what they want to do.

Around 9.45 pm, I was in the kitchen with my sister getting her a ginger honey drink. I heard a "Ma..ahhhhh, Ma..ahhhhh". I thought it was the TV coz sonny boy rarely gets up late at such hour. But he was up, sitting at the edge of the bed calling for me to come to him.

I got in and lied down with him. And he cuddled up to me, rolled around, sat up and plopped down again. Decided to get up to get his milk. ! I don't get to go unless I carry him along with me too! So, yes, I have mastered the art of making milk with one hand and holding him with my other (painful, going to break) arm!

He is a total manja ("Spoilt") case when he is semi-awake.

Hubby was back from work, Christopher in hand.

As soon as I open the door, my little boy starts to smile and wiggle and reach out to me.

"Not yet boy! Wait for mummy to open the door!"
Hubby had one bag pack, son in arm and his other free hand carrying a pot of sour vege (chap sui) that our babysitter had made for our dinner.

I hurried to open the door and took him from hubby. Walked in and put him down in the living room.

Off he went to his toy bucket, got one and turned around. He did not see me behind him but saw hubby walk into the bedroom.

Lonely lonely him, he bawled/called "Aahh...Aahhh..AaaAaaHhhh!"
No, he doesn't knwo the magic word of Daddy or Mummy yet!

Since I was standing behind him, I called "Boy, mummy is here. Don't worry!"
Not like he was worrying. He just didn't want to be left alone/behind.

He turned around and saw me. Dropped his toy and waddled towards me, arms stretched.
Ahhh....hug hug time.

He will look for you if you are not around and will bawl after you if he cannot catch up with you fast enough.

He had screened through the entire condo, went through almost every drawer and peeked through almost every cupboard.

But once in a while he finds something new. And still loves to share his little secrets with mummy and daddy.

So, he toddles purposefully over to me, something in hand.

I know I am to ask "What did you find? What little treasure is that? Can you let mummy see?"
More coz I am afraid he found something dangerous.

He will walk over come close to me/lean onto me/stand in front of me (depending on his mood) and give it to me.

Sometimes when I hold it up, he goes "Wahhhh!" (in amazement) and I would have to go "Waaahhhh" too! That would get me a smile and maybe even a walk to put it back!

Chrsitopher finds things amazing and really does want to share in his excitement.

There is a new game he has leant. It really started accidentally.
We know it as horse back riding.

Christopher loves his horse back rides. And now whenever I sit on the edge of the bed and tap my shoulders, he would rrruuussshhh to get up, walk over and put his arms on my shoulders and get ready to have his legs picked up around my waist.

He would laugh when I jiggle around. And sometimes scare me when he looses his grip on my shoulder or on my shirt.

And he does that on purpose sometimes coz he knows I would then rush to put him down ont he bed and then pretend to fall down with him.

Then giggle giggle, roll roll and then up we go again!

Christopher loves action, more contact games these days. He knows how to ask for it by tapping on my shoulder and knows when I am ready to give it to him as well.

He was walking around and playing with his toys, occasionally looking around to make sure daddy or mummy is nearby.

I sit on the floor to be eye-level with him so that I can talk to him and play with him easier.

He catches my eye and smiles.

"Boy, hug hug?"

He looks at me, gets up and walks over to me with his arms stretched out.

And literally walks over to me and wraps his little arms around my neck!

There is no greater feeling in the world!

Christopher understands what is a hug, loves to get it from mummy and obliges mummy with one all the time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Each to their own

Everyone has their own way or idea on how best to maintain good health.

Some believe in supplements, the western pill popping kind.
Some believe in Chinese herbs and swear by them.
Some believe in going the natural way....maybe organic now after the melamin scare?!

As you know, my current aim is to build up the immune system of my entire family.

(Yes, hubby has been falling illl more often lately too although he gets to sleep through the night!)

So, I really have to do something. I am not really for or against any particular theory. Reckon sometimes a mixture of all does help. And of course a good diet is the base.

But there are things that I have choosen to help me along the way.

Regular doses of Vitamin C - hubby, boyboy and me!

A teaspoon a day for general health - boyboy only!

Trying to take this monthly - though my tongue seldom cooperates with me and LOVES to thrust all those teeny weeny pills left and right around my mouth - only for me!

My most expensive buy yet. But the content of cactus juice, royal jelly and wild honey is known to work wonders - hubby, boyboy and me!

Other things I (and sometimes I push some to hubby) have resorted to taking include Noco, Pearlin, Triflora, Lidan and Refresh - all products of E-Excel. And also Pharmaton and ginseng when required.

Other stuff include Lo Hon Kor, Barley and Ho Yan Hor. And the once in a while Chinese herb-mixture soups!


Sure seems like alot of stuff! What about you?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friday night out and weekend in

The streets were pretty empty on Friday. So, hubby and I decided to have a night out and venture where we would never have gone otherwise.
We took a drive to check out this new place told to us by PN.

Fullhouse is in a new development called NZX Complex. When I google searched this, I was very surprised to find that NZX actually was a short form for NiuZeXui (a Chinese name!).
NZX is accessible either through a small entrance/sudden roadturn opposite the Subang LRT depot OR a more obvious entrance opposite the Crimson Condominiums.

The concept of Fullhouse is really unique. You can either choose to hang out in the garden or indoors or upstairs. The place is relaxing, maybe becuase there were not many people there that night. And the waiter/waitresses are very friendly.

Food wise, the selections are quite wide from Western fare to noodles. The selection of desert is superb. Small cakes cost RM2.50 each. Small enough for you to try a few without seeming too greedy! The drinks were also fairly priced and had a large variety.

We had the Soft Shell Crab, Wok Seared Chicken, 2 deserts (excellent!), lemon green tea and chocolate peppermint shake. Total bill approx. RM45.

After dinner we walked around the complex and took some shots of the shops there. The Chinese shop sells alot of wedding stuff. And the Starbucks cafe is 3 storeys with a rooftop sitting.

Christopher boy enjoying his Friday night out as well.


And then over the weekend we were stuck at home.

Why? Little one had hives (fung mok, in Cantonese). So, no wind, no bathe and a whole lot of calamine for him.

Took him to the Chinese doctor and cost of medication RM88 for his prolonged cough, slight flu and the hives.

New Illness Rule

- when Western medication doesn't work after 1 week, then it will be Chinese medication for him.

After his recovery, it would be his MMR jab and then a great need to boost his immune system!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2nd year anniversary lessons

I was reading back on the lessons I wrote on my 1st anniversary. I think it is good that year in year out, I reflect back and see if I have improved as a wife and if we have improved as a couple.

I am a firm believer of moving forward and improvements.

Communication was one of my 1st anniversary lessons. And it is still in progress.

I am a person of high expectations and I always get a wee bit irritated when hubby doesn't seem to know how I like things done or what I would have liked to have!

The other day, I asked him to get "it" for me and he was looking around seeing where I had put "it"! So, of course I got a bit irritated. Common sense dictated where "it" should be. And I showed it in my voice and actions. Which resulted in hubby also being upset and acting out!

At the end of the day, I told hubby that his acting out really upsetted me. And on my side, I should not have expected him to know where I had placed the "it".

So, you see, it is still in progress.

But at least we are talking about our mistakes and moving on.
And we still share loads of stuff about our past, present and future together.

House chores are no longer a big deal for me. Ironing is a matter of fact. And so is sweeping, cooking, mopping, washing clothes and etc.etc.

I have requested hubby to help me in the folding clothes which he does faithfully now. And sometimes he helps put it away as well - as in into the different rooms!

Lessons for me to take into the next year would be to nag less, I guess. It comes requested from hubby.

I tell him "If you remember to do what I told you the first time, I wouldn't have to remind/nag you about it right?". But if it concerns him as much as that, I guess something has to be done.

Does your hubby complain you nag too much? Do you have any anniversary lessons?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Macau - Surprises and Tips

Observations about Macau:

No pics

Noticed many pregnant ladies - all having their 2nd child!
I am not sure why this struck me....maybe becuase in Malaysia, whenever I see a pregnant lady, she is usually having her first!

Pics on 1st row

Left : Hubby totally caught off guard by the price of the food in Solmar! Credit card to the rescue!

Right : Malaysia Oil? We looked very carefully and don't ever remember seeing this ointments in Malaysia!

Pics in middle row

Left : Kjeldsen Butter Cookies imported from Denmark. They even come in multiple sizes. And they evern have the curant ones and the chocolate chip ones. Cost $101 for the medium size butter cookies box. Sorry Simon!

Right : There are many gardens in Macau. Every other corner, you will find a nice landscaped garden

Pics on Last Row

Left : There were 3 workers good naturedly sweeping the garden and trimming the hedges. I say good natured becuase they were occassionally stretching and talking to each other!

Middle : You know a place in toursit friendly when there are "Tourist-place" street signs that tell you how to go where!

Right : People follow street rules and most car drivers are very courteous.
When you walk and reach the corner, make a turn and take the zebra crossing. If you don't you might just end up with a fine! And when you are at the zebra crossing, you can expect cars to make a stop for you!
In fact there are many such green bars protecting pedestrians (I reckon)from any crazy drivers considering the hilly nature of Macau's streets.

Tips if you going to Macau

  • Get a good map from your hotel. One which shows you the bus routes. The bus system in Macau is efficient and relatively cheap.
  • As of Sept 2008, as soon as you enter a cab, the fare starts at $13. Be prepared.
  • As you come out from the airport, take a turn to the right and go to the bus stops. There are some hotel buses that offer free rides from the airport to the hotel even though you are not a guest at that hotel. (They don't ask, you don't tell!)

When we were there, there was only one hotel bus going to Macau Peninsula at the ariport bus-stop - The Grand Emperor Hotel. So, we hopped on to that and took a cab from that hotel to our hotel. Cost us $17. It was actually walk-able but with our roller luggage bag, we didn't want to do it!

  • The Ventian Hotel airport shuttle is very frequent. You may decide to hop on to that one. And then at the Ventian Hotel itself, take another bus to the Macau Ferry Terminal. And chances are your hotel (if you are staying at Macau Peninsula) has a free shuttle from the Ferry Terminal.
  • I would recommend the Royal Hotel if you are into walking more than public transportaion. From the lobby, you can see the tree that marks the bus-stop where Bus 22 to Taipa (cost $3.30) stops. And you can also walk to Lisboa (casion) area or to St. Paul's Ruins or to the 3 Lamps District. However, if you are adventourous enough, you can opt for hotels at the main casino area and take buses to and fro wherever you want to go. Note though that buses don't provide change.
  • Stay at hotels near The Ruins IF you are not an avid gambler. It is the most happening place, seriously.

So, that is Macau for you. This was the first of our annual anniversary trips. Hopefully there will be more to come. And no, #2 didn't happen! :)

Happy Anniversay dearie! Thanks for my 2 pressies!

Macau - Places to go

Some of the highlights of our trip.

Ruin's of St. Paul and nearby
Monte Fort which is next to the Ruin's of St. Paul. There is a museum there which is supposedly worth the visit but hubby and I are not museum people.

And of course a visit to the Ruins itself is a must. Don't just take a pic in front and then walk away. Venture to the back and to the top as well!

A walk further down to Senado square/plaza, you will see the St. Dominic Church. And if you are 'lucky' you might catch a ornament or two being put up in conjuction with some festival around town!
Architecture in Macau pleasant for me. There are the old Chinese buildings and plentiful of Colonial facades. Colours of each building blend and mismatch into a display that keep both my lens slightly atop.

And when in Macau, do NOT be afraid to venture into alleys! Treasures certainly behold. And you may find yourself in a whole new world!

(Pic on the last row left shows the police man summoning a tourist who was caught jay-walking - catch my Macau Surprises entry!)
Scenes from Taipa

There was supposed to be a Sunday morning market in Taipa Island. We asked and asked but no one seemed to know anything about it. Now I know why - there were only 4-5 stalls!!!

But the visit to Taipa was worth it - given I found my food place and the Choi Heong Yuen bakery (the only place where I found my crispy pork skin and beef jerky).
Fisherman's Wharf
This is a new development in Macau.
There are some 150 stores and restaurants in buildings built in the style of different world seaports such as Cape Town, Amsterdam and Venice. So, you can imagine how I was totally enjoying myself here!
There was also a very nice soveniour shop here.
(Very nice not in terms of price, mind you!)
And hubby bought me the most expensive T-shirt I have ever owned ($98)!
And the final destination worth a visit is The Venetian.
Forever blue skies, beautiful architectural facades, good 'occasional' strong music, haven't-heard-of brands yet still cheap food!

Pic last row left : The Venetian casino, taken from afar coz I simply couldn't stand the smell of the 'smoke'.

Pic last row right : Occasional windows will open by operatic singers.

Macau - Eating (Costs)

Meal time was erratic.
We ate whenever we saw something interesting that we wanted to try.
I think I ate some 4-5 meals per day.
Food in Macau is not cheap.
Only perhaps slightly cheaper than HongKong.
A bowl of noodles in a simple coffee shop could take you back $14-20.
And a drink costs around $5-10.

But then there are places you have to try.
Coz you did read it on the net!

***DAY 1***

Our first meal and the most expensive one!African Chicken tasted like sweet satay sauce chicken.
It was unusual, worth trying only coz it is one of Macau's specialty dish!
The Portugese fried rice was surprisingly good.
Tomato based with minced beef and loads of prawns .

Dinner was a cheaper affair.
Beef noodles and Pork spare-parts noodles
1 iced water with lemon
($14 per bowl of noodle + $5 for the drink)

After dinner we walked around a bit and found this old bakery.
Bought 3 types for breakfast. Total Cost : $9.50

Also bought a honey milk tea drink ($10) on the walk back to the hotel from the many drink shoplets along the street. And at a 7-eleven near the hotel, we got a Slurpy ($6.50), water ($4) and a cold beer ($5).

***DAY 2***

After our simple bread + hotel coffee breakfast, we headed over to Taipa.
I was on a quest to look for the famous Tai Lei Kok Kei coffee shop. They are reputated for their pork chop bun.

It was purely by chance that we found it. We just walked and walked and suddenly saw a shop in a distance that had a good many people. We were getting tired, so we decided to take a drink. Lo and behold...

So, we had their pork chop bun ($12) and a beef brisket noodle ($18). Ordered 1 coke($8) and 1 milk tea (lai cha - $12).

(As you can see I made the wrong choice of bread!)

They don't really know who ordered what. So, what they would do would be to bring each plate out of the kitchen and scream at the top of their voice. You will have to call for them to come to you if you hear/see your order!

(Don't wonder about the system. Wonder how come they have been no fights to date!!)

And since we were already in Taipa, we had to try the reputated Serrdura as well. It is basically a biscuit crumb base topped with cream and eaten cold!

And where there are pastries, of course you see the Portugese Egg Tart.
Tea time @ St. Paul's area.
It was really warm.
So, in between sips of warm bottled water, we treated ourselves to pure orange juice ($12) and another Slurpy.

Tried another pork bun from a street vendor ($25 in a set with the bubble milk tea) and the curry fishball noodle ($12) and the Portugese Egg Tart ($5).


For dinner, hubby "declared" that he wanted to try their Roast Pigeon/Pork/Chicken with rice. So, we headed back to 3 Lamps District to try the store we saw last night that managed to draw a queue.

One packet of BBQ pork + roasted pork ($25)
One packet of Chicken Rice ($11)

The roasted pork tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Salty enough with sufficient fat, crispy skin and succulent meat!
And my sweet tooth declared it wanted some desert too. So, settled it with a beancurd desert ($6) from a"7-eleven-like" deli. And hubby bought a Coke and a large cool beer ($11).
***DAY 3***

With the roasted pork still vivid in memory, we couldn't resist some more.
Bought $20 worth of roasted pork from a 'market-like' shop.

Walked opposite to an old and small coffee shop.
Ordered 2 egg tarts ($4 each) and 2 drinks ($10/cup)

Our final proper meal was at the famous Venetian food court.
(The Venetian is famous, not the food court!)

Set meal of Wantan noodle + coke = $33
Hubby's plate of roasted goose rice = $45

So, food for 3D2N cost us approx. $610
And if you ever run out of ideas for food, look see what's Macau's McD!!

(Hubby utterly refused to eat at McD !!!)