Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Creativity begins...

Cut (ALOT) of my son's hair again some weeks back! This is the 3rd time I have cut his hair since I came back to KL, when he was 2 mths old!

This was the result of his 2nd haircut!

And AFTER his 3rd haircut!!!

You can see, I am getting bolder and bolder now that I am assured his hair will grow back!
Those who know my hubby will know my fear !
His hair grows pretty fast. The pictures of his first meal is how (slightly) unruly it is now. Got to bring out the shears and trim the hedge again, looks like! :)

Mosquito a hunting!

Yesterday as I was putting my son down for his nap, I noticed a mosquito buzzing around nearby. Oppsss...he landed on my son's exposed leg and smack myhand went! I didn't really care at that point if my smack would hurt my son. All I wanted to do was kill that silly mosquito!

But I missed. Subconciously I guess I must have been trying to avoid hitting too hard as well.

It must have flew off coz after that I searched all around his cot and moved his blanket around and the pillows but didn't see a wing of it !

It later bit me as well....

But my first thought when I saw the mosquito was...Dear Lord, please don't let it be 'one-of-those' mosquitos!

Yeah...those white spotted mosquito that could be carrying not only Aedes now but that irritatingly silly virus Chikungunya!!!

There really does seem to be more and more illnesses that we have to be concerned about ! How much can we protect our children.

Imagine if they were to be bitten by one. Recently in The said

"Those infected often have fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, muscle
pain, rash (but no related haemorrhaging), and severe and sometimes persistent
joint pain. The fever lasts a few days to a couple of weeks, but some patients
have prolonged fatigue lasting several weeks. Some patients
have reported prolonged joint pain and arthritis. As you may have noticed, many
of the symptoms are similar to dengue except for prolonged joint pain. "

I can't imagine if any child had to go through that kind of suffering! (Makes me wonder if I should have #2!)

And ever been with your child when they had the shots? As it is, they scream blue-murder in baby language as it is!

Now there are even flu shots that are recommended to be taken! No doubt a short term stink is better then days and days of baby can't sleep, baby can't breathe, baby coughing etc. etc. to admit now that I have a kid, I am so much more careful with what I do with the environment, I make sure my rubbish at night is bundled up carefully and thrown...

I guess there is only so much we can do to protect them. We have to leave it to their immune system and their own ability to watch out for themself! And all we can do is pray real hard every day!

Parents are the greatest prayer warriors in the world! Nothing beats getting down on our knees and knowing that God will be taking care of them too!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Ps, no Qs

This is not a post about manners......

I was feeding my son this morning and thought about my colleague who has asked me to check the price of the Pureen bottle wash if ever I go out!

Sigh....She just gave birth and has 2 kids on her hands....and I only have one!
Sigh....We have become confirmed 'aunties' , checking the price of stuff we need to get regularly!

Then my thoughts started to run again!!

I use Pureen bottle wash.
I use Pigeon bottles.
Still using my Pureen milk dispensor.
And I love Pigeon clothing.
My toiletires for the baby are mainly by Pureen.
Love the Pureen feeding utensils.
Find Pureen Dry-5 diapers quite alright.
Using Pigeon bottle sterilizer.
Bought tons of Pigeon breast pads.
Used the Pigeon breast pump.
Used and using Pureen nappies.

ALL P-s. Can you see it? Can you see it?

No biggie actually!

When it comes to bottles, seems my boy cannot take to AVENT very well. His mouth seems too tiny to wrap around the fat base at the end....and all the milk tends to leak out!

And the reason for Pureen babywash was because it is the only baby wash that does not require rinsing!! Even my babysitter uses Pureen!

And the Pureen feeding bowl is microwavable (if I have not got it mixed up!)

And do you know....Pigeon teats look like they are really 'good' for infants. They have it specially made for teething, 0-6 mths, 6-12 mths etc. I wonder if much reserach has gone into the actual shape of the baby's mouth and gums! But least some right!

By the way...boyboy has somewhat grown out of sucking his thumb EVERYTIME he wants to sleep! Thank God.

And I have even tried using the diapers for him at night and it didn't leak at all! But frankly only have used it 5-6 times since....when he is having diarrhoea OR when I ran out of huggies! Don't really dare to take the risk coz if it leaks at night, the mess is too much to bear at 4 am in the morning! all going-to-be-parents out there....think of the Ps!
And current mommies and you use the Ps as well?

Monday, January 28, 2008

What is Your Take?

Ok....this is heavy stuff for parents...

Do you think your role as a parent is to educate your child until he has all the necessary qualifications to make a decent living then leave them to stand on their own 2 feet? The rest of the savings you have after which is for you to spend on your own stuff!


Would you buy saving plans, whole life insurance (with money back guarantee) and even at the later stage put aside fixed deposits for them to use? That is you will still be careful with your cash and leave them a heritance to 'die' for!

I have talked to a few parents about this and (surprisingly) the mixture of parents in both groups are about the same!

I reckon it was how our parents dealt with us that makes us work the same way! But if you are from one group, are you changing sides now?

What is your take on this issue?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chinese New Year

Ok....time for me to put in my two cents worth too!

This morning when I logged in to Google Reader and read everyone's updates, I noticed that EVERYONE had a post related to Chinese New Year !

So I shall break my tradition of writing more than 1 post per day (coz I find the earlier post never gets written and commented on if I do so)....

And since this thought actually crossed my mind over the weekend and due to the lack of internet over the weekend (now I know how simontalks feels when he was internet-less) I couldn't post it.....

And since the band-wagon is lugging through ever so slowly, let me make the jump!

Opened a tin of love letters over the weekend (too tempting when you are stuck at home 24 hrs for 2 days)!

First depth!

Now....I do not know if you understand what I mean when I say the love letters have 'No Depth'! The 'letter' was really thin, given that. And where sweetness is concerned, it was just about right. And it did melt in your mouth and cumble slighlty with too rough handling!

BUT it had NO DEPTH!

Reckon the depth comes with the thickness of the coconut milk and egg!

It has to be just thick enough to be smelling heavenly and tasting heavenly....yet smothered thinly enough over the charcoal plates so that it is thin and melt-able!

Next time you eat a love letter, think about it !

Now...the shape....there is the folded kind and the rolled up kind! I reckon there is no real difference in how it is shaped WHEN the 'letter' is still crispy and all. But when the love letters are soft'er' (someone forgot to close that Milo tin tight enough), I reckon the rolled up one is better!

Why? Coz I would then un-roll them and play with my food!!! Play I mean pinch it of into bite size pieces and stuff them into my mouth! Gotta admit at this stage the fun is not in the eating bu in the un-rolling it so that it does not break!

There is a game in everything!


Is the kuih bangkit! A good kuih bangkit needs to have only one main needs to MELT in your mouth! YOu take a little bite and suck on it and it should melt!

I am not talking to YOU who BITES into kuih bangkits or POPS the whole thing into the mouth!

But then again I guess, if you do 'chew' on the kuih bangkit, it would be excellent if the little white stuff doesn't get between ALL the crevices of our teeth!

If it melts when nibbling, it should melt in great chumps too I guess!


Peanut cookies....ahhh....need not really talk about this!

The aroma of peanut cookies must be heavenly. And you know there are some peanut cookies that really melt in the mouth as well! Don't really like those peaut cookies that have a hard outer cover.

So far, I have only bought peanut cookies from the Canning Garden market in Ipoh. It is the BEST by far!

NEXT.....pineapple tarts. But this is not really a CNY cookie traditionally!

So....what is your favourtie CNY cookie? Are your requirements as stringent as mine?

Klacid, Ventolin and Pabron kid is not a drug addict! At least I hope this will be the LAST of drugs he will see and take in a LONG LONG time !

But right now, he is not well. Not well at all.

How was my weekend? Spent hovering over boyboy...even in the wee hours of the morning. Rubbing his chest down, stroking his head or just singing to him and praying really hard!

His stuffy nose decided to do a little running on Friday evening. And goodness....I think it was in a marathon of some sort !!! So, after futively trying to slow it down, we decided to take boyboy to the doctor on Saturday morning!

Sigh.....doc had to use a nebulizer to open his airways. The infectino has gone down to his lungs causing it to be slightly congested.

After the nebulizer effect, we were hoping that the lungs wuld clear up....but it didn't :(

So in comes Klacid!

I thought antibiotics were not to be given to infants. But looks like I was wrong!
And (#%$^%$#%#), the internet access decided to go BUST that weekend as well. So, I couldn't really check out what the antibiotic was for and whether it had side effects etc. But boyboy looked so tired trying to breathe that I succumbed to the temptation of retaliating against the doctor's prescription and injected the Klacid into his milk!

Ventolin was also given to him to help open his lungs! Sigh....this drug was also used in the nebulizer. And it is also prescribed to asthma patients to help them breathe!
Again @#%$%^#$$^ the plop this went into his milk as well!

I wonder if it changed the taste of his milk at all! Coz he sure looks at it suspiciously now! Wonder if I made the right decision ploping it into his milk!

Anyway....Pabron is for dilution of phlegm and mucus (which I was told is the same...i.e. the cough phlegm and the nise mucus are both the same thing)! This was already 'prescribed' by my babysitter...and the doctor confirmed that it is the right medication to give !

(Makes me feel more and more confident with my babysitter's ability to take care of my son!)

But with all these drugs (plus baby vicks and saline nosespray), boyboy still couldn't sleep well. He woke me up this morning at 4.30 am and decided that he wanted to play with mummy for a little while. I was getting worried coz by 6.15 am he was still wide eyed and smilling at me sheepishly!

Sigh sigh....hubby was curled up in bed under the covers with his ears, didn't really have the heart to wake him up either!

So, told boyboy sternly "Mummy have to go to work already....go and oi oi lah! PLEASE!"

And he did (for the life of me, should have said that at 5 am instead of 6.20 am) !

So off to work I went (all blurry eyed and grouchy) with boyboy safely asleep!

But I am glad he fell asleep at last. That is the best cure to a flu anyway. Come to believe that perhaps I have more mummy-material than I thought! Coz blurry eyed and grouchy I may be, the first thing I did when I reached office was google search Klacid and Ventolin!

Seems it is ok to take them afterall....

(Makes me think my pead can be trusted after all! You know docs and $$!)

paranoid paranoid me!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

First mouthful...

"Heh....what a good day it is today! Wonder why I am here on this weird chair though!"

"Nevermind...looks like someone here to talk to me!"

"OK....this doesn't look good....there is this object near me. I don't think Aunty Cecilia is going to talk to me. Wonder what she is going to do!"

(Picture depicts amount of 'goo' he had to take)

"Hmmm.....something coming to my mouth! But it sure doesn't look like my bottle! Reminds me of when mummy used to feed me water when I was younger!"

"Ewwww....this ain't water! What in the world is this gooey stuff!"

"What do I do with it now in my mouth?"

"Mummy didn't tell me about this last nigth!"
"Let's use my tongue to push it out of here!"

"Oh no....looks like its going in again after I push it out!"

"Opppsss....(gulp)......down it went!!!"

"Another time ??!!"

"What?? I am not to push it out??"
what kind of action is that?"

"Oh....I think I got it now."
"It's like how I swallow milk!"

"Hmmm....another spoonful?"
"Let me try the swallowing action again."

"OK.....I think I did better this time."
"Managed to clear the whole spoon!"

"Mmmmmm.....this stuff tastes quite good actually!"
"Though I think I still prefer my milk!"

" are still here!! Are you taking my photo?" "Oh! Oh! Take me eating to show my mummy and daddy, ya!"

"Take this shot! Mummy and daddy will be so proud of me....I finished my bowl of goo!!!"

(All pictures taken by my babysitter !!!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ain't he a funny one!

Deep in my soul I realise......

my child is totally dependent on me....

whether he cires or whether he laughs.....

The outcome is totally in my hands!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

First ailment

My son has a stuffy nose !!!

For the past 2 days, everytime he gets up in the middle of his nap or for his midnight feed, he finds it so frustrating coz it is very hard for him to breathe.

So he will be grasping a little bit for air, looking at me with such a pitiful look and then out of frustration, he howls and cries! (which does make the stuffy nose stuffier!)

So pick him up I must and pat him down. And I can hear him rasping and rasping for air! is indeed heartbreaking!

Used warn water to massage his nose...hopefully to relieve the stuffiness. And in the wee morning, I make sure that he can get back to sleep before retiring again (which makes it more difficult for me to fall back to sleep!).

Reckon I can't use Vicks or any other ointment to help him can I?

What to do? What to do? Experience parents....Help!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Put your face in the book! was about time anyway!

The buzz is all about Facebook these days. I am getting loads of requests that so and so wants to add me in Facebook.

So on to the bandwagon I jumped. Actually wy instigated me at the end. Especially when she mentioned the loads of old friends I could regain contact with from MGS and ACS !

Spent the whole day clicking here and there on Facebook. Have yet to explore it thoroughly. Thought I better not forget about my blogging though. That I reckon would be the main site I would like to maintain till I am old and wrinkled!

So...are you on Facebook? If you are, look me up.

Strange, reckon we are 'seeing' more of each other in cyberspace than on earth!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Having Seconds....

Hahaha....this is not a food related topic! What I am refering to are children!

Many of my friends are at the age where they either just got married or just had their first child. Some blessed few are into their second or just have had their second (accidentally!!!).

This topic came to mind actually when my colleague (who just gave birth to her 2nd child) and I talked about the 100 days restrain (from being sexually active). Both our mothers warned us many a time to wait until the 100 days are up before any engaging is to be done. It makes sense actually since we do have to wait for some parts of our body to heal.

Personally, I am paranoid over the episotomy stiches!

But I think (after the conversation) that it is not the 100 days that is the concern. It is the months and months of 'no-no' after that. When intimacy still remains zilch coz your body feels too tired, baby takes up all your time or just 'no mood'!

There are forums (I google searched this as well!) discussing this issue!!! It is not a joking matter or an uncommon one! There are wifes who get turned off after giving birth as they remember clearly the pain when they were giving birth. Some just had their libido turned off since labour!

The act of sexual intimacy between husband and wife after all is one special thing (and I think the main thing) that draws the couple closer together. I presume God never intended sex only to be performed for the sole purpose of having children! But it does look like many are only succumbing to sex when they are ready for their second/third..etc.

If you have an excellent babysitter, I reckon it does get a wee bit easier since then you can go out on a date with hubby the whole Saturday! But if you do not...and worse still if you have a hubby who works seemingly 'all the time', what do you do?

So, how does the intimacy survive after kids? How long did it take before you felt your marriage was on the right path again? How much effort does it take for you to go on a date with your spouse?

This is very personal....share only if you want to, though I wish you to!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tong Sui

Ever so popular in Malaysia.

Look up Tong Sui in Google and even Wikipedia recognizes this word correctly!

"Tong sui, also known as tian tang, is a sweet soup or warm custard served as a dessert at the end of a meal in Chinese cuisine." It's really a Cantonese thing!

Ever so many varieties in Malaysia.

There are the traditional (and popular) ones like red bean soup, mung bean, balck glutinous, sweet potato, peanut (fa sang wu), leng chee kang, bo bo cha cha, fu chok yee mai (bean curd and barley).

And of course someone has to come up with some new varieties - different kinds of fruits like apples and pears mixed with tong kua (sugar candy) and white fungus, dates, wolfberries etc.

Question : Wonder though what category tau foo fah, leong fan (black jelly) and kui leng kou (herbal jelly) fall under??

Had longings several times for good Tong Sui.

If I feel extravagant, may visit KTZ in SS2 for some. But it's a little pricey in this place. And I usually end up with a sago loh instead of tong sui!

The sago loh seeems more worth the price!

Sago loh consists of shaved ice (must say so far no disappointment with KTZ's shaved ice) and some toppings!

The only place that I can remember having reasonable tong sui is the corner shop in SS2... the one next to Watsons.

The other day my bro in law bought some from a stall in USJ. Quite cheap and very big packet. But I don't know exactly where it is. And the Leng Chee Kang that I tried had too many 'new' ingredients that I did not really like it! (call me traditional at heart where food is concerned)

Maybe one day will get hubby to drive there and see if I can get a big bowl of red bean soup! That would be the real test of how good this guy/vendor makes his tong sui!

Gotta say that Red Bean Soup is my favourite! Red bean with a bit of green bean, red bean with sago, red bean with longan, red bean alone, red bean cold, red bean long as its red bean! The combination of liquid and red bean must be proportional. And the red bean must be soft enough yet exist in the liquid so that there is a bit of a bite to it! (fussy! fussy!)

Heard also that there is a good tong sui place in Section 17 PJ from another blogger. But have yet to try it out!

Looks good though from the multitude of steel pots that they have (but this was taken in 2005!)!

Hmmm...wonder if the tong sui kai (tong sui street) opposite Odeon in Ipoh still exists? Ipoh has tons of tong sui stalls that are rather cheap too! Wy may agree with me!

So, you longing for a bowl of tong sui?

What's your favourite? Any favourite place where you would go for your warm comforting sweet desert?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Be careful ! The birthday cake!

This post was actually supposed to be titled 'The Third One' since this little fella was the 3rd child in my church group to turn one! But...what to do...the cake stole his spotlight!

Why you ask?

Look at the cake....

It's the cutest this you ever saw right?

But looks what happens next !

Now for the life of me.....hope the little boy didn't see that!

His favourite cartoon character decapitated!!!
AnD EaTeN!!

Heard the Pooh tasted really good though!

Took a picture of the Pooh-killers. But for the sake of their lives, will not show the picture here! You never know how many Pooh lovers there are. And people are getting crazier by the day!

Also the parents are not identity of them or the kid will not be disclosed!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

13 (again)!

13Q Tags

1. What is your blogging name?

2. When did you start blogging, exact date?
On my current blog June 24 2007. but in Multiply, much longer...though I can't remember the exact date (or my password) now!

3. What was your first title? All In the Mind

4. Which posting you feel is the best post so far?
Actually all are special to me in their own way...evn those that I am tagged with!

5. Who promote/source of inspiration for you to blog?
My love for writing.

6. When dya usually post entries?
Now a days at work! Any other time I will be playing with my kid or talking to my husband!

7. Where would you prefer to be when you are blogging?
Anywhere that is quiet. My mind gets all jumbled with words if there are people talking!

8. Have you met other bloggers? Who?
Yes, I have met them (on their blogpage) if they show me some photos. And I know some better than I know people whom I meet face to face!

9. How many entries you made in a month?
I try about 7...depending on how many things inspire me!

10. Would you reveal your face or your family in your blog? Why?
My kid....yes.
Myself....maybe. If there was a really good shot of me!
My hubby and other family, in case they don't like it!

11. Would you promote your friends to blog? Why?
Yes I would. So that I can get to know them better and to increase traffic to my site! hahahaha.....

12. Would you feel restless/guilty conscious/incomplete if you didn't blog for a month?
I would feel restless, not guilty. I have too many thoughts to vent out not to write them down!

13. Define blogging.
An autopsy of my mind....literally!

PonyTales, Simontalks, Hooi Imm....what say you?


My brother in law commented the other day that he just downloaded Michael Buble's new album. And my ears pricked up coz I really love Michael Buble's music. I even choose 2 of his songs for my wedding !!!

So...into office I went and checked out his official website (it was Monday, give me a break!). There was music continuously playing from his website....though it is looped!

And I also went to look at some Michael Buble You Tubes (Thank God for You Tubes!).

And my verdict is - I think it is confirmed I love all his music. I have an inkling that most of them are not originally his (now a days are there many originals anyway!) but it's the jazz that he puts to the music, I reckon. And his good looks, I admit.

I don't think he is really that great a guy (in real life). Read on Wikipedia he dumped his girlfriend of don't-know-how-many-years!!! But heh...maybe something really went wrong!

Also I think it is my love for good solid singing, romantic jazzy lyrics and old memories that makes me love his music so!
( Note- I don't love HIM....just his music. I am too 'big' for that! )

I am getting old when I love music for the memories it invokes deep in my soul.
And when lyrics need to mean something!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Acknowledged !!!

So...Christopher made it into the Acknowldegement List !! This is from a website created by my babysitter.

There are some really useful information on her website about pre and post natal, baby care and old wives tales. And knowing more about her 'parenting' style actually helped me in my decision to send Christopher to her in the end!

She also has a Special Events page. All the babies' achievements are put up on this page as well! Hopefully Christopher will leave many a mark here as well !

The freeebies section has many a good articles for download. I myself have downloaded the Xmas stories to read to Christopher. And perhaps parents with girls may want to check out the "17 Proven Time Tested Safety Secrets To Protect Your Child From Sexual Predators" article!

And the Handy Tips is actually also worth looking at....very interesting topics!

Hahaha.....I am not being paid to publicise her post! It's just that there are loads of information there that could benefit someone sometime!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One by one

There are some entries that you just have to write about.....not due to obligation !!

And now that I have uploaded the latest photos into my is an entry ALL about the 1st January 2008 at Koi Tropika!

Who is Zoe you say? She is one of the cutest little girl I have the pleasure of knowing (though I think her parents will say otherwise!).

This is her looking at her birthday cake when we were singing the birthday song for her.

And there she is waving at her guests to come and try her cake!

And I must say her mummy and daddy really put alot of thought and effort into her birthday party !

I knew this the minute I saw the hall. It is REALLY tough to decorate a community hall in the condominium! And when the cake was cut, I knew this was ONE special cake...coz it was banana cake! Not your average (expected) sponge cake!

But you know....I think I loved the homemade jelly best! Took home 4 little containers of them! To view the jelly (and more photos), please visit PN's site!

Happy Birthday are a BIG girl now!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Out of proportion

So, the babysitter confirmed for me.

My son's head is a little too big for his body. All the nutrients are going in to developing his brain and not his body!!! That would explain why his head is a bit floppy when he sits and when we carry him. Unlike other babies his age who only require one arm while carrying, my son still requires me to place my hand behind just in case his head flops back.

But he is getting there....he is getting there!

He is just too curious a fella. He wants to see whatever I see. So, most of the time I have to carry him so that he is sitting facing outwards! It is difficult for me coz I cannot do ANYTHING while I carry him since I have no hands free!

However, (hmmm....) the babysitter says he may grow up to be an intelligent one! I presume it was all the stimulation I gave him during my maternity. Every waking hour was filled with music and reading and playing! Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

***Outcome of stimulation***

So yesterday when we picked him up from the babysitter, we stayed a while to play with some other kids. Shortly after, we heard a loud 'call' from boyboy complaining why we are not talking to him!

I showed him a picture of a dog and I go 'Bow Wow Wow'. Boyboy rewarded me with a chuckle. So I did it several more times. When I got tired, he looked at me and also chuckled. Now I think he was laughing at me and not at my actions!

He was smacking his lips....guess he was a little hungry (when he is famished, he HOWLS), so I prepared his bottle. When he saw it, he reached out and pulled the bottle to his mouth. But coordination being a bit 'out', he hit his own mouth with his hand instead!
He is getting there, he is getting there.

Too much milk, too full.....he pushes the bottle out of his mouth and closes it really tight.

If I am feeding him water and I 'force' the teat into his mouth, he sucks (for all that tickling forces him to) but lets it dribble out of his mouth shortly after. So I am forced to rush for his hanky to wioe it away else my bedspread will be wet. Then he looks at me innocently!

***End stimulation*** but will never end......

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Work

So...back to work.
  • Waking up at the sound of the alarm clock and not by baby...still sigh!
  • New updates at work to catch up on....never ending in the software age!
  • Loads of emails to read/clear....delete delete delete!!!
  • Bakery has new products out! Yummy!!!
  • Colleagues updating news (gossip)...but forgot how to...already out of the loop!
  • Time is marked not by the hours before the next feed but by how many more hours till lunch then how many more hours till I can go home!
  • Water is drunk out of a tupperware and not a cup...tend to drink more this way!
  • Music has to be stuffed in the least I can listen to music!
  • No chance to snack whatever I want and eat ice-cream...what I can eat is limited to what I brought to office and what I buy during lunch!
  • See my hubby once in a while during the day when he pops upstairs...and not only at 6-7pm!
  • Can chat with my friends on MSN properly and not in-and-out!!
  • My brain can work properly and not have scattered thoughts!
  • Can go out for a walk to buy lunch and not look into the fridge to see what leftovers there are!
  • Lunch is warm and eaten in front of the newspaper and not cold and hurried!
I think (for me), life is healthier this way. Not only coz of the eating part but I am a creature who needs people and activity and outdoors.

I miss baby more and thus am willing to speng time with him (with the TV off) in the evenings.
I talk to hubby more and not nag.
I am able to pray and talk to God while driving (not much traffic at 6.30 am).

Thank God for little blessings......continuously.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's OK !

So...after my traumatic first day of seeing boyboy cry at the babysitter, I decided I will not stay there anymore.

My babysitter asked me on the 2nd day why don't I stay there and I told her its easier on mummy to just drop and go...and then keep busy the whole day until 5.30 pm when I go pick him up! you can imagine the amount of washing, ironing and cleaning I did on the 2nd day. And in the afternoon drove over to my friend's place and spent the whole afternoon there! Came back, cooked and cleaned and then it was already 5.30!!

I think it will be easier when I get back to work!

BUT .... my report from the helpers there was that he didn't cry much. He only made noise when he was hungry. So, I am quite sure he is well taken care. Learning wise...maybe I can put that on hold till the evening!

Then lo and behold, today (the 3rd day), I found out they are starting a kindy upstairs. And my babysitter told me that when the kids are about 18 months, they may send the kids upstairs for an hour or two to learn!!!

Thank God. He knows the fears in our hearts and quells them quickly!

So, anyway.....I think I have learnt to let go!

Spend Day 3 with hubby at the shopping malls and walked around until our feet ached (and not our arms)!

Boyboy doesn't seem to mind being at the babysitters. In fact he has loads to tell us when he gets back...he doesn't sleep for the next 2 hours and demands our face to be in his face while he coos and gaas and shouts! And I don't know why but since he has been to the babysitter, he wakes up at 4.30 am for his milk and talks to me for quite a while! It has been weeks since he woke up for night feeds and I thought I was over that!

But I don't mind....I miss looking at him! After a while I start wishing him to sleep though....

Thank You to all my friends for their kind words of reassuarance! It was good to talk about it!Glad to know I am not the only 'sensitive' one....hehe... time all things will be dealt with....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I cry and cry....

Today was the first day I sent my lil one to the babysitter! It was heart-breaking....

I think he realised that mummy was not around right about when the nanny was cleaning his poo. For after that he cried and cried. Took his bath and then continued crying until he was all tired out!!!

Oooohhhh.....for the life of me...get me out of this place!

It was sooo hard not to want to comfort him and take him straight home.

It was sooooo hard! Sigh....

I wonder how I will go back to work next week comfortably.

I feel down at the dumps now. Sigh.....