Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Acknowledged !!!

So...Christopher made it into the Acknowldegement List !! This is from a website created by my babysitter.

There are some really useful information on her website about pre and post natal, baby care and old wives tales. And knowing more about her 'parenting' style actually helped me in my decision to send Christopher to her in the end!

She also has a Special Events page. All the babies' achievements are put up on this page as well! Hopefully Christopher will leave many a mark here as well !

The freeebies section has many a good articles for download. I myself have downloaded the Xmas stories to read to Christopher. And perhaps parents with girls may want to check out the "17 Proven Time Tested Safety Secrets To Protect Your Child From Sexual Predators" article!

And the Handy Tips is actually also worth looking at....very interesting topics!

Hahaha.....I am not being paid to publicise her post! It's just that there are loads of information there that could benefit someone sometime!

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Bobo Bear said...

Wow She's impressive!