Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Ps, no Qs

This is not a post about manners......

I was feeding my son this morning and thought about my colleague who has asked me to check the price of the Pureen bottle wash if ever I go out!

Sigh....She just gave birth and has 2 kids on her hands....and I only have one!
Sigh....We have become confirmed 'aunties' , checking the price of stuff we need to get regularly!

Then my thoughts started to run again!!

I use Pureen bottle wash.
I use Pigeon bottles.
Still using my Pureen milk dispensor.
And I love Pigeon clothing.
My toiletires for the baby are mainly by Pureen.
Love the Pureen feeding utensils.
Find Pureen Dry-5 diapers quite alright.
Using Pigeon bottle sterilizer.
Bought tons of Pigeon breast pads.
Used the Pigeon breast pump.
Used and using Pureen nappies.

ALL P-s. Can you see it? Can you see it?

No biggie actually!

When it comes to bottles, seems my boy cannot take to AVENT very well. His mouth seems too tiny to wrap around the fat base at the end....and all the milk tends to leak out!

And the reason for Pureen babywash was because it is the only baby wash that does not require rinsing!! Even my babysitter uses Pureen!

And the Pureen feeding bowl is microwavable (if I have not got it mixed up!)

And do you know....Pigeon teats look like they are really 'good' for infants. They have it specially made for teething, 0-6 mths, 6-12 mths etc. I wonder if much reserach has gone into the actual shape of the baby's mouth and gums! But well.....at least some right!

By the way...boyboy has somewhat grown out of sucking his thumb EVERYTIME he wants to sleep! Thank God.

And I have even tried using the diapers for him at night and it didn't leak at all! But frankly only have used it 5-6 times since....when he is having diarrhoea OR when I ran out of huggies! Don't really dare to take the risk coz if it leaks at night, the mess is too much to bear at 4 am in the morning!

So....to all going-to-be-parents out there....think of the Ps!
And current mommies and daddies.....do you use the Ps as well?


A gift from God said...

I use all kinds of brands.... but I must say.... P's breast pads are really good. :)

Ponytail said...

Before I say anything...ppl must hv seen me as a fanatic Avent advocate...hahaha

Actually, I do use Pureen and Pigeon:
Pureen baby wipes
Pureen bottle wash
Pigeon infant toothbrush (love it)
Pigeon baby clothes (pyjamas)
Pigeon baby shoe

I came to know Avent while working in my previous company (European) and was on a project for Avent, UK. I wasn't even pregnant that time and somehow I got sucked into the Avent world...unknowingly..kekeke

Bobo Bear said...

haha...amazing u spot all the P's. I agreed Pigeon has the most comfortable clothes. Love it. Have u heard of Napisan? Best Nappy poo poo stain remover & safe for baby skin as well.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Oh, those Avent bottles! I got my sis to buy a bunch for me from Singapore coz it was cheaper there, but Micah refused them completely because the teet was too hard. So now I use the bottle to store milk powder when I travel.

Max doesn't want any bottles, so it's only Mommy's boop and now he drinks everything else from a cup or with a straw.

Yes, Pigeons' nursing pads are the best. I also trouble my sis to get them from S'pore when there's sale. So much cheaper.

Ann said...

Florence - yes, totally agree!

PN - I was very close to buying AVENT for boyboy too! Thank God He told me to get Pigeon instead! (yeah...I actually prayed and asked which bottle to get!)

Bobo Bear - I love the little Coro in Pigeon!

Kathie - hope you will be needing more of all the P's soon and P's clothings as well in different colour than the ones you already have!