Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Work

So...back to work.
  • Waking up at the sound of the alarm clock and not by baby...still sigh!
  • New updates at work to catch up on....never ending in the software age!
  • Loads of emails to read/clear....delete delete delete!!!
  • Bakery has new products out! Yummy!!!
  • Colleagues updating news (gossip)...but forgot how to...already out of the loop!
  • Time is marked not by the hours before the next feed but by how many more hours till lunch then how many more hours till I can go home!
  • Water is drunk out of a tupperware and not a cup...tend to drink more this way!
  • Music has to be stuffed in the least I can listen to music!
  • No chance to snack whatever I want and eat ice-cream...what I can eat is limited to what I brought to office and what I buy during lunch!
  • See my hubby once in a while during the day when he pops upstairs...and not only at 6-7pm!
  • Can chat with my friends on MSN properly and not in-and-out!!
  • My brain can work properly and not have scattered thoughts!
  • Can go out for a walk to buy lunch and not look into the fridge to see what leftovers there are!
  • Lunch is warm and eaten in front of the newspaper and not cold and hurried!
I think (for me), life is healthier this way. Not only coz of the eating part but I am a creature who needs people and activity and outdoors.

I miss baby more and thus am willing to speng time with him (with the TV off) in the evenings.
I talk to hubby more and not nag.
I am able to pray and talk to God while driving (not much traffic at 6.30 am).

Thank God for little blessings......continuously.


Bobo Bear said...

Oohhh I Miss all this. Having proper lunch & interact with adults!!! I totally understand about the searching for leftover in the fridge.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Sounds like a good start for a new year. :)

Glad all things are working out well.