Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chinese New Year

Ok....time for me to put in my two cents worth too!

This morning when I logged in to Google Reader and read everyone's updates, I noticed that EVERYONE had a post related to Chinese New Year !

So I shall break my tradition of writing more than 1 post per day (coz I find the earlier post never gets written and commented on if I do so)....

And since this thought actually crossed my mind over the weekend and due to the lack of internet over the weekend (now I know how simontalks feels when he was internet-less) I couldn't post it.....

And since the band-wagon is lugging through ever so slowly, let me make the jump!

Opened a tin of love letters over the weekend (too tempting when you are stuck at home 24 hrs for 2 days)!

First depth!

Now....I do not know if you understand what I mean when I say the love letters have 'No Depth'! The 'letter' was really thin, given that. And where sweetness is concerned, it was just about right. And it did melt in your mouth and cumble slighlty with too rough handling!

BUT it had NO DEPTH!

Reckon the depth comes with the thickness of the coconut milk and egg!

It has to be just thick enough to be smelling heavenly and tasting heavenly....yet smothered thinly enough over the charcoal plates so that it is thin and melt-able!

Next time you eat a love letter, think about it !

Now...the shape....there is the folded kind and the rolled up kind! I reckon there is no real difference in how it is shaped WHEN the 'letter' is still crispy and all. But when the love letters are soft'er' (someone forgot to close that Milo tin tight enough), I reckon the rolled up one is better!

Why? Coz I would then un-roll them and play with my food!!! Play I mean pinch it of into bite size pieces and stuff them into my mouth! Gotta admit at this stage the fun is not in the eating bu in the un-rolling it so that it does not break!

There is a game in everything!


Is the kuih bangkit! A good kuih bangkit needs to have only one main needs to MELT in your mouth! YOu take a little bite and suck on it and it should melt!

I am not talking to YOU who BITES into kuih bangkits or POPS the whole thing into the mouth!

But then again I guess, if you do 'chew' on the kuih bangkit, it would be excellent if the little white stuff doesn't get between ALL the crevices of our teeth!

If it melts when nibbling, it should melt in great chumps too I guess!


Peanut cookies....ahhh....need not really talk about this!

The aroma of peanut cookies must be heavenly. And you know there are some peanut cookies that really melt in the mouth as well! Don't really like those peaut cookies that have a hard outer cover.

So far, I have only bought peanut cookies from the Canning Garden market in Ipoh. It is the BEST by far!

NEXT.....pineapple tarts. But this is not really a CNY cookie traditionally!

So....what is your favourtie CNY cookie? Are your requirements as stringent as mine?


JLow said...

You have started on the food??

Then again, why not, I guess!

For us it's been more the pineapple tarts (gifts & home-made), the bbq pork squares (bak kua), love letters, the very oily mini spring-roll with belacan, and the peanut cookies too...


Ponytail said...

Pineapple tarts is my favourite! I attempt to homemade it once. The year just right before my wedding, supposedly to impress the in-laws, but I guess it did not turn out so nice. I only got about 70% that can be packed and given away. The rest....haihhhh

I even made the pineapple jam from pineapples...scrap the pineapples till my hand bleed...

I think my Mom was quite pissed I gotta mess up her kitchen one last time before I left the house...hahaha

Anyway, your post somehow brought back memories of me cooking/baking in my Mom's kitchen...somehow now I missed those times...sigh...

Ann said...

Jlow - there must be something else that pre-occupies my mind apart from children. And when you are stuck with them (as in infants...not toddlers) at home, you tend to become a movie critic and a food critic!

PN - hmmm.....can make new memories of baking in your new house!!! And give Zoe those memories as well....and we can (please) be your guinea pigs if they don't turn out all that well!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

These 3 cookies are the ones my mom does every year for her friends and we the kids have been roped in to help make them every year.

Don't ask me for the recipes, we are just the "machines" that help fold and store the love letters; fry the flour in the wok, help pop the white dough into and out of the wooden molds and make sure they got baked properly in to oven; and also fry the peanuts, skin them and blend them, then shape them in our palms and bake them right.

Yes, it's really all part of the festivity. I don't do that much now as the boys would mess everything up. So I think my mom is just waiting for them to be older so that I can get back to her "factory".

Ann said...

Kathie - I think it is great to have some sort of family cooking done (though not to the level that causes stress).

Sounds like you have the love letters, kuih bangkit and peanut cookies all wrapped up at home!

Can I visit ???!!!