Sunday, January 20, 2008

First ailment

My son has a stuffy nose !!!

For the past 2 days, everytime he gets up in the middle of his nap or for his midnight feed, he finds it so frustrating coz it is very hard for him to breathe.

So he will be grasping a little bit for air, looking at me with such a pitiful look and then out of frustration, he howls and cries! (which does make the stuffy nose stuffier!)

So pick him up I must and pat him down. And I can hear him rasping and rasping for air! is indeed heartbreaking!

Used warn water to massage his nose...hopefully to relieve the stuffiness. And in the wee morning, I make sure that he can get back to sleep before retiring again (which makes it more difficult for me to fall back to sleep!).

Reckon I can't use Vicks or any other ointment to help him can I?

What to do? What to do? Experience parents....Help!


Ponytail said...

Vicks can help but not on him. Try rub it on your chest instead and carry him near to your chest. Let him inhale it. it works for Zoe.

I also try the hot shower method. Let the hot shower run for a while to create hot shower mist. Bring baby nearby to let him inhale the mist. This is useful when baby is crying/fussing non stop cause cannot breathe. It is instant remedy.

HI said...

Yes, hot shower mist. You can also use a warm mist humidifier when he sleeps to help him breathe.

HI said...
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JLow said...

I thought I had a post on this in my "Dr Pixie says" section.

You can get Clarityne for nasal congestion. It's not over-the-counter stuff; so you gotta get it from the "back room" of the pharmacy;)

Be sure you get the liquid version, which I believe comes in a green box; there are tablet versions available for adults. On the box are dosage suggestions.

When Caitlin needed help, we'd give her 10mL of it once a day.

The other newer medicine is Zyrtec. With these we give her "8 oral drops" once every evening. "Newer" only because the former has been around longer.

With these we usually "spike" her drink / milk with it. I once added it to Ribena too and it also went down okay with her. But it could be that she already understands that medication can help her get well soon.

Please note: These are only what we do & is only my opinion. I am not a doctor, so this is by no means an expert opinion / suggestion. These are real medicines I am talking about.

Another tip: Whenever you visit clinics or hospitals, try & "help yourself" to a few syringe plungers, without the needle of course. These obviously make very accurate measurements of liquid dosage(s).

Good luck, let us know how you go.

Bobo Bear said...

My Boy also has stuffy nose because of sleeping in aircon room. What we did is put 2 drops of saline or salt water in his nostril, wait for a minute then the mucus will be soft & easy to suck out. Check this

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Just one thing to add to all advice you already have:

Prop your baby up when he is asleep. Use a firm but comfy Adult pillow. It helped my boys to sleep better when they have stuffed noses.

Ann said...

All....much thanks for your kind advice.

My babysitter actually imported some Vicks for infants below 3 years from UK. So, we use that to rub on his chest and it really helps him.

Also giving him some cough/flu medicine. She recommended Prospan and one other one which name I can't remember now!

We have also stocked up on Uphamol now for infants. And JLow is absolutely right.....don't throw away those syringe that the doctor gives you when you go for jabs!

But actually, they only cost Rm 0.60.

So....boyboy is getting better now. He doesn't rasp for breathe with Vicks!

By the way...this Vicks can only be bought in AUstralia and UK. So, JLow....maybe you could get some!

JLow said...

Oops! Sorry I forgot to subscribe to this post's comments, so I didn't get the Vicks!

I wanted to share the following post, to give a (another) father's perspective on handling a child down with flu / common cold.