Thursday, January 24, 2008

First mouthful...

"Heh....what a good day it is today! Wonder why I am here on this weird chair though!"

"Nevermind...looks like someone here to talk to me!"

"OK....this doesn't look good....there is this object near me. I don't think Aunty Cecilia is going to talk to me. Wonder what she is going to do!"

(Picture depicts amount of 'goo' he had to take)

"Hmmm.....something coming to my mouth! But it sure doesn't look like my bottle! Reminds me of when mummy used to feed me water when I was younger!"

"Ewwww....this ain't water! What in the world is this gooey stuff!"

"What do I do with it now in my mouth?"

"Mummy didn't tell me about this last nigth!"
"Let's use my tongue to push it out of here!"

"Oh no....looks like its going in again after I push it out!"

"Opppsss....(gulp)......down it went!!!"

"Another time ??!!"

"What?? I am not to push it out??"
what kind of action is that?"

"Oh....I think I got it now."
"It's like how I swallow milk!"

"Hmmm....another spoonful?"
"Let me try the swallowing action again."

"OK.....I think I did better this time."
"Managed to clear the whole spoon!"

"Mmmmmm.....this stuff tastes quite good actually!"
"Though I think I still prefer my milk!"

" are still here!! Are you taking my photo?" "Oh! Oh! Take me eating to show my mummy and daddy, ya!"

"Take this shot! Mummy and daddy will be so proud of me....I finished my bowl of goo!!!"

(All pictures taken by my babysitter !!!)


jazzmint said...

wahh...ur nanny can take pics too cool. seems like he loves it huh

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Great shots! Please congratulate your nanny for her masterpieces!!

And congrats to you and boy boy for a new milestone!

Hooi Imm said... old is he? Already taking cereal?

I only started giving Olivia cereal at 5.5 months old since her pedi recommend we wait till 6 months, as she was doing well just on formula.

Ann said...

Jazzmint, Kathie - yeah...thank God my nanny understands how first time parents always want their FIRSTs captured!

Hooi Imm - starting to wean early on nanny's advice.