Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's OK !

So...after my traumatic first day of seeing boyboy cry at the babysitter, I decided I will not stay there anymore.

My babysitter asked me on the 2nd day why don't I stay there and I told her its easier on mummy to just drop and go...and then keep busy the whole day until 5.30 pm when I go pick him up! you can imagine the amount of washing, ironing and cleaning I did on the 2nd day. And in the afternoon drove over to my friend's place and spent the whole afternoon there! Came back, cooked and cleaned and then it was already 5.30!!

I think it will be easier when I get back to work!

BUT .... my report from the helpers there was that he didn't cry much. He only made noise when he was hungry. So, I am quite sure he is well taken care. Learning wise...maybe I can put that on hold till the evening!

Then lo and behold, today (the 3rd day), I found out they are starting a kindy upstairs. And my babysitter told me that when the kids are about 18 months, they may send the kids upstairs for an hour or two to learn!!!

Thank God. He knows the fears in our hearts and quells them quickly!

So, anyway.....I think I have learnt to let go!

Spend Day 3 with hubby at the shopping malls and walked around until our feet ached (and not our arms)!

Boyboy doesn't seem to mind being at the babysitters. In fact he has loads to tell us when he gets back...he doesn't sleep for the next 2 hours and demands our face to be in his face while he coos and gaas and shouts! And I don't know why but since he has been to the babysitter, he wakes up at 4.30 am for his milk and talks to me for quite a while! It has been weeks since he woke up for night feeds and I thought I was over that!

But I don't mind....I miss looking at him! After a while I start wishing him to sleep though....

Thank You to all my friends for their kind words of reassuarance! It was good to talk about it!Glad to know I am not the only 'sensitive' one....hehe... time all things will be dealt with....


Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Kids always adjust so much faster than adults. He will be Ok. take it easy on yourself and savor all your moments with him and also when without him. Kinda like leading double life. hahaha... but it's true when you are a working mom.

I had the most challenging 6 months of being a new mom at work and I am glad Mike made me stay home. It was a release coz at that time I lived under the shadow of guilt: When at work I'd feel guilty I'm not with the baby; When with the baby I felt I had to get to work (flexitime). Nightmare.

Hooi Imm said...

I'm so glad you're adjusting well. So, are you having some leisurely time before going back to work?

Hello all, You can call me Ann. said...

Kathie - that is the problem with flexitime!!! But glad your decision was the right one.

Hooi Imm - yeah...have to cut hair now and get some clothes and shoes for after pregnancy size!

Bobo Bear said...

Hi Ann, my little one still wake up twice at night for feed. How do u manage to make your boyboy sleep through the night?

Ann said...

Bobo bear - I am not sure how it happened. it just happened one day. Maybe he was just too tired after a long day. How much does your son eat? Do you have MSN....can talk to you online there!

Bobo Bear said...

my son is a fussy eater..he only take 2-3oz at a time so i have to feed him very frequently. The most he take in one go is 4 oz. What about your boy boy? i don't have MSN but i have yahoo msger. How do i give it to you? should i leave my email to you?

Ann said...

Add me on your yahoo. my email address is