Sunday, January 27, 2008

Klacid, Ventolin and Pabron kid is not a drug addict! At least I hope this will be the LAST of drugs he will see and take in a LONG LONG time !

But right now, he is not well. Not well at all.

How was my weekend? Spent hovering over boyboy...even in the wee hours of the morning. Rubbing his chest down, stroking his head or just singing to him and praying really hard!

His stuffy nose decided to do a little running on Friday evening. And goodness....I think it was in a marathon of some sort !!! So, after futively trying to slow it down, we decided to take boyboy to the doctor on Saturday morning!

Sigh.....doc had to use a nebulizer to open his airways. The infectino has gone down to his lungs causing it to be slightly congested.

After the nebulizer effect, we were hoping that the lungs wuld clear up....but it didn't :(

So in comes Klacid!

I thought antibiotics were not to be given to infants. But looks like I was wrong!
And (#%$^%$#%#), the internet access decided to go BUST that weekend as well. So, I couldn't really check out what the antibiotic was for and whether it had side effects etc. But boyboy looked so tired trying to breathe that I succumbed to the temptation of retaliating against the doctor's prescription and injected the Klacid into his milk!

Ventolin was also given to him to help open his lungs! Sigh....this drug was also used in the nebulizer. And it is also prescribed to asthma patients to help them breathe!
Again @#%$%^#$$^ the plop this went into his milk as well!

I wonder if it changed the taste of his milk at all! Coz he sure looks at it suspiciously now! Wonder if I made the right decision ploping it into his milk!

Anyway....Pabron is for dilution of phlegm and mucus (which I was told is the same...i.e. the cough phlegm and the nise mucus are both the same thing)! This was already 'prescribed' by my babysitter...and the doctor confirmed that it is the right medication to give !

(Makes me feel more and more confident with my babysitter's ability to take care of my son!)

But with all these drugs (plus baby vicks and saline nosespray), boyboy still couldn't sleep well. He woke me up this morning at 4.30 am and decided that he wanted to play with mummy for a little while. I was getting worried coz by 6.15 am he was still wide eyed and smilling at me sheepishly!

Sigh sigh....hubby was curled up in bed under the covers with his ears, didn't really have the heart to wake him up either!

So, told boyboy sternly "Mummy have to go to work already....go and oi oi lah! PLEASE!"

And he did (for the life of me, should have said that at 5 am instead of 6.20 am) !

So off to work I went (all blurry eyed and grouchy) with boyboy safely asleep!

But I am glad he fell asleep at last. That is the best cure to a flu anyway. Come to believe that perhaps I have more mummy-material than I thought! Coz blurry eyed and grouchy I may be, the first thing I did when I reached office was google search Klacid and Ventolin!

Seems it is ok to take them afterall....

(Makes me think my pead can be trusted after all! You know docs and $$!)

paranoid paranoid me!


JLow said...

Glad things are working out.

You know it's working out when they wanna play, and in your case, can even smile at you sheepishly!

Ponytail said...

Opps, I actually never checked what medicine the paed gave to Zoe. I just trusted him and needed something to cure the little one.

Pray the little Christopher will be well soon...very soon :)

Ann said...

Jlow - yeah, at least he still wnat s to play and not cry all the time !

PN - I was being PARANOID ! It doesn't help when your parents are also the self medicating type!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

It is always physically and emotionally exhausting when a child is sick, but unless they are so sick that they don't want to do anything of the ordinary, then you really have to worry like mad. Otherwise just have faith in their little bodies to build up their immune system.

Btw, the worst case we had was the 2 boys falling sick and then keep taking turn in relapse and affected all the adults in turn too! The whole thing dragged for 6 months before we were all completely cleared!

Ann said...

Kathie - that does not sound good at all!!! Yeah....thank God boyboy still can smile and coo with me!